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[News] Newegg and Virgin Media Are Bad to GNU/Linux, Staples Adds GNU/Linux Support

  • Subject: [News] Newegg and Virgin Media Are Bad to GNU/Linux, Staples Adds GNU/Linux Support
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2010 02:18:39 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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When Vendors Go Bad

,----[ Quote ]
| That's right: I installed Linux on the laptop, 
| and therefore Newegg is not going to honor my 
| refund.
| Need I say more? Newegg is now on record as a 
| vendor from whom you purchase at your own 
| risk. They have demonstrated that they will 
| knowingly sell defective hardware, and not 
| honor refund requests on same. 


Activating Virgin Media Broadband on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| When I plugged in the router and went to view 
| a website on my computer, I was redirected to 
| an activation page, where I had to enter my 
| name and postcode and stuff like that. Except 
| that the first page you go to checks to make 
| sure you're running Windows or using a Mac. 
| Thankfully, Konqueror and Opera both let me 
| change my browser identification string so 
| that Virgin's servers think I am using 
| Windows.


Staples Launches Online Backup, Security Service 

,----[ Quote ]
| Help desk support is provided along with 
| systems and network monitoring. For larger, 
| more sophisticated businesses, Staples 
| provides cross-platform and open source 
| support for Windows, Linux, and Apple 
| operating systems. 



Microsoft FUD An Unfired Gun In Austin

,----[ Quote ]
| The salesperson could no longer take it and approached
| us with a smile. He asked Staci if she needed any
| further help in making a choice. I believe it was the
| laptop opened for ten minutes with her full attention
| that got the best of him.
| "Do any of these come with Linux". Her question was
| direct and without malice...she glanced over at me just
| for a milisecond after doing so.
| "Um...no, we don't carry Linux products here. I'm
| sorry."
| No "Windows pitch"....no "comparisons..."
| Just no.
| So...


When Someone Says We Should NOT Use Linux..

,----[ Quote ]
| Everyone has biases. Itâs that bloggers end up
| broadcasting them to the entire world.
| For us to find out whether something is good or not,
| useful or not, we have to research further. What could
| help us in our research? Here are some things that I
| look for:
|     * Other blog entries. What do other people say? Are
|     a majority of relevant search results show that
|     whatever that thing is, is truly terrible? In this
|     case, do we see nothing that says that Linux is
|     good? What are the reasons pointed out by other
|     bloggers? Are those reasons relevant to me as a
|     user?
|     * Forums. Checking up user forums could be helpful
|     too. You could gauge if the users stick with it or
|     not. You will also learn some of their hacks, tips
|     and tricks. A lot of forums have a section for
|     beginners or newbies so thatâs one place to check.
|     You could search for your hardware in forums too.
|     There will be a chance that someone has already
|     posted a problem and/or solution to hardware
|     specific issues.


Are you ready to Protest?

,----[ Quote ]
| Contact the people at Best Buy and Office Depot.  I mean think about it anyone can sit
| in front of a keyboard and type something that exposes the obvious falsehoods!  And what
| will happen? That depends on how many individuals actually choose to participate in
| letting these businesses know that this practice is unacceptable and that you will be
| taking your business elsewhere.
| And I will even make it easy for you by providing you with a link to the page that you
| need.
| Complain to Office Depot
| Complain to Best Buy
| And feel free to post your complaint to Best Buy in your comments this will encourage
| more Linux users to get on board and send in a complaint.  And pass this on.


Software Freedom Day at Best Buy

,----[ Quote ]
| Hello and welcome. Microsoft has begun to train Best Buy associates on the
| virtues of Windows 7 over GNU/Linux for netbooks.
| Since Software Freedom Day is on September 19th, 2009(2 weeks away), Best
| Buy seems like a great place to hand out CDs and flyers encouraging people
| to try GNU/Linux on their laptops and desktops before they buy. In the
| coming days, we'll be putting up resources to help you at your local Best
| Buy to make this project a huge success!


Does Microsoft Deliver Anti-Linux Rhetoric to Best Buy Workers


Microsoft tells US retailers Linux is rubbish

,----[ Quote ]
| One booklet shared with our Office Depot salesman includes a page that
| looks like this...


Microsoft bribes Best Buy staff to slam Mac and Linux


Microsoft Targets Linux (and Macs) with Latest Chart-Based Propaganda


Microsoft's latest Linux lies

,----[ Quote ]
| "If you can't beat 'em, cheat" has long been Microsoft's philosophy,
| which has lead to the Department of Justice and the European Union
| swatting them with restrictions and hundreds of millions of dollars in
| fines over the years. But that hasn't stopped them. In our latest
| example, an anonymous blogger who goes by GodofGrunts at OverClock.net,
| a site for people who want the fastest possible PCs, reports on his
| Microsoft ExpertZone training at Best Buy. What he 'learned' from
| Microsoft isn't 'exactly' true.
| [...]
| Microsoft also claims you can't use video chat on desktop Linux. Yet I
| use Ekiga and Skype for video chat on Linux all the time.
| Then there are the "Get the FUD" â er, "Get the Facts Straight" slides,
| which serve as a reminder that Microsoft's Get the Facts anti-Linux
| campaign (2004-2007) actually lives on.


Microsoft internal slideshow for retailers targets Linux


Microsoft mis-educates Best Buy on Linux


Microsoft Instructs Best Buy Employees on How to Trash Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| It goes on to list tables with "Camera, iPod, and MP3 compatibility"
| and "Printers and scanners compatibility" being described as "many" for
| Windows and "few" for Linux.  It also lists an ambiguous "Authorized
| Support" which it claims Linux is lacking, ignoring the fact that many
| Linux distributions do have support teams.  It also mentions that Linux
| users can't play games like "World of Warcraft", which Windows users
| can.  Ironically, Linux users can in fact use WoW within the free WINE.


Microsoft teaches Best Buy employees how to troll Linux users

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft training material for Best Buy employeesâwhich not only makes
| Linux look bad, but is also full of inaccuraciesâhas leaked to the Web.
| Screenshots and commentary inside.


Microsoft helps Best Buy employees troll Mac users, too

,----[ Quote ]
| We've got our hands on Microsoft training material for Best Buy
| employees. It not only makes Macs look bad, but is also full of
| inaccuracies. Screenshots and commentary inside.

http://arstechnica.com/microsoft/news/2009/09/microsoft-helps-best-buy-employees-troll-mac-users-too.ars?utm_source=microblogging&utm_medium=arstch&utm_term=One MicrosoftWay&utm_campaign=microblogging
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