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[News] Ruby Makes Many Headlines in the Context of Free Software

  • Subject: [News] Ruby Makes Many Headlines in the Context of Free Software
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Feb 2010 16:31:56 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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ThoughtWorks organizies first 'RubyConf India'

,----[ Quote ]
| Ruby is an open source, dynamic programming 
| language that runs natively on Linux, 
| Windows and Mac OS. It runs on the Java and 
| .Net platforms as JRuby and IronRuby 
| respectively. It offers an ideal 
| development environment for Agile 
| practitioners with one of the most active 
| open source communities worldwide which 
| produce and support tools and projects like 
| "Ruby on Rails" - a powerful web 
| application development framework that 
| significantly reduces time-to-market and is 
| used by top web companies like Twitter and 
| Shopify.


Puppet: Ruby-based Server Management Automation Suite

,----[ Quote ]
| The team at Reductive Labs recently 
| announced the release of version 0.25.2 of 
| Puppet, the open source Ruby-based 
| configuration management and automation 
| tool for Linux and Unix servers. In this 
| software bug-fix release, 123 open tickets 
| were closed, and the developers claim a 
| reduced memory footprint, improved error 
| reporting, threading, and lock contention 
| (the latter apparently a source of reported 
| system hangs).


Rhodes 1.4 mobile framework released

,----[ Quote ]
| Rhomobile has announced the release of 
| version 1.4 of its open source Ruby-based 
| framework called Rhodes. Rhodes allows 
| developers to create platform independent 
| applications using HTML code that can be 
| translated into device-optimised native 
| mobile application for a number of 
| smartphone operating systems, including 
| Google's Android OS, Apple's iPhone OS, 
| Windows Mobile, Symbian and RIM's 
| BlackBerry. 


Working with Ruby and Amazon Web Services: Ruby/AWS 0.8 Released

,----[ Quote ]
| After a long pause in releases, a new 
| version of Ruby/AWS is available for 
| developers looking to work with Ruby and 
| Amazon's product advertising API. Ruby/AWS 
| makes it possible to access carts and 
| catalogs on Amazon.com, and a number of the 
| regional sites as well. This release 
| supports most of the AWS v4 API, though 
| some operations are not entirely 
| implemented.


Travel Rails in Style with Hobo 1.0

,----[ Quote ]
| The Hobo team has popped the cork on Hobo 
| 1.0, a mere three years after its original 
| beta release. Hobo is a collection of 
| extensions for Ruby on Rails to greatly 
| simplify Web application development using 
| Ruby on Rails.



Engine Yard, Host for Ruby on Rails Apps, Nabs New Funding

,----[ Quote ]
| Engine Yard offers a cloud-based hosting
| environment for Ruby on Rails applications.  Ruby
| on Rails is an open source software framework that
| underlies Twitter and many other well-known
| applications. You can find many notable
| applications based on it at Open Source Rails. With
| substantial funding under its belt, Engine Yard's
| next move may be to expand its support and services
| business, a la Red Hat.


Ruby apps development readied for Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Builders of the JRuby version of the Ruby programming language
| are working to enable development of Ruby-based business
| applications for the Android handheld platform, a leader of the
| JRuby project said on Monday afternoon.


Ruby shines in North American developer survey

,----[ Quote ]
| Ruby use is up 40 per cent amongst North American software developers since
| 2008, according to a new study from Evans Data.

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