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[News] FSF Opposes Public Domain Strategies, Intellectual Monopolies Run Rampant

  • Subject: [News] FSF Opposes Public Domain Strategies, Intellectual Monopolies Run Rampant
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 17:55:48 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Why I Will Not Sign the Public Domain Manifesto  Why I Will Not Sign the Public Domain Manifesto 

,----[ Quote ]
| It would be difficult to stand aside from a 
| campaign for the right goals merely because 
| it was written with unclear words. However, 
| the manifesto falls far short in its 
| specific goals too. It is not that I oppose 
| them. Any one of its demands, individually, 
| would be a step forward, even though the 
| wording of some of them discourages me from 
| signing my name to them.
| Rather the problem is that it fails to ask 
| for the most important points. I cannot say, 
| "This manifesto is what I stand for." I 
| cannot say, "I support what's in this 
| manifesto," unless I can add, equally 
| visibly, "But it fails to mention the most 
| important points of all."
| [...]
| I ask the authors of the Public Domain 
| Manifesto, and the public, to please join me 
| in demanding the freedom to noncommercially 
| share copies of all published works.


Second Life Tries To Backpedal On the GPL

,----[ Quote ]
| GigsVT writes "The Second Life viewer has been 
| available under the GPL for three years. 
| Linden Lab, the maker of Second Life, recently 
| released a 'third party viewer' policy that 
| all but erases the freedoms granted under the 
| GPL. It includes such draconian measures as 
| 'You agree to update or delete at our request 
| any data that you have received from Second 
| Life or our servers and systems using a Third-
| Party Viewer,' 'You must not mask IP or MAC 
| addresses' (reported to the server), 'you must 
| have a published privacy policy explaining 
| your practices regarding user data,' and 'You 
| acknowledge and agree that we may require you 
| to stop using or distributing a Third-Party 
| Viewer for accessing Second Life if we 
| determine that there is a violation.'"


Administration Asks For Public Input On Intellectual Property Enforcement

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of the mis-named ProIP act, the 
| newly created IP Enforcement Coordinator 
| (generally called the IP Czar) is supposed 
| to help figure out what an effective 
| "intellectual property enforcement strategy" 
| would be. While we have questions about why 
| this position or this plan is really needed 
| in the first place, here's a bit of good 
| news: rather than just doing the typical 
| consult with industry lobbyists, the 
| administration is, again, asking for public 
| comment...


Watch Lawrence Lessig on copyright, fair use etc: live on video

,----[ Quote ]
| Video streaming software company Flumotion 
| and the Open Video Alliance will stream live 
| on the net a speech on copyright, fair use, 
| politics and online video being delivered on 
| Friday morning (Australian Eastern time) by 
| Lawrence Lessig at the Harvard Law School. 


Criminalise Exotic Pets, not File Sharing

,----[ Quote ]
| But of course, since we're talking about 
| mere ecosystems here, not something sacred 
| like intellectual monopolies, it's pretty 
| low on governments's priorities....


Consumers 'confused by copyright'

,----[ Quote ]
| The current state of the law means that it 
| is illegal for somebody to copy a CD or DVD 
| onto a computer or an Ipod for their own 
| use. This copying to a different device is 
| known as format shifting.
| In a poll of 2,026 people, some 73% said 
| that they did not know what they could copy 
| or record. 


New Zealand Introduces File-Sharing Amendment Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Following widespread objections, New 
| Zealandâs Section92A âguilty upon 
| accusationâ anti-piracy law was scrapped 
| last year. Today, The Copyright (Infringing 
| File Sharing) Amendment Bill will be 
| introduced, which repeals Section 92A and 
| replaces it with a âthree-noticeâ regime, 
| backed up by $15,000 fines and 6 month 
| Internet suspensions.


New Zealand tries again with anti-piracy copyright laws

,----[ Quote ]
| The New Zealand Government has tabled in 
| Parliament its second attempt at amending 
| its copyright laws to counter illegal 
| downloading.



Public Domain Manifesto

,----[ Quote ]
| The Public Domain is the rule, copyright
| protection is the exception. Since
| copyright protection is granted only with
| respect to original forms of expression,
| the vast majority of data, information and
| ideas produced worldwide at any given time
| belongs to the Public Domain. In addition
| to information that is not eligible for
| protection, the Public Domain is enlarged
| every year by works whose term of
| protection expires. The combined
| application of the requirements for
| protection and the limited duration of the
| copyright protection contribute to the
| wealth of the Public Domain so as to ensure
| access to our shared culture and knowledge.

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