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[News] [Rival] New Cartoon About Microsoft's tax Evasion

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] New Cartoon About Microsoft's tax Evasion
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2010 16:55:29 +0000
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Cartoonist Takes on Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Washington State


Cartoon about Microsoft's giant tax gift from Washington State

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeff sez, "Inspired by Boing Boing post about 
| Microsoft tax dodge, cartoonist RR Anderson 
| takes on Washington's $100 million tax cut and 
| tax amnesty for Microsoft."


Seattle Times Readers Step Up Reporting on Microsoft's $100 Million Tax Cut

,----[ Quote ]
| As the Seattle Weekly discussed earlier, the 
| Seattle Times has yet to report on 
| Representative Ross Hunter's HB3176 and its 
| proposed $100 million tax cut for Microsoft as 
| well as $1.27 billion in amnesty. It may be 
| that the paper is too busy running to the bank 
| to cash Microsoft's latest check for a full 
| page ad on the controversial 20th century 
| vision to add more car lanes highway 520.



Microsoft and HP among firms to take on Obama over $15bn offshore loophole

,----[ Quote ]
| Some of the biggest multinationals operating
| here, such as Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard,
| are gearing up to fight an Obama
| administration plan to curb offshore tax
| avoidance.
| The $15.5bn (â11.3bn) proposal in US President
| Barack Obama's 2011 budget targets what the
| IRS calls the growing problem of so-called
| transfer pricing. The technique allows
| companies to reduce their tax bills by
| transferring intangible property such as
| patents, trademarks and licenses to offshore
| subsidiaries.
| The Business Software Alliance (BSA), a
| Washington-based trade group that represents
| technology companies, said it would "educate
| policymakers" on how the proposal would hurt
| US companies, jobs and the economy.


Microsoft, Dell Prepare to Fight Tax in Obama Budget

,----[ Quote ]
| Software and computer companies such as
| Microsoft Corp., Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell
| Inc. are gearing up to fight an Obama
| administration plan to curb offshore tax
| avoidance.
| The $15.5 billion proposal in President Barack
| Obamaâs 2011 budget targets what the Internal
| Revenue Service calls the growing problem of
| so-called transfer pricing. The technique
| allows companies to reduce their tax bills by
| transferring intangible property such as
| patents, trademarks and licenses to offshore
| subsidiaries.


Microsoft ramps up its lobbying team

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is fortifying its congressional
| lobbying team as major issues that could
| affect them begin to work their way through
| Capitol Hill this year. The software firm has
| hired Christina Pearson to join its Washington
| office as senior director for public
| relations.


Microsoft hires Pearson in Washington

,----[ Quote ]
| WASHINGTON: Microsoft named Christina Pearson
| the senior director of PR in the company's
| Washington office, effective February 15.
| Pearson, most recently an SVP at Fleishman-
| Hillard, is a former assistant secretary for
| public affairs at the US Department of Health
| and Human Services (HHS). She replaces Ginny
| Terzano, who was hired to lead the
| communications practice at Dewey Square Group.
| Pearson reports to Lori Harnick, senior
| director of PR, who continues to oversee
| public affairs.


Reader: Microsoft Is Entitled to Keep as Much Money as It Wants


Ross Hunter Wants to Give Microsoft $100 Million Tax Break, Washington Still Poor

,----[ Quote ]
| Washington may soon be broke. So perhaps now
| is not the best time for Rep. Ross Hunter to
| suggest one of the state's richest companies
| get a tax break.
| In 1997, Microsoft opened a small office in
| Reno, Nevada. Why? So they could avoid paying
| $100 million a year in software royalty taxes.


Seattle Times Microsoft Tax Dodge Coverage Only Found in Comments

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft's alleged dodging of over $1 billion
| in Washington state Royalty taxes may or may
| not be illegal. It may or may not be
| unethical. But it's certainly news.
| The P-I, Crosscut, KUOW, HorsesAss, TechFlash,
| BoingBoing, the U.K.'s Guardian, Huffington
| Post and Seattle Weekly all think so. The
| Seattle Times does not.


Microsoft to Host More Than 300 Government, Education Leaders at 8th Annual U.S. Public Sector CIO Summit

,----[ Quote ]
| The Microsoft U.S. Public Sector CIO Summit on
| Feb. 24â25 will bring together more than 300
| government and education leaders from around
| the country, as well as Microsoft Corp.
| executives, product managers and partner
| organizations. Throughout the event, Microsoft
| and its partners will discuss and demonstrate
| the latest technologies and preview emerging
| government and education solutions. Members of
| the press will have an opportunity to attend
| general sessions, ask questions during special
| one-on-one sessions and converse with
| customers between sessions.


U.S. To Costa Rica: No Sugar Access Without Copyright Reform

,----[ Quote ]
| Reports from Costa Rica indicate that final
| approval of the Central American Free Trade
| Agreement with the United States is
| languishing in the Legislative Assembly due
| to concerns over the copyright provisions.
| The CAFTA copyright provisions are similar
| to those found in the other major U.S.
| trade agreements concluded in recent years:
| DMCA-style protections, ISP liability, and
| copyright term extension are all part of
| the package.

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