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[News] GNU/Linux as Standard for Ease of Use

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Say, this is almost as easy as Linux!

,----[ Quote ]
| This pilot fish works as a Linux sysadmin at a 
| small software-as-a-service company. "I come 
| in early in the mornings, while the tech that 
| does most of our Windows and desktop work 
| comes in later and stays later," fish says.
| "One night, she does a scheduled migration of 
| one of our accounting personnel to a new 
| desktop and sends the user an e-mail that the 
| switch was complete and everything looks 
| good."


Linux users talk GlustersFS, Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux users of Victoria will hosts its monthly 
| meeting on 2 March, featuring presentations on 
| file system, GlustersFS, and the use of open 
| source software in humanities.
| The meeting is one of several among Linux user 
| groups around the country. IT consultant and 
| developer, Dave Hall, will discuss his 
| experience testing GlustersFS, a distributed 
| file system for storage, as an alternative to 
| network file system (NFS) for replicating 
| files across multiple web servers.



A return to Linux: a review of Ubuntu Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux, specifically Ubuntu linux is Grandma
| and Mom ready. for two simple reasons... It
| will NOT get full of viruses and spyware for
| you to clean out every visit, AND via VNC or
| even log-me-in you can easily help them
| remotely if you need to. Not having to fix and
| clean a PC every week because the user is not
| a computer expert is a holy grail for any tech
| person. It's easier to use than a Windows PC,
| Far FAR cheaper as there are no licensing
| costs, and most software someone would want at
| home is available free for it with a single
| click. But the big test is a real world non-
| techie. can they use it? My wife will be the
| test subject. Yes that will do nicely, use
| family as guinea pigs!


Forget Linux for Dummies: now itâs Linux for Grannies

,----[ Quote ]
| In the case of Alex, itâs not clear what role
| Linux is meant to play. The way the deal is
| set up appears to offer few of the benefits of
| open source, but has the high cost more
| commonly associated with Windows.

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