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[News] China, Italy and Australia March Towards More Web Censorship

  • Subject: [News] China, Italy and Australia March Towards More Web Censorship
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 09:08:39 +0000
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China seeks identity of Web site operators

,----[ Quote ]
| The "trial regulations" were issued by 
| China's Ministry of Industry and 
| Information Technology under the auspices 
| of an ongoing anti-porn campaign, but they 
| will also help the government create 
| records of all sites in the country and 
| could be used to block other types of 
| online content, the IDG News Service 
| reported Tuesda
| [...]
| Google and China have been in a showdown 
| since Google announced last month that it 
| was targeted by a hacker attack that 
| appeared to originate in China and which 
| targeted Gmail users who are human rights 
| activists. At the time, Google said it 
| would stop censoring its searches in that 
| domain and might even pull out of the 
| country entirely. 


China tightens internet controls

,----[ Quote ]
| China has tightened controls on internet 
| use, requiring anyone who wants to set up 
| a website to meet regulators and produce 
| ID documents.
| The technology ministry said the measures 
| were designed to tackle online 
| pornography, but internet activists see it 
| as increased government censorship.


UPDATE: Victory - YouTube Permits Amy Greenfield Art

,----[ Quote ]
| YouTube responded to the letter from EFF 
| and the National Coalition Against 
| Censorship by doing just what we asked. 
| They state: "We have re-reviewed your 
| videos and have reinstated them with an 
| age gate." This is good news, and YouTube 
| is to be commended for correcting its 
| error.


Yes, Google Will Even Delete Its Own Employees' Sites From Google Index If They Screw Up

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, that certainly doesn't preclude the 
| possibility that Google takes revenge on 
| sites it doesn't like, but it's at least 
| more evidence that the ranking system 
| really is pretty algorithmically focused 
| -- and even Google employees aren't immune 
| to being delisted for screwing up. If your 
| site gets delisted from Google, it's not 
| personal.


Google Will Appeal Employee Convictions in Italian Court

,----[ Quote ]
| Google plans on appealing the convictions 
| of three of its employees in Italian 
| court, after a judge in Milan ruled that 
| the search-engine giant was responsible 
| for a 2006 video clip, posted to Google 
| Video's Italian site, showing three Turin 
| high school students bullying a teenager 
| with Down syndrome. Google is arguing that 
| the Italian legal system holding a neutral 
| hosting platform liable for user content 
| represents a threat to the fundamental 
| concept of a free and open Internet. All 
| three Google employees received prison 
| sentences of up to six months, although 
| reports indicate that those sentences will 
| likely be suspended.


Conviction of Google Execs in Italy Shear Madness


When American and European Ideas of Privacy Collide

,----[ Quote ]
| And what Italian prosecutors labeled a 
| battle over principle may well have had 
| another goal.
| âItalian media is full of naked women and 
| embarrassing revelations about both 
| celebrities and ordinary people,â 
| Professor Crawford wrote. âAny concern for 
| privacy in this case is a pious cover for 
| an (also naked) assertion of power over 
| online companies.â 


Conroy's website removes references to filter 

,----[ Quote ]
| THE minister in charge of the Government's 
| web censorship plan has been caught out 
| censoring his own website.
| The front page of Communications Minister 
| Stephen Conroy's official website displays 
| a list of topics connected to his 
| portfolio, along with links to more 
| information about each one.
| All the usual topics are there â cyber 
| safety, the national broadband network, 
| broadcasters ABC and SBS, digital 
| television and so on.


Why Conroy loves porn

,----[ Quote ]
| Every time anti-filtering campaigners 
| mention porn, they play right into Senator 
| Conroy's hands.
| Conroy obviously doesn't care what the 
| online community thinks of his mandatory 
| filtering plans. He will only change his 
| mind about filtering if mainstream 
| Australia turns against him, and that's 
| never going to happen while the debate 
| remains focused on porn.
| A recent survey by the ABC's Hungry Beast 
| found 80 per cent of Australians support 
| the idea of "having a mandatory Government 
| Internet filter that would automatically 
| block all access in Australia, to overseas 
| websites containing material that is 
| Refused Classification".


Conroy brings forward telecom reform bill

,----[ Quote ]
| Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has 
| vowed to bring forward the 
| telecommunications structural reform 
| legislation in the first March sitting 
| week after accusing Coalition senators of 
| blocking debate in the Senate.


Rudd says âno apologiesâ for internet filter

,----[ Quote ]
| Prime Minister Kevin Rudd this morning 
| threw more wood on the fiery debate about 
| the Governmentâs internet filtering plans, 
| saying it wouldnât apologise for pushing 
| ahead with the initiative.


Cashing in on Internet censorship

,----[ Quote ]
| A growing number of software companies are 
| capitalizing on an unexpected business 
| opportunity: Internet censorship. 



  Swimwear seller hit by Apple's removal of 'sexual' apps

,----[ Quote ]
| As Apple has officially clarified its new ban
| on "overtly sexual content" in the App Store,
| one application featuring pictures of women
| in bikinis -- to sell beachwear -- was
| removed.


iPhone developers angry as Apple purges adult apps

,----[ Quote ]
| Developers have expressed anger at Apple's
| decision to ban some adult-themed
| applications from its iPhone.
| Thousands of apps with adult-themed content
| have been removed from the store since Friday
| although some, such as one from Playboy,
| remain.


Apple Censors Dalai Lama IPhone Apps in China

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple appears to have blocked iPhone
| applications related to the Dalai Lama in
| its China App Store, making it the latest
| U.S. technology company to censor its
| services in China.
| Those apps, which appear in most countries'
| versions of the App Store, do not currently
| appear in the Chinese version. Another app
| related to Rebiya Kadeer, who like the Dalai
| Lama is an exiled minority leader reviled by
| China's authorities, is unavailable in the
| China App Store as well. The apparent
| censorship comes after carrier China Unicom
| launched iPhone sales two months ago, making
| regulatory approval of the phone's contents
| in the country necessary for the first time.

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