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[News] Zero Dollar Laptops Run GNU/Linux

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The Zero Dollar Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| The Zero Dollar Laptop is a recycled 
| computer, running Free Open Source Software 
| (FOSS) that is fast and effective- now and 
| long into the future.
| Clients of St Mungoâs charity for homeless 
| people are recycling hardware, breaking 
| Windows and installing FOSS to build fully 
| customised media laptops and to create music, 
| graphics and video for distribution over the 
| Internet.



Ubuntu 9.10 on Dell Latitude D820 Laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all, I am very pleased with the
| clean look and speedy performance of Ubuntu
| 9.10 on the Dell D820. Linux has come a
| long way, and now looks totally
| professional, especially on a high
| resolution screen. It certainly feels like
| Iâm using serious computing power, and the
| fact that itâs open source, free, and so
| adaptable â is just inspiring. Thanks to
| the leagues of open source developers out
| there who created an amazing system, which
| in my opinion is clearly superior to
| Windows on the basis of speed, flexibility,
| and cost. Iâd like to hear from others if
| they also have similar opinions on the
| speed issues â and if so â why isnât
| everyone switching to Linux on the basis of
| that metric alone.

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