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[News] Disney Releases Free Software, Blender Gets Detailed Tutorial

  • Subject: [News] Disney Releases Free Software, Blender Gets Detailed Tutorial
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2010 10:59:55 +0000
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Disney Offers Ptex on New Open-Source Site

,----[ Quote ]
| âPtex from Disney Animation is one of those 
| premiere technologies that can only reach its 
| full potential by releasing it as open 
| source,â said Andy Hendrickson, chief 
| technology officer. âIt is a revolutionary 
| idea, and though some would characterize it 
| as a Disney competitive advantage, it has 
| more value to the corporation as an industry 
| standard in solving the time-consuming 
| computer graphics problem of assigning 
| textures to geometry. Setting a new standard 
| is best accomplished by giving technology 
| away for free.â


Get started with Blender

,----[ Quote ]
| You canât learn Blender overnight, 
| unfortunately, even if you only need to use a 
| sub-set of its tools, such as producing 
| static 3-D images. But thatâs because, for 
| most people, thinking in three dimensions is 
| hard, and drawing in three dimensions (on a 
| two-dimensional screen) is even harder. All 
| of the techniques Blender offers to build 3-D 
| models â meshes, skins, NURBs, extrusion â 
| are just shortcuts to help you get from the 
| design you can picture in your head to a 
| concrete, well-defined model inside the 
| computer. They take some getting used to, and 
| more than that, they take practice. But 
| thereâs no reason to feel intimidated by 
| them.



Blender 3D Incredible Machines

,----[ Quote ]
| The introduction in the book states that the
| reader requires no previous experience of
| Blender to make use of the book. However
| further on in the book it is said that the
| book is not a beginners book and that many
| things will not be described in detail as the
| reader is expected to know the basics of how
| to use Blender in terms of its interface and
| various buttons and keypresses. After having
| read the entire book I would say that a
| beginning Blender user would be able to
| understand most of the book as most of the
| time things such as key presses and the basics
| of how to use Blender are explained in a way a
| new user to Blender would be able to follow.

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