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[News] How Free Software Licensing Got Stronger Last Month

  • Subject: [News] How Free Software Licensing Got Stronger Last Month
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:40:33 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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A Big, Linuxy 'Thank You' to Matthew Katzer

,----[ Quote ]
| Matthew Katzer probably didn't realize that 
| he'd be doing FOSS a favor when he 
| appropriated Robert Jacobsen's model railroad 
| interface code without attribution. After 
| years of litigation, Katzer agreed to pay 
| $100,000 to settle the case, establishing 
| that free software has actual monetary value.



Major legal victory for open source in US

,----[ Quote ]
| The long running case of Jacobsen v. Katzer
| has been settled on terms favourable to
| Jacobsen, a developer of the Java Model
| Railroad Interface project. The case came
| about when Katzer incorporated Jacobsen's code
| into it's proprietary model trail software,
| after deleting the copyright notices that
| existed in the code.


A Big Victory for F/OSS: Jacobsen v. Katzer is Settled

,----[ Quote ]
| A long running case of great significance to
| the legal underpinnings of free and open
| source/open source software (F/OSS) has just
| settled on terms favorable to the F/OSS
| developer.  The settlement follows a recent
| ruling by a U.S. Federal District Court judge
| that affirmed several key rights of F/OSS
| developers under existing law.
| That case is Jacobsen v. Katzer, and the
| settlement documents were filed in court just
| after 9:00 AM this morning.  Links to each of
| them can be found later in this blog entry.
| The brief background of the case, the legal
| issues at stake, and the settlement details
| are as follows.
| The software underlying such an important
| legal dispute is almost charmingly
| inconsequential from a commercial point of
| view - model railroad software.  But to the
| litigants, the stakes were high relative to
| their resources and their commitment to that
| niche.  The plaintiff, Robert Jacobsen, is a
| software developer member of the Java Model
| Railroad Interface (JMRI) Project, and the
| defendant, Matthew Katzer, is the owner of a
| proprietary vendor of model train software
| called KAMIND associates, d/b/a KAM
| Industries.


Jacobsen and FOSS Community Win Big in Jacobsen v. Katzer Settlement

,----[ Quote ]
| The lawsuit is dismissed with prejudice (i.e.
| the case cannot be refiled by either party).
| This case is an excellent resolution for the
| FOSS community and the lawyers for Jacobsen
| should be congratulated for their hard work
| and success.


The Software Freedom Law Show

,----[ Quote ]
| Karen and Bradley discuss the SFLC's amicus brief in the Jacobsen v. Katzer
| with their colleague, Aaron Williamson.

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