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[News] Apple's Patent Attack on Linux Also Affects Desktops

  • Subject: [News] Apple's Patent Attack on Linux Also Affects Desktops
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 07:41:04 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Apple vs. HTC: Itâs About Chrome

,----[ Quote ]
| You have likely heard about the lawsuit 
| Apple has filed against HTC claiming patent 
| infringement. Kevin offered a good analysis 
| of the suit and how it claims HTC is using 
| Apple technology from the iPhone. Basically 
| Apple doesnât like what HTC is doing with 
| Android on the phones it is selling in the 
| U.S., as they claim it uses various 
| technology developed in Cupertino for the 
| iPhone. Much has been said that the real 
| target of Appleâs suit is Google Android, 
| as the smartphone OS is growing at a fast 
| clip. I suspect that is true, but I think 
| Appleâs fears go even deeper. I think the 
| scheduled appearance of the Chrome OS later 
| this year has Apple tied up in knots.
| Chrome OS is the operating system based on 
| the Chrome browser that has generated a lot 
| of interest from both enthusiasts and 
| companies producing hardware since the 
| Chrome OS announcement. It is intended to 
| be an alternative OS for cheap netbook-like 
| devices, and is aimed squarely at the 
| mainstream consumer. Google expects to 
| capitalize on its familiar brand, and use 
| the Chrome OS to push its online services 
| into the device category.


Apple Suing the âGreat Artistsâ of HTC

,----[ Quote ]
| There is no doubt that Google is a big 
| reason Apple has gone after HTC.  In our 
| eyes, this shows us that Apple views 
| Android and the coming wave of smartphones 
| as a threat to their business.  Will there 
| be a counter suit against Apple?  Probably.  
| HTC has been making smart phones of their 
| and likely has a few patents they could 
| dust off.


Google Most Likely Apple's Real Target in HTC Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| When Apple filed suit against HTC Tuesday 
| for infringing patents Apple owns on 
| technology used in the iPhone, it wasn't 
| clear which particular HTC devices were at 
| issue in the case. Observers surmised the 
| Google/HTC collaborative effort known as 
| Nexus One was somewhere in the mix, but 
| Google isn't named in the suit.


Patently Stupid

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's multitouch lawsuit is both dumb and 
| dangerous.


Lawsuit stokes Apple, HTC fans' passion


The Apple/HTC Lawsuit: All About Chrome OS?


Google Backs Its Boy, HTC, In The Apple Lawsuit Ring


Announcement concerning Appleâs lawsuit regarding alleged HTC patent infringement


Apple patent case 'could affect all android phones'


Apple vs. Google: The smartphone smackdown


An Explosion of Mobile Patent Lawsuits


Apple's HTC attack is a very dangerous game 


What is Apple up to?

,----[ Quote ]
| Then I read this article in CNET that says 
| Apple wants to cut a deal with the 
| entertainment industry to store all their 
| content on Apple servers. There's a 
| chilling comment in the middle of the story 
| saying they want to get rid of hard disks. 
| That, my friends, is Hollywood's dream. The 
| real culprit, the real cause of their 
| economic problems isn't the Internet, it 
| isn't the wires that connect computers. 
| It's the under-$100 terabyte hard drive. 
| With a terabyte you can store hundreds of 
| hours of movies and TV shows. That enables 
| you to do your own programming.



Popularity is killing Android

,----[ Quote ]
| AS ANDROID SWEEPS across the smartphone
| market like a wave of locusts over a land
| that is strewn with Windows Mobile devices
| cast by the wayside, Google's idealistic
| open source, embrace all attitude is
| starting to look naive.


Would 2010 Steve Jobs Sue 1996 (Or 1984) Steve Jobs Over Patents?

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Steve Jobs noted how Apple was
| "shameless about stealing great ideas."
| But in the announcement about the HTC
| lawsuit, he has a different perspective:
| "competitors should create their own
| original technology, not steal ours."


Eversheds comment: Apple sues HTC for patent infringements

,----[ Quote ]
| Commentators suggest that this action by
| Apple is actually targeted at Google's
| open source Android operating system,
| rather than relating just to HTC's
| smartphones. HTC is one of the most
| prominent handset manufacturers globally
| to have developed products based on the
| Android operating system, using it in its
| Hero and Nexus One phones.


Steve Jobs, 1996: "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal"

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh, hello! A trip to the YouTube wayback
| machine shows that 1996's Steve "Great
| Artists Steal" Jobs might have taken issue
| with Steve Jobs 2010, and his patent
| lawsuit firebombing of HTC. Irony!
| The comment was made during a 1996 PBS
| documentary called "Triumph of the Nerds,"
| and looks a smidge hypocritical in light
| of today's events. As does this one...


Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal


Apple Goes Offensive On Patents: Sues HTC

,----[ Quote ]
| It's usually a sign that a company is
| worried that it can't keep up with the
| competition.


An Open Letter to Steve Jobs Concerning the HTC Lawsuits.

,----[ Quote ]
| But when you sue someone for doing
| something you do yourself, you become one
| of the bad guys. Can you name a company
| you admire that spends its time enforcing
| patents, instead of innovating? Remember
| the pirate flag you flew over Apple's
| headquarters when you were building the
| Mac? Is Apple part of the Navy now?


Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch: Letâs Sue the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| So Apple is suing HTC, the premier
| manufacturer of Android-based phones,
| including Googleâs Nexus One. And Rupert
| Murdoch is suing Googleâor so he says.
| [...]
| Itâs a Steve thing. Not just a temper
| tantrum. But an operatic one. Itâs Steve
| Jobsâ signature: pride and paranoia.
| Behind it, too, is the motivation of all
| great competitorsâthey really donât want
| to compete, they want the market for
| themselves. Now itâs Google, rather than
| Microsoft, copying him. Itâs Googleâs
| phone heâs out to get. Heâs pissed off:
| Google controls the Internet and all he
| controls is his rotten phone.


Apple sues HTC over phone patents


Apple sues HTC for patent infringements in Android phones


Apple Goes After HTC In Lawsuit Over 20 iPhone Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple is using its strong patent portfolio
| to fight iPhone competitors in court. Its
| latest target is HTC. Apple has filed a
| patent infringement lawsuit against the cell
| phone manufacturer. The suit involves â20
| Apple patents related to the iPhoneâs user
| interface, underlying architecture and
| hardware.â
| Steve Jobs is quoted in a press release
| saying: âWe can sit by and watch competitors
| steal our patented inventions, or we can do
| something about it. Weâve decided to do
| something about it. We think competition is
| healthy, but competitors should create their
| own original technology, not steal ours.â
| The lawsuit itself is not available yet
| online. Weâve asked Apple for a copy.


Apple Taps ITC to Kneecap Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has enlisted the patent court and the
| U.S. International Trade Commission in an
| effort to kneecap Google. The company this
| morning filed a lawsuit against HTC â which
| makes Googleâs Nexus One, among other
| Android handsets â claiming the Taiwanese
| manufacturer has infringed on 20 of its
| patents ârelated to the iPhoneâs user
| interface, underlying architecture and
| hardware.â But the move may have more to do
| with Androidâs rapid growth than actual
| patent sins.


Apple Sues HTC For 20 Patent Violations In Phones

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