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Re: GPU benchmark app for GNU/Linux?

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____/ Marti van Lin on Saturday 06 Mar 2010 08:48 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ____/ Marti van Lin on Friday 05 Mar 2010 17:49 : \____
>>> Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
>>> For the thesis of my Lover Julian, I am looking for a GPU benchmark
>>> program for GNU/Linux.
>>> I've been searching Google all day long and came across Lightsmark.
>>> However this is a very interesting and entertaining program, it's not
>>> what I am looking for.
>>> I need an application which prints numbers and percentages (bars etc.).
>>> I came across very interesting programs in COLA before, so I hope
>>> someone can point me to a GPU benchmark app for GNU/Linux as well.
>>> TIA
>> Have a look at Phoronix Test Suite. It does GPU tests as well.
> Thank you very much.
> Exactly what I was looking for.

Michael recently released a Live CD with it, so you can push it into any machine
and get the tests done without any hassle.

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