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[News] Debate About Ubuntu GNU/Linux Theme for 10.04 Carries on

  • Subject: [News] Debate About Ubuntu GNU/Linux Theme for 10.04 Carries on
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 06 Mar 2010 23:27:51 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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New in lucid...

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're running lucid with the latest 
| updates be sure to try click n' drag the 
| window from anywhere in the top dark area. 
| In other words, the windeco and menubar 
| are both dragable now.


Ubuntu 10.04âs UI â What Can Less Brown Do For You?

,----[ Quote ]
| If thereâs two things Ubuntu has always 
| been, itâs brown and orange. This has a 
| striking resemblance to the not-so good 
| looking nature of, say, a shag living room 
| carpet circa the 1970s.
| You canât convince me that a brown 
| interface with bright orange icons looks 
| good. Not a chance. Ubuntu has been like 
| that for quite some time. While itâs true 
| you could always change the GUI colors to 
| whatever you wish, the point is that you 
| always see a cavalcade of brown and orange 
| on first install.
| [...]
| If youâre wondering whatâs breaking 
| familiarity with 10.04âs desktop compared 
| to 9.10, the bottom panel isnât there by 
| default, the aforementioned window 
| controls have been moved from right to 
| left, and I donât see any workspace 
| switching options in the top panel whereas 
| you did before in the now-gone bottom 
| panel.


Hands-on: a close look at Ubuntu's new non-brown theme


And Ubuntu changed again!

,----[ Quote ]
| If there is one thing I do not like about 
| Ubuntu, or better still, that irritates me 
| about the project, it is the frequency 
| with which things keep changing on the GUI 
| front. Heck, seems every release has a 
| learning curve in terms of GUI!



Is operating system beauty skin deep?

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu has the opposite problem. Itâs just
| an operating system. What it needs is a
| standard application bundle, shipped
| together or in conjunction with it, to make
| it useful. An operating system, a graphics
| program, a browser, and basic utilities
| people use every day.
| While Microsoft is anxious to create these
| bundles, seeing it as opportunity, however,
| Ubuntu seems to see this as a Hobsonâs
| Choice. Since open source programs carry no
| price, there is little basis on which it
| can make these choices.
| It needs to make them.
| What I want in an operating system isnât
| something that runs a computer. What I want
| is a computer that runs. I want it to be
| simple, I want it to be fast, I want it to
| be complete.


Light: the new look of Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Jono Bacon, Alan Pope, and many others have
| written, yesterday we published a new
| visual story and style for Ubuntu. The core
| design work was lead by Marcus Haslam, Otto
| Greenslade and Dominic Edmunds, who are the
| three visual artists leading our efforts in
| the Canonical Design team. Once we had the
| base ideas in place we invited some anchor
| members of the Ubuntu Art community to a
| design sprint, to test that the concept had
| the legs to work with the full range of
| forums, websites, derivatives and other
| pieces of this huge and wonderful project.
| And apparently, it does!


Ubuntu has new themes â but what is up with those window buttons?

,----[ Quote ]
| So what has been learned from this example.
| Sometimes something untraditional,
| especially in regard to interfaces can
| increase usability and make things
| generally easier. Of course other real
| world scenarios could discredit this
| reasoning. Please feel free to post any
| scenarios in which you feel this button
| arrangement is more of a hindrance than
| helpful.


6 Amazing Gnome Shell Themes (And How To Install Themes In Gnome Shell)

,----[ Quote ]
| Some things you should know:
|     * for now there is no way to install
|     multiple themes, so each time you install
|     a theme you must overwrite the previous
|     one
|     * when you upgrade Gnome Shell, it will
|     revert to the default theme so you must
|     install the theme again


Gnome Shell 2.29.0 Released [What's New And Screenshots Inside]

,----[ Quote ]
| Gnome Shell is the new core user interface
| for Gnome 3 which provides switching
| windows and applications but you've
| probably already heard of it by now so I'll
| skip the introduction. However, I would
| like to mention that this is still a VERY
| EARLY version of GNOME Shell and should not
| be taken of indicative of the final user
| interface or performance.


GNOME Shell 2.29 Brings A Lot Of Improvements

,----[ Quote ]
| A few days back we reported on a new Mutter
| release, which is the window and
| compositing manager for GNOME 3.0, and now
| with the GNOME 2.29.91 beta release coming
| up on Wednesday there is also the release
| of another new GNOME 3.0 component. Perhaps
| the single biggest new component for the
| GNOME 3.x stack is the GNOME Shell and this
| is the package that just reached version
| 2.29.0. GNOME 2.29.0 brings a lot of
| improvements.

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