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[News] More to Mozilla Than Just Firefox

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Swiftfox: a fast Firefox alternative for Linux users only

,----[ Quote ]
| In my ongoing search to find the perfect 
| browser, Iâve generally stuck to Opera for 
| the past several years, on Windows and on 
| Linux.
| Iâve used Firefox of course, but Iâve 
| discussed a number of issues that Iâve had 
| with Firefox over the years, and in my 
| hunt for a great browser, Iâve always 
| found myself going back to Opera.
| [...]
| As I mentioned above, I was amazed to find 
| that my opinion of Firefox all these years 
| has been so strongly affected by its 
| performance. I have found that when you 
| fix the performance problems the way 
| Swiftfox has, suddenly all my other 
| quibbles with Firefox become significantly 
| less important and donât bug me anywhere 
| NEAR as much as they used to.


Not Mozilla, but still...

Firefox alpha dons Flash flack jacket

,----[ Quote ]
| Mozilla has pushed out a Firefox developer 
| preview that runs Adobe Flash and other 
| plug-ins as a separate process, hoping to 
| prevent crashing plug-ins from crashing 
| the browser proper.
| The move comes as Apple Insider reports 
| that Steve Jobs and cult have asked a 
| group of "elite" testers to kick the 
| proverbial tires on a new version of 
| Safari that includes some sort of Flash 
| crash protection.


Mozilla Lands Out-Of-Process Plugins in Firefox 3.7 

,----[ Quote ]
| One of the big things that Google Chrome 
| introduced is the idea of out of process 
| plugins. It's something that has now 
| (finally!) landed in Mozilla -- albeit in 
| the Alpha 2 release of Firefox 3.7 
| (officially called Mozilla Developer 
| Preview 3.7 Alpha 2).



Introducing ioSwiftFox

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow, I just found a truly unique application that runs fast as hell right 
| from memory and does not require root access to install, so you non-root 
| users can download this single file and you dont have to install a thing, it 
| runs straight from ram and /tmp and believe it or not, it is faster than 
| firefox and swiftfox because it is all pre-linked. No compiling, installing 
| or anything is necessary.     

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