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[News] New Database Contenders, Partly FOSS

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The Database Tea Party: The NoSQL Movement

,----[ Quote ]
| In the end, I think itâs great that the 
| NoSQL movement is happening.  Itâs 
| awakening people to traditional RDBMS 
| alternatives.  Itâs making people 
| understand that they donât have to write 
| big checks for commodity software.  Itâs 
| helping people solve problems that they 
| canât solve, or solve efficiently, on 
| relational technology.


Cassandra becoming the nosql alternative


Plays well with others


REvolution Computing Names Former MySQL Executive Zack Urlocker to Board

,----[ Quote ]
| REvolution Computing, the leading 
| commercial provider of software and 
| support for the open source âRâ 
| statistical computing language, announced 
| today the appointment of Zack Urlocker, a 
| former executive at the global open source 
| database company MySQL, to its board of 
| directors. 



Drizzle, Licensing, Having Honest Conversations with your Community

,----[ Quote ]
| I pulled this from a quote on yesterday's
| Slashdot story about MySQL Licensing where
| the author of the quote mentions Drizzle's
| licensing terms:
| "you require the code to be under BSD"
| This is actually a myth, we don't.
| If you look through the Drizzle codebase
| you will note that very few files have BSD
| headers, and all that do?


NoSQL conference coming to Boston

,----[ Quote ]
| On March 11 Boston will join several other
| cities who have host conferences on the
| movement broadly known as NoSQL.
| Cassandra, CouchDB, HBase, HypergraphDB,
| Hypertable, Memcached, MongoDB, Neo4j,
| Riak, SimpleDB, Voldemort, and probably
| other projects as well will be represented
| at the one-day affair.
| [...]
| The resilience of open source
| One question that intrigues me is why all
| the offerings in the NoSQL area are open
| source. Some have commercial add-ons, but
| the core technology is provided as free
| software. The few proprietary products and
| services in the market (such as
| Citrusleaf) get far less attention.


Twitter growth prompts switch from MySQL to 'NoSQL' database

,----[ Quote ]
| Ryan King, an engineer at Twitter, today
| told the blog MyNoSQL that the social
| networking company plans to move from
| MySQL to the Cassandra database for what
| he called its resilience, scalability and
| large community of open-source developers.

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