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[News] SCO Allowed to Make Mockery of Justice Again

  • Subject: [News] SCO Allowed to Make Mockery of Justice Again
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 08 Mar 2010 09:30:08 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Yarro Deal Approved


Some Judges Promote Litigation as a Model of Business

,----[ Quote ]
| The loan agreement from Yarrow and a few 
| others includes provisions that if the 
| debtor, SCOG, defaults, the group of 
| insiders gets all the assets and walk 
| away, subverting justice entirely. Why 
| would two judges agree to let insiders in 
| a bankruptcy have preference over 
| creditors? That might be reasonable if the 
| litigation has any chance of success but 
| it has not. The copyright legislation is 
| very clear. There must be an explicit 
| transfer of copyright. Even if SCOG owned 
| the copyrights, IBM has proven that they 
| did not violate them, being the original 
| authours of the code they contributed to 
| Linux. So the outcome of this if let stand 
| is that the insiders get to terrorize 
| businesses that use GNU/Linux for years 
| more until the dust settles. Even the 
| death of SCOG will not stop this. Only the 
| US Supreme Court can, in a year or two. 
| Novell has appealed the Tenth Circuit 
| result. There is a 200 page copy of a 
| document purporting to be their request 
| for certiorari on the web. We should have 
| confirmation soon. The deadline for 
| application has passed. I am hopeful that 
| the SCOTUS will see the undermining of 
| copyright law as sufficiently urgent to 
| put this matter to rest ASAP.


March 5 Bankruptcy Hearing Report - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| 12:28 - Ms. Burton, attorney for Mr. 
| Yarro, spoke up by phone and assured the 
| court that that the LLC is in existence 
| under Utah Law 


A Blizzard of Motions in Limine in SCO v. Novell 



SCO Proposes Selling its Mobility "Business"... to Darl McBride - Updated 2Xs

,----[ Quote ]
| SCO's Chapter 11 Trustee Edward Cahn not only 
| proposes to let Ralph Yarro "loan" some money 
| to the company at what Novell calls 
| egregiously inequitable terms -- inequitable 
| to everyone but Ralph Yarro and the gang, 
| that is -- but now he proposes to sell SCO's 
| "mobility business", which not long ago SCO 
| said was worth millions, if I recall 
| correctly, to another SCO insider, Darl 
| McBride, for $35,000.
| [...]
| Update 2: Get a load of the assets going for 
| $35,000. Not only do the copyrights and the 
| source code go to the buyer, but there are 12 
| servers in the deal, 13 domain names, and 10 
| developer smartphonees. You find the list in 
| Exhibit C Part 6, which begins with a list of 
| the source code products involved in this 
| transaction, but I notice something else.


SCO Germany forced to pay fine

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a letter seen by heise online,
| the German Federal Office of Justice last
| week launched summary proceedings against The
| SCO Group GmbH for "breaching regulations
| pertaining to the publication of its
| accounts." The proceedings were suspended
| after the imposed fine was paid. No
| information on the size of the fine is
| available. According to the agency's website,

| the fine can range from 2,500 euros to a
| maximum of 25,000 euros.

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