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Re: Making Microsoft Safe for Capitalism

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____/ nessuno on Monday 08 Mar 2010 22:05 : \____

> On Mar 8, 1:52 pm, Chris Ahlstrom <ahlstr...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> http://www.around.com/microsoft.html
>> By James Gleick
>> A very interesting article about Microsoft around 1995.
>> From the PS panel at the side:
>> Microsoft itself appeared upset by the article, which did constitute an
>> unusual and critical look at its practices. Bill Gates wrote a long
>> reply, also published in the Times, repeating company positions that he
>> and others had expressed in the article. Microsoft has declined to permit
>> his reply to be included here.
> An interesting quote:
> "Basically what Microsoft is trying to do is tax every bit transition
> in the whole world," says a senior executive of a competing software
> company. "When a bit flips, they will charge you."
> I guess he's a paranoid conspiracy theorist.  James Gleick, too.
> Actually, an interesting outcome of the 00 decade is that Microsoft
> has failed in its plans to tax every bit flip (more exactly, every
> internet interaction, every video viewed and song listened to, every
> phone call made, every document edited, etc etc).  The credit for this
> goes to Apple, Google, Firefox, Linux and FOSS in general.  At the
> beginning of the decade it was not obvious that it would be so.

What about Fog Computing, where one pays for computing power?

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