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[News] Why GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) Beats Windows

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Why (I think) Ubuntu is Better Than Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| So those are 10 things I do with Ubuntu that 
| Iâd have a hard time doing on Windows. Itâs 
| arguable whether youâd need to be able to do 
| some of this stuff, and that I accept.
| I realise that there are Windows-based tools 
| that can replicate/emulate some of these 
| tasks, or maybe Windows Vista or 7 can do 
| some of the above tasks. I kinda stopped 
| bothering with Windows after XP, so my 
| knowledge may be lacking. Feel free to 
| correct me in the comments, or suggest what 
| you canât live without.


Ubuntu Road Test 

,----[ Quote ]
| So long story short, halfway through the 
| test, Linux excels in consistency and 
| performance, not showing any signs of 
| slowing down. OpenOffice, Firefox, 
| Songbird... you name it, they all behave as 
| usual, sometimes a bit quicker than I am 
| used to!


Saving Money with Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Note to readers from the Ubuntu Planet - 
| this is written for people whom don't have a 
| clue what Ubuntu is. Hence why I describe 
| it.
| With the global economy in a depression, 
| most people cannot currently afford to buy a 
| new computer. But, you don't have to.
| [...]
| Ubuntu takes a minimal amount of 
| technological knowledge and time to install, 
| and you will be up and running in a few 
| minutes.



Danger: Linux Advocacy Ahead

,----[ Quote ]
| Occasionally I see articles about whether Linux is ready to compete
| with Windows on the desktop. But it's become obvious to me that
| Linux is already a better operating system. That's purely on
| the merits--features, reliability, and ease of use--and even 
| before you throw in the fact that Linux is free and has more
| accessible support.

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