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[News] Bill âWhere Are We on This Jihad?â Gates and Steve "Great Artists Steal" Jobs Slammed by the Mainstream Media

  • Subject: [News] Bill âWhere Are We on This Jihad?â Gates and Steve "Great Artists Steal" Jobs Slammed by the Mainstream Media
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 00:19:42 +0000
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Former Sun CEO: Tech Companies Suing Over Patents Is An Act Of Desperation

,----[ Quote ]
| Schwartz tells the story of Steve Jobs 
| calling him and threatening Sun with a 
| patent infringement lawsuit, to which 
| Schwartz quickly warned Jobs that going down 
| that path would lead to a patent nuclear 
| war, as he pointed out how recent Apple 
| products likely infringed on Sun patents. He 
| then tells another story about a visit from 
| Bill Gates, with a similar threat over 
| patents -- and a similar response, pointing 
| out that Microsoft clearly copied certain 
| Sun technology. In both cases, the 
| counterweight made the threats go away. This 
| is the whole "nuclear stockpiling" scenario 
| -- and, as such, it creates a ton of waste. 
| You have to keep building up those 
| stockpiles just to make sure the other side 
| is too scared to sue you.


Gates Asked for IP Royalties for OpenOffice from Sun Microsystems

,----[ Quote ]
| Sometime between 2003 and 2006, Microsoft 
| Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer and 
| Co-founder and chairman Bill Gates visited 
| Sun Microsystems. It wasnât a courtesy 
| visit, according to Jonathan Ian Schwartz, 
| Former CEO of Sun Microsystems. The 
| Microsoft duo were on a mission to convince 
| Scott McNealy, Sunâs then CEO, to enter into 
| a patent licensing agreement with the 
| Redmond company. Moreover, Gates wanted 
| compensation for the patents that Sun 
| Microsystems was allegedly violating with 
| OpenOffice, a rival product of Microsoftâs 
| own Office productivity suite. Sun resisted. 


Former Sun CEO claims Jobs threatened lawsuit in 2003


Apple Tried to Bully Sun With Lawsuit Threats in 2003


Apple and Microsoft "threatened to sue Sun"


Ex-Sun CEO dishes dirt: Steve Jobs as Apple "patent troll"


Former Sun CEO Says Apple's Jobs Threatened To Sue Co In 2003


Former Sun CEO Schwartz dishes on patent fights with Jobs, Gates


Daily Dose - Schwartz: Apple and Microsoft Tried to Sue Me Too!


Steve Jobs threatened to sue, says former Sun CEO Schwartz


Former Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz describes Steve Jobs showdown


Sun fended off Apple, Microsoft IP lawsuit threats


Former Sun CEO: Steve Jobs threatened to sue us over patents too


Former Sun Microsystems CEO: HTC Isn't the First Company to Face Legal Threats From Steve Jobs 


Ex-Sun boss spills the beans on Apple patent threats


Schwartz on Steve Jobsâ âbullying tacticsâ


Former Sun CEO Takes Tech Titans to Task Over Patent Trolling


Mobile Face-Off: Apple vs. Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The concern is that Microsoft's Windows 7 
| mobile operating system has the iPhone's 
| market in its sights and that Microsoft has 
| a deep background in software patents to 
| back it up.
| One worry for Google is that Apple's legal 
| battle with HTC may weaken the momentum of 
| Android-powered phones. 



Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

,----[ Quote ]
| I feel for Google â Steve Jobs threatened
| to sue me, too.
| In 2003, after I unveiled a prototype Linux
| desktop called Project Looking Glass*,
| Steve called my office to let me know the
| graphical effects were âstepping all over
| Appleâs IP.â (IP = Intellectual Property =
| patents, trademarks and copyrights.) If we
| moved forward to commercialize it, âIâll
| just sue you.â
| [...]
| As in life, bluster and threat are
| commonplace in business â especially the
| technology business. So that interaction
| was good preparation for a later meeting
| with Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. Theyâd
| flown in over a weekend to meet with Scott
| McNealy, Sunâs then CEO â who asked me and
| Greg Papadopoulos (Sunâs CTO) to accompany
| him. As we sat down in our Menlo Park
| conference room, Bill skipped the small
| talk, and went straight to the point,
| âMicrosoft owns the office productivity
| market, and our patents read all over
| OpenOffice.â OpenOffice is a free office
| productivity suite found on tens of
| millions of desktops worldwide. Itâs a
| tremendous brand ambassador for its owner â
| it also limits the appeal of Microsoft
| Office to businesses and those forced to
| pirate it. Bill was delivering a slightly
| more sophisticated variant of the threat
| Steve had made, but he had a different
| solution in mind. âWeâre happy to get you
| under license.â That was code for âWeâll go
| away if you pay us a royalty for every
| downloadâ â the digital version of a
| protection racket.


Jonathan Schwartz: What He Couldn't Say (on Patents, OpenOffice, and Bill Gates)


Jonathan Schwartz: How to play patent games with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates


Former Sun CEO Schwartz dishes on patent fights with Jobs, Gates

,----[  ]
| Former Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan
| Schwartz has a nice insider take on the
| latest patent craze including how he sent
| Apple's Steve Jobs and Microsoft's Bill
| Gates packing when they came looking for a
| fight.
| [...]
| In the case of Bill Gates, Schwartz said
| Gates tried to extract a licensing royalty
| for OpenOffice, a free productivity suite
| developed by Sun, because Gates said it
| copied Microsoft Office.
| Schwartz responded by drawing comparisons
| between Microsoft's .NET platform and Sun's
| Java technology, which he believed was some
| of the inspiration for .NET. "We've looked
| at .NET, and you're trampling all over a
| huge number of Java patents. So what will
| you pay us for every copy of Windows?"
| Schwartz asked. That brought the meeting to
| a hasty close, he said.


Popularity is killing Android

,----[ Quote ]
| AS ANDROID SWEEPS across the smartphone
| market like a wave of locusts over a land
| that is strewn with Windows Mobile devices
| cast by the wayside, Google's idealistic
| open source, embrace all attitude is
| starting to look naive.


Would 2010 Steve Jobs Sue 1996 (Or 1984) Steve Jobs Over Patents?

,----[ Quote ]
| ...Steve Jobs noted how Apple was
| "shameless about stealing great ideas."
| But in the announcement about the HTC
| lawsuit, he has a different perspective:
| "competitors should create their own
| original technology, not steal ours."


Eversheds comment: Apple sues HTC for patent infringements

,----[ Quote ]
| Commentators suggest that this action by
| Apple is actually targeted at Google's
| open source Android operating system,
| rather than relating just to HTC's
| smartphones. HTC is one of the most
| prominent handset manufacturers globally
| to have developed products based on the
| Android operating system, using it in its
| Hero and Nexus One phones.



,----[ Quote ]
| Apple's iTunes store has always dictated
| the terms of its dealings with record
| labels. As such, the largest U.S. music
| retailer has never censured the labels
| over marketing or promotion strategies.


Apple May Anger The Antitrust Gods: Pressuring Labels To Stop Participating In Amazon Daily MP3 Deals


Steve Jobs, 1996: "Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal"

,----[ Quote ]
| Oh, hello! A trip to the YouTube wayback
| machine shows that 1996's Steve "Great
| Artists Steal" Jobs might have taken issue
| with Steve Jobs 2010, and his patent
| lawsuit firebombing of HTC. Irony!
| The comment was made during a 1996 PBS
| documentary called "Triumph of the Nerds,"
| and looks a smidge hypocritical in light
| of today's events. As does this one...


Steve Jobs: Good artists copy great artists steal


Apple Goes Offensive On Patents: Sues HTC

,----[ Quote ]
| It's usually a sign that a company is
| worried that it can't keep up with the
| competition.


An Open Letter to Steve Jobs Concerning the HTC Lawsuits.

,----[ Quote ]
| But when you sue someone for doing
| something you do yourself, you become one
| of the bad guys. Can you name a company
| you admire that spends its time enforcing
| patents, instead of innovating? Remember
| the pirate flag you flew over Apple's
| headquarters when you were building the
| Mac? Is Apple part of the Navy now?


Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch: Letâs Sue the Internet

,----[ Quote ]
| So Apple is suing HTC, the premier
| manufacturer of Android-based phones,
| including Googleâs Nexus One. And Rupert
| Murdoch is suing Googleâor so he says.
| [...]
| Itâs a Steve thing. Not just a temper
| tantrum. But an operatic one. Itâs Steve
| Jobsâ signature: pride and paranoia.
| Behind it, too, is the motivation of all
| great competitorsâthey really donât want
| to compete, they want the market for
| themselves. Now itâs Google, rather than
| Microsoft, copying him. Itâs Googleâs
| phone heâs out to get. Heâs pissed off:
| Google controls the Internet and all he
| controls is his rotten phone.


Apple sues HTC over phone patents


Apple sues HTC for patent infringements in Android phones


Apple Goes After HTC In Lawsuit Over 20 iPhone Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple is using its strong patent portfolio
| to fight iPhone competitors in court. Its
| latest target is HTC. Apple has filed a
| patent infringement lawsuit against the cell
| phone manufacturer. The suit involves â20
| Apple patents related to the iPhoneâs user
| interface, underlying architecture and
| hardware.â
| Steve Jobs is quoted in a press release
| saying: âWe can sit by and watch competitors
| steal our patented inventions, or we can do
| something about it. Weâve decided to do
| something about it. We think competition is
| healthy, but competitors should create their
| own original technology, not steal ours.â
| The lawsuit itself is not available yet
| online. Weâve asked Apple for a copy.


Apple Taps ITC to Kneecap Google

,----[ Quote ]
| Apple has enlisted the patent court and the
| U.S. International Trade Commission in an
| effort to kneecap Google. The company this
| morning filed a lawsuit against HTC â which
| makes Googleâs Nexus One, among other
| Android handsets â claiming the Taiwanese
| manufacturer has infringed on 20 of its
| patents ârelated to the iPhoneâs user
| interface, underlying architecture and
| hardware.â But the move may have more to do
| with Androidâs rapid growth than actual
| patent sins.


Apple Sues HTC For 20 Patent Violations In Phones

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