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[News] Pirate Party (UK) Names the Real "Pirates" Who Steal Our Rights (ACTA)

  • Subject: [News] Pirate Party (UK) Names the Real "Pirates" Who Steal Our Rights (ACTA)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:11:15 +0000
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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ACTA Supporters - UKIP named and shamed

,----[ Quote ]
| The result was a massive landslide in favour 
| of open government and internet freedom. 636 
| MEPs were on the side of freedom, and just 10 
| voted in favour of ACTA.
| I can now name and shame those 10, people who 
| were elected to represent us, but who want us 
| to be governed by a secret worldwide clique 
| where the RIAA call the shots and politicians 
| are too scared to tell the public what they 
| are signing us up to. The list in full is:
|     * Nigel Farage (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Marta Andreasen (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Stuart Agnew (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Gerard Batten (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * John Bufton (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Trevor Colman (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * The Earl of Dartmouth (United Kingdom, 
|     UKIP)
|     * Mike Nattrass (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Paul Nuttall (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Nicole Sinclaire (United Kingdom, UKIP)
| Just 16 politicians couldn't make their minds 
| up and abstained. They include:
|     * Diane Dodds (Northern Ireland, 
|     Democratic Unionist Party)
|     * Nick Griffin (United Kingdom, BNP)
|     * Andrew Henry William Brons (United 
|     Kingdom, BNP)



Why Jordanians Should Be Against ACTA

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in 2007, the USA, EU, Switzerland and
| Japan started the negotiations to create an
| international agreement on intellectual
| property rights, the claimed goal was to
| reduce the trade of counterfeit goods and
| pirated copyright protected works through a
| legislative framework. The agreement is now
| known as Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
| or ACTA.


What's up with the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement?

,----[ Quote ]
| If you follow technology news services and
| blogs that are vaguely interested in digital
| rights issues, you must already have heard
| about ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
| Agreement. This is a multilateral trade
| agreement between the EU, the US, Mexico,
| Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand
| and a few others, currently negotiated in
| secret that is set to tackle copyright
| infringement issues. As the name indicates,
| the aim of the agreement is to tackle
| counterfeiting. However, the most
| controversial aspect is that various sources
| have disclosed that the agreement is set to
| export some of the worst maximalist
| legislation out there, particularly in an
| attempt to curb illegal file-sharing. For
| the most detailed in-depth analysis of what
| has been happening so far, Michael Geistâs
| blog is the place to be. Nonetheless, I have
| been meaning to take stock and write a
| synopsis of what has happened so far for my
| own benefit. If you are confused about the
| various claims and counter-claims, I hope
| you find this useful.


Act on ACTA: Write to Your MEPs

,----[ Quote ]
| One knock-on effect of that obsessive
| secrecy is that even ordinary
| parliamentarians are forbidden from seeing
| the drafts, which makes the negotiations not
| only a travesty of democracy, but also a
| more direct slap in the face of those
| politicians. Happily, the latter are
| beginning to wake up to the fact that they
| are being sidelined here, and starting to
| become more forceful in their demands for
| access to ACTA.

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