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[News] Vulture Fund of Singer and Fellow Greedy Partners on Novell

  • Subject: [News] Vulture Fund of Singer and Fellow Greedy Partners on Novell
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:15:12 +0000
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Elliott Associates: Novell Wonât Go to Pieces

,----[ Quote ]
| Elliott Associates, the hedge fund thatâs 
| seeking to acquire Novell and SUSE Linux, is 
| denying a report that it plans to break up 
| Novell and sell off the pieces. Hmmmâ But The 
| VAR Guy still wonders: Will Novell and Elliott 
| Associates reach a buyout agreement in time 
| for Novell BrainShare â a big customer and 
| partner that starts March 21? Hereâs some 
| speculation.
| [...]
| The VAR Guy has also wondered if a white 
| knight â IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, or CA 
| Inc. â would emerge to buy Novell. But the 
| best potential fit on that list â CA, which 
| has a bunch of security and system management 
| synergies with Novell â seems to be out of the 
| running, The VAR Guy believes.
| The reason: CA just opened its wallet to 
| acquire Nimsoft, the managed services software 
| provider, for $350 million. The VAR Guy doubts 
| CA would open its wallet even wider only a few 
| days later to buy Novell.



Microsoft has stake in Novell fight

,----[ Quote ]
| In all the talk about New York financier
| Paul Singerâs plan to go all Gordon Gecko
| on Novell, one word has not been mentioned
| nearly enough.
| Microsoft.
| Microsoft needs a viable Novell, and
| Novellâs Linux business was on the verge of
| becoming viable when Singerâs Elliott
| Associates swooped in with an offer to
| break up the company, seize its cash, split
| off the old NetWare business, and auction
| off Suse Linux.
| I doubt Microsoft wants to actually buy
| that business. Owning a Linux would be a
| real complication. Suddenly all those
| patent cross-licenses that claim Microsoft
| has patent rights to the software take on a
| different odor, and Microsoft is forced to
| go down the SCO road to prove its claims.
| Microsoft has been doing well against Linux
| through bluff. What the Elliott move does
| is threaten to make Microsoft show its
| hand.
| Even the due diligence process could
| threaten Microsoft. Singer is going to get
| a look inside that 2006 agreement.


Hedge Fund Serves Up $2 Billion Offer For Novell


The Linux Business That Troubled Novell May Be Headed In New Directions

,----[ Quote ]
| As Asay notes in his column today, Elliott
| Associates is more likely to flip divisions
| of Novell to interested buyers than it is
| to oversee a long-term strategy for the
| company as it stands. Novell's Linux
| business is most likely to be flipped
| first. At that point, companies ranging
| from Oracle, to VMware to IBM could be
| buyers, but smaller players could be too.


The Software Titans and the Future of Novell's Assets

,----[ Quote ]
| Elliott Associates will almost certainly
| carve Novell up, and it won't be a surprise
| to see a big, household name in the
| software industry inherit Novell's core
| assets.


Which white knight will save Novell?

,----[ Quote ]
| Though Elliott insists that isn't its
| strategy, another buyer could result in a
| nice payday for Elliott, which began buying
| up Novell stock only in early January.
| A rival buyer would guarantee at least $75
| million in profit for Elliott's 8.5% stake
| -- not bad for two month's work.
| So who are the most likely suspects? IBM
| tops the list. The company is probably the
| biggest proponent of open-source software
| out there, such as Novell's Suse Linux,
| which holds about a third of the Linux
| server operating system market, the rest
| held by Red Hat Inc.
| "IBM could use its own Linux distro and x64
| hypervisor as well as the systems
| management and identity management tools
| that Novell has taken possession of over
| the years,"  opined The Register, "and it
| knows how to ride down a legacy software
| business like NetWare."
| An IBM-Novell merger has been suggested
| before. "Red Hat's dominance leaves IBM
| almost entirely dependent upon
| SuSe/Novell," wrote Sun Microsystems Inc.'s
| then-COO Jonathan Schwartz in 2004.
| "Whoever owns Novell controls the OS on
| which IBM's future depends."


Novell Soars on Takeover Offer

,----[ Quote ]
| Add Novell (NASDAQ: NOVL) shareholders to the
| list of those who have figured out how to earn
| money from open source technologies.


Novell president's pay goes down to $5.7m

,----[ Quote ]
| Novell president and CEO Ron Hovsepian's total
| compensation fell 17% in 2009, amid declining
| annual revenue and a wider net loss.
| Hovsepian received compensation in fiscal 2009
| valued at $5.7 million, compared to $6.9
| million in 2008, according to documents filed
| late last week with the US Securities and
| Exchange Commission.

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