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Re: Why I get worried when my Linux box is having problems

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____/ White Spirit on Tuesday 16 Mar 2010 13:21 : \____

> No operating system is going to be bug-free but crashes on Linux are
> very rare on every system I've had.  The only annoying bugs with Linux
> I've found have been an early 2.6 series kernel experiencing panics with
> mass storage devices (fixed with a kernel upgrade) and a problem with
> the NVidia drivers crashing the X server in conjunction with libxv.  Two
> major (but entirely fixable) bugs in the ten years I've been using Linux
> pales into insignificance compared to the problems I've had running Windows.
> Any problems I've had running Linux over the years have, in fact, been
> overwhelmingly hardware related.  I've had hard drives being flaky then
> dying, IDE controllers playing up before dying, an SATA CD-ROM giving
> up, CPU overheating, a crap WiFi dongle and, on an Alpha Workstation, a
> bad contact with the daughterboard interface.
> As a result, I get concerned when I experience problems because it's
> pretty much guaranteed to be flaky hardware.  Other than FreeBSD, no
> other OS I've used has been as stable as Linux.

That's very true. 4 months ago I had an nvidia  driver crash.

roy@roy:~$ uptime
 20:55:28 up 119 days, 18:26,  2 users,  load average: 0.35, 0.17, 0.39

I was relieved to find that I could boot after the crash because I assumed the
GPU got fried. I never have GPU crashes... well, maybe about once a year.

I use KDE 4.3 by the way.

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