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[News] ACTA's Lackey Luc Pierre Devigne Goes Against Open Standards, Too

  • Subject: [News] ACTA's Lackey Luc Pierre Devigne Goes Against Open Standards, Too
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 22:10:02 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Open Standards â redefined?

,----[ Quote ]
| For years and years I am using and 
| promoting the term Open Standards. And it 
| has always been very clear what an Open 
| Standard is and, more important, what it is 
| not.
| You can go through various defintions of 
| Open Standards:
|     * Free Software Foundation Europe
|     * European Interoperability Framework 
|     (v1)
|     * Digistan
|     * Danish Parliament
|     * Bruce Perens
| And no matter what differences you find in 
| those definitions, they all agree on some 
| crucial points, the most important being 
| the freedom to use and implement the 
| standard without having to ask for 
| permission or having to pay license fees 
| for the use of an Open Standard.
| [...]
| If you agree this far, pay special 
| attention to this:
|     Currently, the Chinese companies using 
|     technologies detained by European 
|     companies are not allowed to enter into 
|     negotiations on the amount of royalties 
|     due to the latter, when they use their 
|     essential patents in the framework of 
|     open standards. The situation is highly 
|     detrimental to European companies and 
|     their complaint has been reflected in 
|     the European Chamber of Commerce in 
|     China (EUCCC) â IPR Working Groupâs 
|     Position Paper 2005. The Commission 
|     therefore urged the Chinese government 
|     to take action in order to ensure that 
|     those royalties are duly paid by 
|     Chinese companies.
| Hartmut Pilch from FFII pointed my 
| attention to this and added some valuable 
| comments here.
| Bottom line is â DG Trade, represented by 
| Mr. Luc Pierre Devigne, seems to use the 
| term Open Standards in a way that is simply 
| not compatible with the accepted definition 
| of Open Standards. Royalty payments on Open 
| Standards can simply not exist in my view.



ACTA Supporters - UKIP named and shamed

,----[ Quote ]
| The result was a massive landslide in favour
| of open government and internet freedom. 636
| MEPs were on the side of freedom, and just 10
| voted in favour of ACTA.
| I can now name and shame those 10, people who
| were elected to represent us, but who want us
| to be governed by a secret worldwide clique
| where the RIAA call the shots and politicians
| are too scared to tell the public what they
| are signing us up to. The list in full is:
|     * Nigel Farage (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Marta Andreasen (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Stuart Agnew (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Gerard Batten (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * John Bufton (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Trevor Colman (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * The Earl of Dartmouth (United Kingdom,
|     UKIP)
|     * Mike Nattrass (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Paul Nuttall (United Kingdom, UKIP)
|     * Nicole Sinclaire (United Kingdom, UKIP)
| Just 16 politicians couldn't make their minds
| up and abstained. They include:
|     * Diane Dodds (Northern Ireland,
|     Democratic Unionist Party)
|     * Nick Griffin (United Kingdom, BNP)
|     * Andrew Henry William Brons (United
|     Kingdom, BNP)

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