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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Craze Wants to Tax Hardware, Harms the Net

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Craze Wants to Tax Hardware, Harms the Net
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2010 18:16:44 +0000
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Charlie Angus Set To Propose Canadian MP3 Player Levy

,----[ Quote ]
| Music industry sources say Canadian Member 
| of Parliament Charlie Angus, the NDP's 
| digital issues critic, is preparing to 
| enter a private member's bill next week 
| proposing the country's private copying 
| levy should be extended to MP3 players.
| The levy is currently in place on other 
| blank media, but attempts to extend it to 
| MP3 players have failed in the past. The 
| discussion of the levy came at the same 
| time Canadian music industry insiders at 
| Canadian Music Week were focused on the 
| possibility of a new Copyright Act for 
| Canada, after support for intellectual 
| property was referenced in the Conservative 
| government's throne speech last week.


Want To Link To Royal Mail? You Better Not Be In A Hurry

,----[ Quote ]
| If you ever read terms of use pages for 
| websites, you know that they are mostly 
| boilerplate. Unfortunately whatever 
| template all these businesses seem to be 
| sharing makes some ridiculous assertions, 
| perhaps the worst of which is a provision 
| against hyperlinking to the site without 
| written permission. 


Postal service chief: Our business model as outdated as the newspaper industry's

,----[ Quote ]
| The head of the U.S. Postal Service said 
| Thursday that his organization's business 
| model is as outdated as the newspaper 
| industry's.


Jaron Lanier Says That Musicians Using Free To Succeed Are Lying

,----[ Quote ]
| What a bizarre statement, considering just 
| how many real life examples we see every 
| day of musicians successfully embracing an 
| understanding of basic economics (which 
| Lanier apparently lacks). I was trying to 
| better understand how Lanier could make 
| such an easily debunked statement with a 
| straight face, and it's not clear at all. 
| It appears that Lanier is the one who is 
| pretending here.


In Defense Of 1,000 True Fans - Part VII - Ellis Paul - 300 Fans = $100,000 in Contributions The Ultimate Testament to Fan Loyalty 

,----[ Quote ]
| Ellis Paul is an American singer-songwriter 
| and folk musician. To date, he has released 
| 16 albums and has been the recipient of 14 
| Boston Music Awards.  He has published a 
| book of original lyrics, poems, and 
| drawings, and released a DVD that includes 
| a live performance, guitar instruction, and 
| a road-trip documentary.  As a touring 
| musician, Ellis plays close to 150 dates 
| each year and his extensive club and 
| coffeehouse touring, together with radio 
| airplay, has brought him a solid national 
| following.


Heroes Producer: Honored To Be The Most Unauthorized Downloaded Show

,----[ Quote ]
| This talk was given by Tim Kring, creator 
| of the popular TV show Heroes, and he made 
| some interesting points -- noting that he's 
| "honored" that Heroes is the most 
| "illegally" downloaded TV show out there, 
| because "we'll take audience anywhere we 
| can get it." But he's not just sitting 
| back.


Dan Bull Recaps How Home Taping Killed Music With His Latest Song


Linking to P2P content declared legal in Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| This is an important and interesting 
| ruling. I tend to agree with the linking 
| part of the reasoning, but I completely 
| disagree with the argument presented by the 
| judge with regards to P2P networks. The 
| judge uses some paper-thin arguments here 
| to imply that P2P networks are not illegal, 
| that they are here to stay anyway so what 
| is the problem, and that almost nothing 
| taking place in those networks can be 
| enforced. I would be surprised if SGAE does 
| not appeal the ruling.


File-Sharing and Link Sites Declared Legal in Spain

,----[ Quote ]
| After early calls to shut down a Spanish 
| file-sharing site were dismissed, music 
| group SGAE pinned its hopes on success at 
| the full trial. But, the outcome for them 
| was nothing short of a disaster. The judge 
| declared that both non-commercial file-
| sharing link sites and non-profit use of 
| P2P networks are legal in Spain.


Vive Le Rapidshare â Is A New French Revolution Afoot?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now half a year old, a study from the 
| University of Rennes researched 2,000 users 
| in Brittany about their downloading habits 
| before and after Hadopiâs launch. The 
| report found that P2P service use fell from 
| 17.1 percent to 14.6 percent, but the 
| piracy level in general actually went up 3 
| percent. 


Music fans will sidestep filesharing clampdown says TalkTalk

,----[ Quote ]
| The majority of music fans will switch to 
| alternative ways of accessing copyright-
| protected content for free if using peer-
| to-peer (P2P) services leaves them 
| vulnerable to disconnection, rendering 
| futile the Governmentâs attempts to stop 
| copyright infringement.
| Thatâs according to new research from 
| TalkTalk, the biggest provider of broadband 
| to Britainâs homes. 


Spotifies Mean Online Now Filling UKâs CD Royalty Gap 

,----[ Quote ]
| One part of the music business has finally 
| reached the fabled tipping point at which 
| digital income offsets declining physical 
| sales.


Two solicitors accused over file-sharing âbully tacticsâ

,----[ Quote ]
| The Solicitors Regulation Authority has 
| referred two solicitors from London firm 
| Davenport Lyons to the Solicitors 
| Disciplinary Tribunal over claims that the 
| firm sent âbullyingâ letters accusing 
| hundreds of people of illegal file-sharing.
| Consumer group Which? complained to the SRA 
| in 2008 that Davenport Lyons partner David 
| Gore and former partner Brian Miller had 
| engaged in âbullyingâ and âexcessiveâ 
| conduct, while acting on behalf of client 
| copyright holders.

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