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[News] $100 Tablet to Run Linux

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Marvell promises $100 tablet for students

,----[ Quote ]
| Marvell announced its intent to deliver a $100, 
| Android-ready tablet computer built around a 
| 1GHz Armada 600 series processor. Aimed at 
| students, the "Moby" will offer WiFi, Bluetooth, 
| GPS, an FM receiver, and Adobe Flash 
| compatibility, the company says.



CrunchPad spin-off JooJoo spins up for launches

,----[ Quote ]
| The iPad isnât the only touchscreen slate
| sitting on the launchpad. Remember the
| CrunchPad â an open-source tablet built by
| geeks, for geeks?
| The pet project of TechCrunch founder
| Michael Arrington was in the works long
| before Appleâs iPad moved out of the misty
| swirl of rumour-land, but lost its way
| after a messy split between Arrington and
| CrunchPad co-developers Fusion Garage.
| Now christened the JooJoo, the Linux-
| powered tablet has suffered its own series
| of setbacks from the promised kick-off last
| December, with the launch now set for March
| 25th â just one week before the iPad will
| make its debut amidst a predictable blaze
| of publicity.


IPad, SchmiPad: 10 E-Readers and Tablets You Can Get Right Now

,----[ Quote ]
| The iPad won't be out for a few weeks, but
| that doesn't have to stop you from getting
| on the e-book train today. In fact, there
| are a ton of e-book readers and proto-
| tablets that you can buy now, and some of
| them are pretty good. Come to think of it,
| who even needs an iPad?


Ubuntu âi-Pad clonesâ soon?

,----[ Quote ]
| Even if mainstream media only notice when
| few expensive, and i-prefixed devices are
| presented, are cheap player and phones that
| eventually ended in billions people
| pockets. So let's call them âclonesâ after
| all it's also thanks â clonesâ if
| information technology reached the mass
| diffusion now it has.


Dell tablet said to be named 'Streak'

,----[ Quote ]
| Previously Dell had revealed that the device
| would be 3G-enabled, run Android, and have a
| 5-inch screen.

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