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[News] Firewall Builder Runs Linux

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Building a better Firewall Builder

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in 1999, Vadim Kurland realized he needed a 
| better way to configure a Linux firewall than 
| the then-typical process of issuing cryptic 
| commands or editing a text-based configuration 
| file full of esoteric settings. Fortunately, he 
| had lots of experience with commercial firewalls 
| that he was able to apply to the problem. The 
| result was Firewall Builder, a firewall 
| configuration and management tool that lets 
| administrators build firewall policies using a 
| GUI, then push the configuration to firewall 
| machines. It supports the open source firewall 
| platforms iptables, pf, ipfw, and ipfilter, as 
| well as Cisco ASA (PIX) and IOS access lists, 
| and makes all these very different firewalls 
| appear the same to the administrator.


"The Internet? We are not interested in it."

                                --Bill Gates, 1993


New firewall for the Linux kernel

,----[ Quote ]
| The Netfilter development team's Patrick McHardy has released an alpha
| version of nftables, a new firewall implementation for the Linux kernel, with
| a user space tool for controlling the firewall. nftables introduces a
| fundamental distinction between the user space defined rules and network
| objects in the kernel: the kernel component works with generic data such as
| IP addresses, ports and protocols and provides some generic operations for
| comparing the values of a packet with constants or for discarding a packet.

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