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[News] Redmonk on Why DRM Fails

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A Saint Patrickâs Day special: Further Thoughts on Manuscripts, Marginalia, Mashups and Reading as Writing

,----[ Quote ]
| I wrote a post the other day about Digital 
| Manuscripts, Reading as Writing, and the danger 
| of of âdigital rights managementâ (DRM). The New 
| York Times today provided a lovely follow up in 
| the shape of an article â Turning Green With 
| Literacy â about the Irish role in saving the 
| book after the Roman Empire collapsed.
| [...]
| DRM is designed to prevent playfulness. But the 
| smartest people in publishing realise that the 
| future will be ludic â George Walkley, who runs 
| digital strategy at Hachette recently told me of 
| the importance of making publishing more âludicâ 
| or game-like.



Support Of Bigpond Music Wma Downloads & Drm Licence Keys To Be Discontinued

,----[ Quote ]
| This means you will no longer be able to
| download replacement Digital Rights
| Management (DRM) âunlockâ licence keys for
| the WMA files youâve bought from us is in the
| past â so you should back up your music and
| DRM licence keys now.
| Any MP3 files youâve downloaded from BigPond
| Music will not be affected.


How to get DRM-free PC games: Just wait

,----[ Quote ]
| Gamers have long known that patience is
| rewarded with cheaper, less-buggy games. But
| does that adage hold true for the inclusion
| of digital rights management as well? Not
| always, but history does show us that time
| makes even the strictest of DRM less sucky.


DRM: Or temporary DRM

,----[ Quote ]
| I've always thought that in a copyright free
| world (and de facto that is our online world
| now - whatever they law may proclaim) DRM had
| a role to play. Not the role of permanently
| putting content under lock and key - that
| isn't feasible. But it is possible to use DRM
| on a short-term basis for new releases to
| give some short-term monopoly power - and
| this might provide some useful incentive for
| creation, while being largely self-limiting.
| By unlocking the content after a brief period
| of initial sales the incentive to crack the
| DRM is greatly reduced, while from a revenue
| point of view, most of the money is from the
| initial sales anyway.


Ubisoftâs Uber DRM Cracked Within a Day

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month the gaming giant Ubisoft announced their new Ãber-DRM which
| requires customers to be continuously online in order to play purchased
| games. Of course, this DRM was circumvented in a few hours and while
| downplaying this blunder, Ubisoft fails to see that theyâve only increased piracy.


Audiobook DRM versus the patrons of the Cleveland Library

,----[ Quote ]
| This installment of the Brads webcomic shows the 22
| steps a reader has to take in order to borrow a DRM-crippled
| audiobook from the public library. A compelling argument for
| libraries to boycott this stuff.


The Brads â Why DRM Doesnât Work


Ubisoft DRM Gets Worse And Worse: Kicks You Out Of Game If You Have A Flakey WiFi Connection

,----[ Quote ]
| Last month, we wrote a bit about Ubisoft's
| bizarre anti-consumer policy of using DRM on
| games that requires an internet connection
| to check in (even if you're just playing
| locally).

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