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[News] Desktop GNU/Linux Praised

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Desktop Linux: An Average User Success Story

,----[ Quote ]
| Chuck is my average user desktop Linux 
| success story. He has been so for about six 
| years now. Chuck does not want to go back 
| to Microsoft operating systems as he sees 
| no benefit to that. He does see some 
| negatives to going back though. He would 
| have to go back to buying and installing 
| anti-malware software and keeping that up 
| to date. He would have to go back to 
| worrying about malware infections through 
| e-mail or cracked web sites. Certainly if 
| Chuck were using a Microsoft operating 
| system I would do all I could to secure his 
| PC for him. But I could not guarantee Chuck 
| would never get malware âowningâ his PC in 
| that case. I am not there to watch over 
| Chuck every time he opens an e-mail or 
| browses web sites. With desktop Linux Chuck 
| and I both know that he does not have to 
| worry about those problems. Chuck is happy 
| to use Linux as an average PC user.


Linux: This time, it really IS time

,----[ Quote ]
| But a couple of things happened recently 
| that convinced me Linux has finally, truly, 
| really, no-kidding gone beyond being a 
| contender against Windows for the average 
| desktop user. It has become clearly 
| superior to Windows for the average desktop 
| user.


Young professional profile: Professional eager to help shape company

,----[ Quote ]
| MAC or PC?: Neither â Linux. I think the 
| best operating system around is Ubuntu 
| Linux and Iâve been using it pretty 
| extensively for the last year or two.


Flipping out with Linux.

,----[ Quote ]
| The next thing that I wanted to do is copy 
| the video to my computer. This is where I 
| was concerned. As you know I use Linux and 
| according to the Flip web site (here) this 
| little beast only supports windows and 
| MacOS. Not one to shirk at a challenge I 
| decided to plug it in to my Linux (Gentoo) 
| and see what would happen.
| I am sorry to say that it was not a 
| challenge at all. The Flip was instantly 
| recognized by my computer and I could 
| browse its memory at will. Apart from the 
| programs to install the windows and MacOS 
| software the videos were stored in the same 
| directory format as normal digital cameras. 
| I simply navigated to where the videos were 
| stored and double clicked on a video to 
| play it directly from the camera. 


Survey finds support available for open desktop shift

,----[ Quote ]
| On the second count, it found that Ubuntu 
| is by far the most widely deployed 
| GNU/Linux distribution. OpenOffice, the 
| Firefox web browser, Thunderbird mail and 
| Lightning calendar are used for the core 
| desktop functions. Respondents use The Gimp 
| image editor, Inkscape graphics editor, and 
| Evince PDF viewer to provide other common 
| functions.

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