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[News] Loads of Ubuntu 10.04 (and 10.10) Previews and Reviews

  • Subject: [News] Loads of Ubuntu 10.04 (and 10.10) Previews and Reviews
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:14:53 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Ubuntu 10.04 Best features

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu team is pleased to announce the 
| first beta release of Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, 
| Server, and Netbook editions and of Ubuntu 
| 10.04 Server for Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud 
| (UEC) and Amazonâs EC2.
| Codenamed âLucid Lynxâ, 10.04 LTS continues 
| Ubuntuâs proud tradition of integrating the 
| latest and greatest open source 
| technologies into a high-quality, easy-to-
| use Linux distribution.
| [...]
| Ubuntu Netbook Edition is optimised to run 
| on Intel atom based netbooks. It includes a 
| new consumer-friendly interface that allows 
| users to quickly and easily get on-line and 
| use their favourite applications. This 
| interface is optimised for a retail sales 
| environment.  It includes the same faster 
| boot times and improved boot experience as 
| Ubuntu desktop.


Ubuntu in its own words

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu 10.04 is now about five weeks away, 
| which means the announcement of Lucid+1 
| (our vote is still for Manky Monkey) is 
| around the corner. To kill the time between 
| now and the announcement of what's to come 
| in the next version, we decided to take a 
| look at the keywords used to describe 
| previous Ubuntu releases to see how 
| priorities have changed over the years


Ubuntu 8.10 approaches end-of-life

,----[ Quote ]
| Intrepid Ibex users are advised to upgrade 
| to one of the current standard releases, 
| Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope) or version 
| 9.10 (Karmic Koala), to continue receiving 
| updates.


Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Dies On April 30th. Long Live Lucid!


It's the End of the Life as We Know It and Linux Feels Fine

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's what you need to know. End-of-life 
| (EOL) is a normal part of the software 
| lifecycle, whether it's an application or a 
| full-blown operating system. Software 
| doesn't actually die: once the EOL date 
| passes, your application won't pop up a 
| dialog box with a tombstone on it that says 
| "so long, and thanks for all the data." In 
| reality, it means that the developers who 
| wrote the software and the community or 
| vendor that supports it simply does not 
| have the resources to keep providing 
| support.


GNOME's Empathy instant messaging client hits v2.30, matures

,----[ Quote ]
| Empathy is an open source instant messaging 
| client that is built on top of the 
| Telepathy framework. Empathy became a part 
| of the GNOME desktop environment in 2008 
| with the release of GNOME 2.24 and is 
| gradually gaining acceptance as the default 
| instant messaging client in a number of 
| mainstream Linux distributions.
| Although it has the potential to bring a 
| lot of value to the GNOME desktop, Empathy 
| still suffers from some limitations and 
| lacks several key features that can be 
| found in alternatives like Pidgin. For 
| example, it doesn't support metacontacts or 
| message formatting. It also hasn't 
| traditionally offered a whole lot of 
| compelling GNOME integration to make it a 
| must-have. The program is maturing, 
| however, and will soon offer some 
| impressive new features.


First look at Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 âLucid Lynxâ

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been quite a bit of controversy 
| of late in the Ubuntu and Linux communities 
| regarding the decision by Canonical to move 
| the buttons within the Window Manager of 
| Ubuntu to the left hand side as opposed to 
| the right. A lot of people are upset that 
| this is actually more of a pain than an 
| advance in usability and want it restored 
| but it looks like we can expect it to stay 
| regardless of the feedback from the 
| community. Canonical seems convinced this 
| is a good change and doesn't seem eager to 
| listen to their community on this 
| particular topic. We'll have to see how 
| this affects (or doesn't) the adoption of 
| 10.04.
| In the interim, the first beta release has 
| been made available and we decided to take 
| it for a test run and see the changes for 
| ourselves. Come along for the ride why 
| don't you?


Quick Review: What You Should Expect For Ubuntu 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is set to release their next Long 
| Term Support version at the end of April, 
| and we now have a beta version to look at 
| and see what we can expect. There are some 
| pretty big changes coming in Lucid Lynx, 
| many of which are partly or fully 
| implemented in the current beta. There are 
| the surprising changes, the controversial 
| changes, and the just plain cool. Though 
| the full release is still a month away, 
| Ubuntu 10.04 is clearly shaping up to be an 
| impressive release.
| [...]
| While not technically a feature of 10.04 
| itself, the opening of Ubuntu One Music 
| Store will coincide with Lucidâs release, 
| and support for it is already built in. The 
| simplest way to access it is by opening up 
| Rhythmbox, the default audio player. In the 
| panel on the left, you should see Ubuntu 
| One. Clicking that will let you browse the 
| available music.


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 186

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, 
| Issue #186 for the week March 21st - March 
| 27th, 2010. In this issue we cover: Mark 
| Shuttleworth: Less is more. But still less, 
| Ubuntu Server Survey 2010 released, Ubuntu 
| One Music Store now in public beta, Ubuntu 
| One Blog: Updates to web contacts, Call for 
| LoCo Council Elections, Launchpad read-only 
| 11.00-13.00 UTC March 31st, 2010, Planning 
| For 10.10 - Growing Our Translations 
| Community, Ubuntu participates in Google 
| Summer of Code, Reviewers Team - Where are 
| we, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - Free Culture 
| Showcase Winners, Full Circle Magazine #35 
| & Podcast #3, and much, much more!


Ubuntu Linux Gets Social with 10.04 Beta Available Now

,----[ Quote ]
| "Lucid Lynx" is the codename given to 
| Canonical's Ubuntu Linux 10.04, now in 
| beta, which adds social networking features 
| and a new look to the popular Linux 
| distribution. A final release is due April 
| 29, the company said.


Ubuntuâs new Linux tries getting cloud-friendly

,----[ Quote ]
| âIt takes a long time to build traction in 
| the enterprise market, but I now see that 
| traction,â Shuttleworth said. âOur growth 
| is something to be proud of.â
| As ever, heâs optimistic that the business 
| will bear fruit. Revenue is growing, he 
| said.


Cloudy with a chance of Linux: Canonical aims to cash in


Time for a Synaptic makeover?


Ubuntu implements units policy, will switch to base-10 units in future release

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu's future 10.10 operating system is 
| going to make a small, but contentious 
| change to how file sizes are represented. 
| Like most other operating systems using 
| binary prefixes, Ubuntu currently 
| represents 1 kB (kilobyte) as 1024 bytes 
| (base-2). But starting with 10.10, a switch 
| to SI prefixes (base-10) will denote 1 kB 
| as 1000 bytes, 1 MB as 1000 kB, 1 GB as 
| 1000 MB, and so on.


Ubuntu Reverts File Size Reading Changes 


Secret Future Ubuntu User Interface Plans Revealed!

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, Mr. Gooey-Aubergine seemed to be 
| the most excited about the possibility of 
| adding an Ubuntu Menu. "Think of all the 
| things we could do with that!" he 
| exclaimed. "We could be the first Linux 
| distribution bundled with a one-click 
| "Upgrade to Debian" feature! Although," he 
| admitted, "we haven't passed that one by 
| Mark yet." Nor, as it turned out, had he 
| asked Mr. Shuttleworth about the 
| "uninstall" option.


Esfera: New UI Element Proposal For Ubuntu 10.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Mark Shuttleworth posted a suggestion he 
| got from Pablo QuirÃs for the free space on 
| the top right window corner (now that the 
| button(s) will be placed on the left side 
| of the Metacity), on the Ayatana mailing 
| list.


What to do with the top-right window space: Esfera


Little things that matter: Lucid restart warning 


Ubuntu Ad


Ubuntu New Ad â Customization


15 More Wallpapers from Ubuntu Artwork Pool for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu Artwork Pool in Flickr is now 
| officially closed for further submissions 
| and the shortlisting process is already 
| underway. More than 1000 odd submissions 
| were made and that itself speaks volumes 
| about the resounding success of this novel 
| idea of engaging with the community. After 
| 15 Awesome Wallpaper Collection from Ubuntu 
| Artwork Pool, we proudly present to you, 15 
| more wallpapers from the official Ubuntu 
| Artwork Pool.


[Full Circle Magazine] Issue 35

,----[ Quote ]
| This month:
| * Command and Conquer.
| * How-To : Program in Python â Part 9, 
| Digitally Retouching a Photo in GIMP â Part 
| 2, and Installing Google SketchUp using 
| Wine.
| * Review â Motorola Milestone/Droid.
| * MOTU Interview â Pedro Fragoso.
| * Top 5 â Android Applications.
| * Ubuntu Women, Ubuntu Games, My Opinion, 
| My Story, and all the usual goodness!


Should the Ubuntu Release Cycle be Cut Back  

,----[ Quote ]
| The end of March is near, and in about a 
| month, we will be seeing Lucid Lynx, or 
| Ubuntu version 10.04.
| [...]
| I also began thinking about Ubuntuâs quick 
| release cycle.  Do they need to release new 
| versions every six months, or should they 
| give themselves more time in between 
| versions to try and release something more 
| refined say once every year?


11 Crucial Things an Ubuntu Newbie Should Know


Meet the New Apps Getting Ready for Ubuntu Lucid 10.04


Subtitle Editor 0.36.1 Released [w/ Ubuntu PPA]


Lucid Dreams and Death By Techno

,----[ Quote ]
| If you haven't already downloaded a copy of 
| 10.04, it's probably time. At Beta 1, it's 
| probably stable enough for those who 
| consider themselves only 'mildly 
| adventurous' to give it a try. It certainly 
| looks different. Gone is the staid brown 
| (or orange) of old, replaced by a playful, 
| somewhat seductive purple. The new colors 
| frankly made me wonder what Ubuntu was 
| promising with 10.04 LTS. Given that this 
| is a long term support release, I have to 
| think it's meant to be less of a fling and 
| more of a long term relationship. You see, 
| Lucid Lynx could also be called 10.04 SNR; 
| the Social Networking Release. I'll cover 
| that topic and some social networking 
| dangers and pitfalls in my next post when I 
| tell you why being too social can be a bad 
| idea.
| Until next time . . .


Ubuntu 10.04 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| A new version of Ubuntu is released every 
| six months, but Ubuntu 10.04 will be a 
| little special. That's because it is marked 
| as Long Term Support (LTS). Most versions 
| of Ubuntu get 18 months of security 
| updates, but this will be supported for 3 
| years. So if you do not like upgrading this 
| is the version for you.
| Before we go any further, we should point 
| out that this is a beta version of Ubuntu 
| 10.04, not an official release. It has 
| worked without any major problems on our 
| test machine but it should not be used on 
| an important computer. That said, if you 
| have a spare computer, it is worth giving a 
| go.


Ubuntu 10.04: The Perfect Consumer Operating System?

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs true, Iâve given Ubuntu a thrashing 
| from time to time, but it was deserved. 
| (See Hey Ubuntu, Stop Making Linux Look Bad 
| and Two Simple Suggestions for Ubuntu) Now, 
| it deserves a little of something else.
| Last week the first Beta of Ubuntu 10.04 
| was released, providing a solid glimpse of 
| what will comprise the final release in a 
| monthâs time. It looks damn good.


Ubuntu 10.04 Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| I have the beta of the latest Ubuntu on a 
| spare partition on my HD, mainly out of 
| curiosity. My impressions in one sentence:
| âLooks okay, but itâs not for me.â
| Basically, the same reaction as I have to 
| Windows 7 and Mac OS X.
| The install was fast and painless, boot 
| times up to GDM were quick (quicker than my 
| main Arch install, even), but Ubuntuâs 
| GNOME is as slow as ever and starts a load 
| of services I donât need (bluetooth? I 
| donât even have bluetooth hardware in my 
| PC), but deselecting them doesnât seem to 
| make any difference.


Guayadeque Adds Slick New Player controls 

,----[ Quote ]
| With the new application icon and splash 
| screen, these new buttons and a bevvy of 
| win in the feature set Guayadeque continues 
| to impress.


...and the other changes.


Dell Backs Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs one small step for Dell, and one big 
| strategic win for Canonicalâs Ubuntu Linux 
| cloud strategy. Specifically, Dell on March 
| 24 said it would support Ubuntu Enterprise 
| Cloud (UEC) as an infrastructure solution. 
| Apparently, Canonical and Dell have been 
| developing this UEC relationship for more 
| than six months. Here are the details and 
| the implications for channel partners.


Ubuntu Server Aims for the Enterprise 


Am I really running Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking at this list it makes me wonder if 
| I have a good reason to stick with Ubuntu, 
| and the conclusion is I donât, I could 
| switch to an alternative distribution, DEB 
| based, RPM based, Slackware or any other 
| kind thatâs out there but I like to think I 
| give back to the Ubuntu community by way of 
| my How to compile your custom Kernel 
| articles and my Git repository. For now 
| Iâll stick with Ubuntu and yes I will be 
| updating to Lucid Lynx when it comes out.


Intel KMS vs. UMS With Ubuntu 10.04

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week we published benchmarks looking 
| at the ATI Radeon KMS vs. UMS performance 
| and found the user-space mode-setting 
| support with the ATI driver (that is also 
| limited to using DRI1 with these older 
| code-paths) to perform significantly faster 
| than the newer kernel mode-setting routes 
| in most instances. To see how the 
| performance difference is on the Intel side 
| between the kernel mode-setting and user-
| space mode-setting implementations we ran a 
| set of benchmarks on this side as well 
| using Ubuntu 10.04.


Ubuntu Road Test (Final Report) 

,----[ Quote ]
| So there you have it, Linux passed this 
| test with flying colors, performing 
| consistently throughout the whole month 
| under some intense use. In addition, I want 
| to note that I have not had a single issue 
| or crash during these past 30 days, which 
| may not be a surprise under Linux 
| standards, but significant when comparing 
| it to other operating systems.
| I always recommend people I know to use the 
| software that best fits their needs. I am 
| no die-hard Linux fanboi and have no 
| problem acknowledging Linux flaws or 
| weaknesses. Having said so, I still feel 
| many people try Linux and simply follow 
| their first impression. Eventually, it is 
| mostly an exercise of "Well, this is not 
| how I do it in Windows", and they just go 
| back to what they know better. If they got 
| past that getting-used-to phase, though, I 
| believe Linux could add a lot of value in 
| terms of performance, consistency, security 
| and flexibility. At the end of the day, 
| that all translates in higher productivity 
| for the end user which, unless you are 
| using your PC as a gaming console or a 
| media center, is what it's all about, isn't 
| it?


Big Button Game: Metacity Introduces Flexibility

,----[ Quote ]
| The current button arrangement redesign in 
| Ubuntu causes numerous bugs in GNOME and 
| Ubuntu. The Metacity team now wants to step 
| in.


Less is more. But still less.


Ubuntu 10.04 in focus: Empathy 

,----[ Quote ]
| The default messaging client in Ubuntu 
| 10.04 remains Empathy and although it has 
| some detractors still smarting over the 
| switch from perennial favourite Pidgin 
| Empathy remains a fully capable and easy to 
| use messaging client.
| Lucid sees Empathy ramp up a gear in the 
| usability stakes partly spurred on by the 
| awesome work of the Ubuntu 100 paper cuts 
| initiative that sought to fix the little 
| niggles that tend to get over looked by 
| developers.


Things I Hate About Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx (beta)


Lay your bets on the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx) trend spike


Comments to Ubuntu 10.04 Reads File Sizes Differently

,----[ Quote ]
| Correcting all applications to comply to 
| the units policy is a goal for lucid+1 
| (Ubuntu 10.10). We are too late in the 
| release cycle for the change in lucid 
| (Ubuntu 10.04). My current plan is to 
| create a library for inputing/outputting 
| bytes to users. The user can then configure 
| this library to display the units in base-2 
| (KiB), base-10 (kB), or the historical 
| totally fucked-up format (KB).


Divided we stand, united we fall


Cloud computing made simple

,----[ Quote ]
| It has been a truly amazing year since we 
| embarked on our "cloud" journey at Ubuntu, 
| hence I thought I'd review some of the 
| highlights.


Planning for 10.10: Improving How We Review Patches 

,----[ Quote ]
| At the heart of Ubuntu development are 
| gifts. People join our community and 
| contribute in a diverse range of ways. This 
| includes documentation, translations, 
| advocacy and many other efforts. Every day 
| we are afforded with many of these 
| fantastic contributions, and if people take 
| the time to contribute a gifts, we should 
| work hard as a community to do the right 
| thing and review and utilize it in Ubuntu 
| if it meets our quality needs.


Its beauty is in its potential

,----[ Quote ]
| I spent most of this week in various shades 
| of the new Ubuntu, with everything from 
| pure command-line installations to full-
| blown Gnome desktops, and just about 
| anything in between. I donât pretend to 
| know all the ins and outs, but it was nice 
| to get back to the system that started me 
| out, so to speak.


The Awesome Wallpapers of pr09studio 

,----[ Quote ]
| Well the pantheon of win is about to be 
| joined by another digital artist whoâs 
| wallpaper collection of consistently 
| impressive standards has really wowed me.


Ubuntu 10.04 Installation Slideshow Gets Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Weâve blogged previously about the new-look 
| installation slideshow (designed by Dylan 
| McCall, Michael Forrest and Otto 
| Greenslade) that will greet all users 
| installing of Ubuntu 10.04 â but today 
| finally saw it get pushed into actual being 
| with plenty of changes - most of which fix 
| issues readers expressed during the initial 
| designs.
| The ever-so-slightly misaligned Ubuntu logo 
| of before is now almost perfectly centred 
| with its frame.


Ubuntu 10.04 Proposed Ubiquity Slideshow Goes Live

,----[ Quote ]
| The new Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Ubiquity 
| Slideshow which we were telling you about 
| ~2 weeks ago is now live and you should be 
| able to take a look for yourself by 
| downloading an Ubuntu 10.04 daily build 
| starting tomorrow (or by updating the 
| installer but that didn't work for me - the 
| package is probably not in the repositories 
| yet).


Sneak Preview: Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 LTS

,----[ Quote ]
| In an unusual decision and what could be 
| considered an unwelcome change for the user 
| interface, Canonical has also chosen the 
| default configuration of the Metacity 
| window manager to use a reverse positioning 
| of the maximize/minimize icons on the upper 
| left of each window.
| This is a departure from the conventional 
| Microsoft Windows-like positioning on the 
| upper right of each window used in previous 
| releases, which may take getting some used 
| to by new Linux users. It certainly annoys 
| this one and I hope Canonical considers 
| returning to the previous default setting 
| it had for release, although the company 
| has said publicly that its design changes 
| were not up for debate.
| [...]
| Additionally, I was surprised by the use of 
| Yahoo! as the new default home page for 
| Ubuntu in Firefox, although this can easily 
| be changed.


Lucid starts to get some updated icons

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve held off from mentioning last nights 
| arrival of some new (albeit WIP) icons for 
| Lucid simply because I know how suchâminorâ 
| posts irritate some of you.Sods law then 
| that I wake up to an inbox full of people 
| asking why I havenât mentioned them 
| already!


Ubuntu shops prefer the bleeding edge

,----[ Quote ]
| In preparation for the rollout of Ubuntu 
| Server 10.04 Long Term Support next month, 
| Canonical, the commercial sponsor of the 
| Linux variant, and the Ubuntu community 
| polled Ubuntu users to see how they use the 
| operating system.
| Canonical is also keen on finding out what 
| Ubuntu shops think of the focus on cloud 
| computing and how relevant it is to them 
| today as well as in the future. In the wake 
| of the delivering of the Ubuntu 9.10 
| release late last year, the company 
| solicited responses to an online survey of 
| Ubuntu users through the Ubuntu forums and 
| a variety of Web sites and other channels; 
| a total of 2,650 finished the survey, 
| although as you can see from the report, 
| quite a number of people did not respond to 
| important questions that Canonical asked.


Ubuntu One Music Store â first pics!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| I immediately went to purchase it, by 
| clicking the checkout and signed in to my 
| Ubuntu One account. Although it threw a 
| wobbly when I refused to add my Lucid beta 
| 1 desktop to my One account, I re-ran the 
| purchasing process and it took me straight 
| to billing. Thanks to Rhythmbox and Ubuntu, 
| iTunes â and very probably my Windows dual 
| boot â wonât be darkening my desktop again.


75 Top Open Source Security Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| This year, we've once again updated our 
| list of top open source security apps. 
| While the list isn't exhaustive by any 
| means, we tried to include many of the best 
| tools in a variety of categories. We 
| dropped a few projects from last year's 
| list that have gone inactive or closed 
| source, and we've added a few newcomers 
| that are worth your consideration. 


Ubuntu 10.4 beta is bloody brilliant

,----[ Quote ]
| Iâve been playing with the Ubuntu 10.4 beta 
| for the past two days, and itâs bloody 
| brilliant.
| [...]
| Thankfully, the wealth of free software 
| thatâs always been such an integral part of 
| Linuxâs allure can now be accessed through 
| the Ubuntu Software Centre, which is 
| essentially an open-source app store, 
| complete with a âFeatured Applicationsâ 
| section that provides a handy stepping off 
| point for software experimentation.


Ubuntu 10.04 in Beta, Stable Release in April

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is Linux for the rest of us. It is 
| simple to install and use. Despite that, 
| not that many users are on board with 
| estimates of 1-2% of all computer users 
| running various Linux operating systems. 
| But with the release of Ubuntu 10.04, there 
| might be a few reasons to give it a try. It 
| is currently in beta, so you may not want 
| to install it on your primary computer.


Nerd alert: first Lucid Lynx Ubuntu beta fun

,----[ Quote ]
| Between Canonical's web-based syncing 
| service Ubuntu One - unveiled last year - 
| the coming U1 music store, and the new Me 
| Menu, Lucid Lynx is looking less like the 
| stoic Linux desktops of yesteryear and more 
| like like, well, what everyday consumers 
| want in an operating system.


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 1 Out for Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| What's new in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Beta 1? 
| Well, as everybody already knows... Ubuntu 
| 10.04 LTS Beta 1 has a brand-nw look, 
| composed of two new themes (Ambiance and 
| Radiance), one is dark and the other one is 
| light. Click the link above to access a 
| very nice article we created last week, to 
| showcase the new themes, logos, font, boot 
| splash and boot prompt. However, after 
| installing the proprietary Nvidia video 
| drivers, the boot splash screen has been 
| changed to what you see below...


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx beta1 Screenshots tour 


Ubuntu 10.04 beta 1 is looking good, less brown

,----[ Quote ]
| Canonical has announced the availability of 
| the first Ubuntu 10.04 beta release. The 
| new version of Ubuntu, codenamed Lucid 
| Lynx, is scheduled to arrive in April. It 
| will be a long-term support (LTS) release, 
| which means that updates will be available 
| for three years on the desktop and five 
| years on servers.
| Although the Ubuntu developers have largely 
| focused on boosting stability for this 
| release, they have also added a number of 
| noteworthy new features and applications. 
| One of the most visible changes is the 
| introduction of a new themeâa change that 
| is part of a broader rebranding initiative 
| that aims to update Ubuntu's visual 
| identity.


Lucid Lynx Review: New features since Ubuntu 9.10

,----[ Quote ]
| Alpha 3 of Kubuntu features the new KDE SC 
| 4.4. For more information about new 
| features in Kubuntu, see https://wiki.kubuntu.org/LucidLynx/Alpha3/Kubuntu.


The new Ubuntu Linux's five best features

,----[ Quote ]
| The forthcoming version of Ubuntu Linux, 
| Lucid Lynx, has just gone beta, and it's 
| going to be the most important Ubuntu 
| release in years. I say that not just 
| because it brings numerous important 
| changes to this most popular of Linux 
| distributions, but because Ubuntu 10.04 is 
| the next LTS (Long Term Support) edition 
| and, as such, is going to be supported for 
| paying desktop customers for three years 
| and for corporate server users for five 
| years. In other words, this is the edition 
| that's going to make or break Ubuntu's 
| parent company Canonical's business future. 


Ubuntu: three little buttons cause a great deal of angst

,----[ Quote ]
| The forthcoming Ubuntu release, Lucid Lynx, 
| has a lot of good things going for it but 
| one little change is causing a great deal 
| of angst among users. That change is the 
| switching of the window buttons that enable 
| one to close, maximise or minimise a window 
| from the right to the left.


Is the Scrollbar Going Away?


Democratic, Meritocratic, or Dictatorship?

,----[ Quote ]
| Martin Owens makes a comment that Ubuntu is 
| not really a meritocracy. Is that true? Is 
| Ubuntu really democratic? Really 
| meritocratic? Actually a dictatorship (as 
| Mark Shuttleworth's "SABDFL" title 
| implies)? Does it matter? Which is better 
| for Ubuntu in the long run.
| I don't think that there's anything wrong 
| with being a dictatorship, as long as the 
| leader is good. The Linux kernel is a 
| reasonable example. OS X might be, too, 
| depending on your stance on Free Software.


Why Mark Shuttleworth is right - Ubuntu is not a democracy and nor should it be 


Open Source is Not a Democracy


Free Software is a democracy, NOT! 

,----[ Quote ]
| If too many people start doing that, Mark 
| Shuttleworth has two options. Either he 
| creates the perfect distribution for Mark 
| Shuttleworth or he starts asking himself 
| the right questions. A customer lost take 
| twice the effort to reel in than a new one. 
| He's making money with that, I suppose. I'm 
| not. I only got my vanity to consider..


All Done With Ubuntu


Ubuntu Music Store (coming soon!)

,----[ Quote ]
| If you have been playing around much with 
| the Alpha releases of Ubuntu Lucid Lynx you 
| may have noticed something special that was 
| announced some time ago is actually coming 
| to fruition.  Announced soon after the 
| release of 9.10, the Ubuntu Music Store is 
| a new addition to the Ubuntu Linux desktop 
| and promises to extend the capabilities of 
| the Linux desktop further than it has ever 
| been.


Ubuntu Dropbox

,----[ Quote ]
| Download the Dropbox Linux client that 
| suits your machine (either 32-bit or 64-
| bit)
| Extract the contents of the downloaded 
| archive to your home folder for easy access
| Create a Dropbox account if you donât 
| already have one


Ubuntu drifting away from open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| First there was news that Yahoo would be 
| the default search engine in Ubuntu, then 
| we heard about the move to a closed source 
| Single Sign on Service built on OpenID, now 
| we find out that the Ubuntu Music Store 
| will be sacrificing the open-source ogg-
| theora format for proprietary MP3. Is 
| Ubuntu drifting away from the Open-Source 
| movement?


Build a lightweight graphical system in Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Why Ubuntu? Well mostly because I took a 
| chunk out of Ubuntu a few days ago when I 
| complained about the weight of the Gnome 
| desktop in Karmic, and Iâm still feeling a 
| little guilty about that. And also because 
| I still see random notes here and there 
| about how the button location in Lucid is a 
| dealbreaker :roll: and itâs clear that a 
| lot of people havenât cued in on how simple 
| (dreadfully simple) it is to get your own 
| system built in Ubuntu.


Ubuntu Linux- In need of a unique identity

,----[ Quote ]
| Yes there needed to be change in the way 
| Ubuntu looked from the factory, but the 
| change should have added to the uniqueness 
| of it, not cause people to actually have to 
| think twice to know that Ubuntu is not Mac 
| OS. Change is good, but a unique form of 
| change is even better. What do you think? 


Ubuntu 10.04 LTS âLucid Lynxâ Preview

,----[ Quote ]
| Spring is in the air!  The trees are 
| budding and the flowers are starting to 
| come out of their slumber.  It also means 
| that it is time for another release of the 
| desktop oriented Ubuntu Linux.
| Ubuntu will frequently produce what is 
| called a LTS or a Long Term Support 
| release.  That means unlike non LTS 
| releases, this version is meant to be 
| stable and to also have security updates 
| and fixes for the next three years.  A 
| release like this is meant for those who 
| want to install something that will be 
| somewhat guaranteed to work for the next 3 
| years.  The previous LTS, Ubuntu 8.04 
| codenamed âHardy Heronâ was released in 
| 2008.


Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 185

,----[ Quote ]
| Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, 
| Issue #185 for the week March 14th - March 
| 20th, 2010. In this issue we cover: Ubuntu 
| 10.04 LTS Beta 1 released, Ubuntu Global 
| Jam: time is ticking, Call for Community 
| help: Ubuntu.com Website Localization 
| Project, Launchpadâs Bug Watch system and 
| other animals, Upgrade Jams â made easy, 
| Server Bug Zapping - eucalyptus and 
| euca2ools, Nominate your favorite Ubuntu 
| Server Papercuts, Full Circle Podcast #2: 
| The Full Circle of Light (Brown), and much, 
| much more! 


Ubuntu loses the human aspect

,----[ Quote ]
| For anyone who doesnât know by now, Ubuntu 
| has decided to ditch their world famous 
| brown âhumanâ suit in order to look more 
| like a washed out version of Mac.  Ever 
| since Ubuntu came on the scene, it has 
| sported a brown theme.  Many people have 
| poked fun or just flat out hated it.  I 
| read a comment about how Ubuntu looked like 
| something off a âpumpkin pie boxâ for 
| instance.


TestDrive Virtualizes Brand-New Ubuntu Builds for Easy Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| It would be icing on some tasty cake if 
| this tool could be made to work for Windows 
| users. If that can be pulled off, or 
| there's a similar tool, do let us know in 
| the comments. In the meantime, it's a free 
| download for Ubuntu users, who can install 
| it by running the command sudo add-apt-
| repository ppa:testdrive/ppa, then 
| reloading their sources and installing the 
| testdrive package.


First Look at Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| If you give Ubuntu 10.04 a go as a live CD, 
| virtual machine, or on your hard drive, 
| tell us what's new and exciting, and what's 
| just goofy, in the comments. If you're an 
| Ubuntu user who doesn't want the fuss of 
| setting up a test run, consider using 
| TestDrive for a super-simple VirtualBox 
| try-out.


Lucid Lynx beta boasts social networking features

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu project released its first beta 
| of Ubuntu 10.04 ("Lucid Lynx"), offering 
| two new themes, social-networking tools, 
| cloud-related enhancements, faster boot-
| times, and an updated Firefox browser with 
| Yahoo search as default. Meanwhile, an 
| oddball icon placement in one theme has 
| Ubuntu users up in arms.


Ubuntu, Buttons, and Democracy

,----[ Quote ]
| When Ubuntu drinks, the free and open 
| source software (FOSS) community gets a 
| hangover. The distribution is so 
| influential that its every development 
| sends echoes rippling through the greater 
| community. How else to explain how a simple 
| change in desktop themes should spark not 
| only debates about usability, but about how 
| decisions are made in FOSS?


Lucid vision

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, the Lucid beta is pretty enough as 
| it is out of the box. With its speed and 
| performance improvements, users can look 
| forward to an exciting, and even ground-
| breaking release when the final version 
| becomes available next month.


Ubuntu One Music Store Now Available For All


Hands-on: Ubuntu One music store will rock in Lucid Lynx

,----[ Quote ]
| After downloading a few tracks myself, my 
| overall impression is positive. Canonical 
| has largely succeeded in making the music 
| store feel like a convenient and well-
| integrated part of the Ubuntu user 
| experience. Although it's impressive, the 
| software is still in the beta stage of 
| development and isn't entirely stable yet. 
| It functions properly, but I experienced 
| several crashes during my tests, primarily 
| during the checkout stage of the purchasing 
| process. There are also some minor bugs in 
| the HTML user interface, like links that 
| accidentally cause it to load the regular 
| 7digital Web site instead of the one that 
| is customized for Rhythmbox.


Free Software is a democracy, Mark Shuttleworth!

,----[ Quote ]
| No. Ubuntu has a kernel team because 
| Canonical thinks it needs one, Canonical 
| feels the need to change the kernel. How 
| many serious security flaws have there been 
| in Ubuntu? And how many were specific to 
| Ubuntu? Linus Torvalds makes the kernel 
| decisions, not Ubuntu's kernel team. 
| Ubuntu's kernel team should only be there 
| to make appropriate changes, like which 
| modules are included, ïswappiness, hard 
| disk parameters, and which kernel version 
| should be used.
| Linus makes these decisions because he 
| started the kernel. Ubuntu's kernel team's 
| messing with it has only caused problems. 
| And because Linus believes in democracy he 
| doesn't complain when Ubuntu's kernel team 
| messes with it. He wouldn't have any right 
| to anyway, because the GPL is designed to 
| allow open development and democracy of 
| software development.


Ubuntu users, Shuttleworth doesn't owe you anything

,----[ Quote ]
| It's difficult to understand why GNU/Linux 
| users have this sense of entitlement and 
| often make meaningless threats to try and 
| get their preferences implemented. The 
| software is free, one benefits by using it 
| (else I doubt anyone would be doing so) and 
| it comes out with clockwork-like 
| regularity. There really is not much scope 
| for complaint. 


Unleashing The Ubuntu LoCo Directory 

,----[ Quote ]
| In terms of resources for this community, 
| we have the following key components:
|     * Wiki Pages â these wiki pages include 
|     best practise and details about how to 
|     join the community.
|     * Teams List â this is the big list of 
|     teams, complete with contact details 
|     and online resources.
|     * Mailing List â this is where the LoCo 
|     community discuss general LoCo related 
|     topics. In most cases cases teams have 
|     mailing lists too.
|     * #ubuntu-locoteams on Freenode â this 
|     is an online discussion channel where 
|     you can ask questions and socialize 
|     with other LoCo community members.


Two Ubuntu Community Team Intern Opportunities Available 

,----[ Quote ]
| I want to be clear that my team is a fast-
| paced, hard-working, hectic environment. I 
| am going to work you hard, and you should 
| expect that, but my goal here is to help 
| you squeeze every ounce of opportunity out 
| of your internship. We will have 1-on-1 
| weekly calls, I will help guide you on what 
| to work on, help you manage your work, 
| solve problems, and be effective in your 
| projects. In other words: when you sign up 
| for your internship, expect a solid six 
| month adventure, but an adventure that will 
| sow the seeds for many great opportunities 
| in the future.


Ubuntu's Latest Should Scare Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ubuntu community, shepherded by the 
| company Canonical, has delivered not only 
| its fastest operating system to date but 
| has included so many flourishes that are 
| relevant to today's PC market that it 
| should receive much stronger consideration 
| in competitive engagements than ever 
| before. From social networking to security 
| to desktop cloud services, the Beta 1 of 
| Ubuntu 10.04, the so-called Lucid Lynx 
| version, leaves Windows 7 behind in several 
| areas with tightly integrated applications.


The UbuntuOne Music Store Now Open 

,----[ Quote ]
| The store is "built in" to Rhythmbox 
| meaning you don't need to install any extra 
| add-ons to use it - simply start Rhythmbox 
| and click the 'UbuntuOne' sidebar entry to 
| load up the store and do some browsing.


Ubuntu 10.04 in Beta, Stable Release in April

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu is Linux for the rest of us. It is 
| simple to install and use. Despite that, 
| not that many users are on board with 
| estimates of 1-2% of all computer users 
| running various Linux operating systems. 
| But with the release of Ubuntu 10.04, there 
| might be a few reasons to give it a try. It 
| is currently in beta, so you may not want 
| to install it on your primary computer.


Ubuntu One Music Store Public Beta Begins


Ubuntu One and the Lucid Lynx (Ubunt 10.04)


Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall there seems to have been quite a 
| few changes to Ubuntu in this release. 
| However, most of these are cosmetic 
| measures. As well, many of them look like 
| an attempt to boost revenue at Canonical. 
| Over the long term, this may not go down 
| too well with the community. Still, Iâve 
| found this to be an excellent release, far 
| better than the 9.10 which I didnât give a 
| lot of love.

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