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[News] Use of Free Standards and Free Information on the Web Expands

  • Subject: [News] Use of Free Standards and Free Information on the Web Expands
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2010 13:28:29 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The Government has allocated millions to create an Institute for Web Science.

,----[ Quote ]
| Alongside promises for superfast broadband, 
| the government today announced Â30 million 
| to create an Institute for Web Science, 
| lead by web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee and 
| professor Nigel Shadbolt.


H.264 - A sting in the tail

,----[ Quote ]
| In the view of Tim Berners-Lee, "the lesson 
| from the proliferation of new applications 
| and services on top of the web 
| infrastructure is that innovation will 
| happen provided it has a platform of open 
| technical standards, a flexible, scalable 
| architecture, and access to these standards 
| on royalty-free terms."
| H.264 is owned by MPEG-LA, the company that 
| runs the patent pool shared between 
| companies with patents on the codec. It is 
| in the interest of the patent pool to 
| encourage adoption of the codec, and to 
| this end, MPEG-LA has promised that H.264 
| will remain royalty-free until 2016.


An Overview of HTML5 and Its Anticipated Features 

,----[ Quote ]
| âStandards are as interesting as a Russian 
| Truck,â said Ken Olsen, president and CEO 
| of Digital Equipment Corporation, at that 
| time the second largest computer system 
| company in the world.
| It was a fairly strange statement to come 
| from a person whose company had helped 
| develop more computer standards than almost 
| any other, and the press had a field day 
| with that quote. If he said it today, Ken 
| might be thought to be addressing HTML5, 
| the long-awaited standard of what has 
| become the most important publishing 
| mechanism on the face of the earth...the 
| web.


Kaltura Brings Video Services to Higher Education

,----[ Quote ]
| Kaltura, an open source online video 
| platform, is headed to college. The company 
| has partnered with IT consulting firm 
| Unicon, Inc. to deliver its video services 
| to higher education institutions. Kaltura's 
| software already integrates with popular 
| learning management systems like Moodle, so 
| Unicon's role as an authorized reseller 
| will be to do the heavy lifting associated 
| with getting the product up and running in 
| schools and universities.


An Overview of HTML5 and Its Anticipated Features 

,----[ Quote ]
| HTML5 will standardize a lot of things that 
| have been done âad hocâ over the past ten 
| years, and as such will build a solid base 
| for the web to build on.


Kaltura and Partners Launch New Initiatives to Promote Open Video and the HTML5 Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| "The world needs an open video standard 
| which allows everyone to produce and share 
| video, without licensing fees or browser 
| plugins," said Erik Moller, Deputy Director 
| of the Wikimedia Foundation. "HTML5 offers 
| such a standard, and we have partnered with 
| Kaltura to develop an open source HTML5 
| video solution for Wikipedia. We encourage 
| you to check it out, and to support open 
| standards in your web applications.


Microsoft, where did you get those data about OpenDocument?

,----[ Quote ]
| I already explained in another article that 
| open file formats are essential to save 
| money in Public Administrations and make 
| them more efficient and that the right 
| choice for office document is the 
| OpenDocument Format (ODF).
| Since I regularly follow these themes, in 
| September 2009 I received this request from 
| outside Italy:
|     I have read in a report that: 
|     "According to Microsoft Italian 
|     regional authorities have examined ODF, 
|     but proposal for adopting ODF as the 
|     mandatory standard have been rejected" 
|     (translated by the sender of the 
|     message). This fact probably comes from 
|     this Microsoft paper. And we are trying 
|     to fact check it... can you help? 
| Back then I knew, just as I know today, 
| that there is no law or regulation in 
| Italy, not even at the city level, that 
| mandates ODF as the only accepted format 
| for office documents, regardless of the 
| context. What I did come across in the last 
| year, instead, were cases where nobody 
| seemed to know about ODF or law proposals 
| that, albeit unvoluntarily, may make the 
| situation even worse. However, I did not 
| remember ever reading about proposals of 
| that kind.

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