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[News] More on GNU/Linux as Solution to Windows' Security Problems

  • Subject: [News] More on GNU/Linux as Solution to Windows' Security Problems
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 11:06:42 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Can Ubuntu save online banking?

,----[ Quote ]
| Not really, says McLaughlin, a Certified 
| Information Security Professional and CIO 
| of CNL Bank. Accessing online banking from 
| your everyday PC is just asking for 
| trouble, he says.
| In fact, the CIO of the Orlando, Florida-
| based regional bank would like to see all 
| of his customers - both consumers and 
| businesses - access online banking either 
| from a dedicated machine or from a self-
| booting CD-ROM running Ubuntu Linux and 
| Firefox.


AVG makes available free Rescue CD

,----[ Quote ]
| AVG Technologies has announced that its 
| Rescue CD is now available as a freeware 
| utility to all customers.


AVG offers free emergency boot CD

,----[ Quote ]
| AVG is also offering a version of the 
| Rescue CD for Linux-based PCs.


Goodbye, IE6

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're still running applications that 
| are IE6-specific, you have to dump them. 
| You're doing your customers a disservice by 
| requiring them to use a Web browser that's 
| infamous for its lack of security and is 
| clearly on its way to the trash can. The 
| sooner every company dumps support for IE6 
| and starts requiring that its Web 
| applications can work with any generic HTML 
| 4-compliant Web browser the better.


Millions continue to click on spam

,----[ Quote ]
| Even though over 80% of email users are 
| aware of the existence of bots, tens of 
| millions respond to spam in ways that could 
| leave them vulnerable to a malware 
| infection, according to a Messaging Anti-
| Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) survey.


Energizer battery rechargers still haunted by trojan backdoor

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft labels the trojan as Arurizer.A 
| and warns that it installs a backdoor on 
| user machines that allows attackers to 
| upload, download, and delete files at will, 
| install additional malware and carry out 
| other nefarious deeds.


Naming and Shaming âBadâ ISPs


Panda discovers malware on HTC Magic phone

,----[ Quote ]
| A Panda Security employee discovered three 
| malware programs on a recently purchased 
| HTC Magic phone when it was plugged it into 
| a Windows computer.


Malware Found on Another HTC Magic Smartphone


Vodafone Spain supplies pre-Mariposa'd smartphone (again)


Vodafone Spain admits 3,000 smartphones shipped with Mariposa


Malware Infected Memory Cards of 3,000 Vodafone Mobiles


How the butterfly botnet was broken


Drudge Report, TechCrunch hit by ad malware 


Estonia Defense Minister: Cyberattacks Will Grow

,----[ Quote ]
| Others at the conference agreed. A major 
| cyberattack sponsored by terrorists or a 
| state will happen within the next decade, 
| predicted Jerry Archer, chief information 
| security officer with Sallie Mae. "I think 
| within the next five to 10 years we will 
| have a cyberwar that will turn into a 
| shooting war," he said, speaking during a 
| panel discussion at the conference.


SEC: Hacker Manipulated Stock Prices

,----[ Quote ]
| U.S. regulators are moving to freeze the 
| assets and trading accounts of a Russian 
| accused of hacking into personal online 
| portfolios and manipulating the price of 
| dozens of stocks listed on the Nasdaq Stock 
| Market and New York Stock Exchange.
| A New York federal judge on Tuesday sided 
| with the Securities and Exchange Commission 
| and froze the assets of Broco Investments, 
| believed to be a one-trader operation based 
| in St. Petersburg, Russia. The SEC said 
| Broco capitalized by artificially moving 
| prices of more 38 thinly traded securities 
| â enabling Broco to profit from up-or-down 
| price swings.


Facebook Users Targeted in Massive Spam Run

,----[ Quote ]
| Facebook's 400 million users have been 
| targeted by a spam run that could infect 
| their computers with malicious software 
| designed to steals passwords and other 
| data, according to security researchers at 
| McAfee.

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