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[News] Google and IBM Take Business from Microsoft More Swiftly

  • Subject: [News] Google and IBM Take Business from Microsoft More Swiftly
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 12:26:33 +0100
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Google Apps punts kill-Microsoft-Exchange-now tool

,----[ Quote ]
| While Microsoft has been failing to outfox 
| Google in the web search and ad game, 
| Google has - apparently - swiped a few of 
| Redmond's customers away from MS Office.
| The Mountain View Chocolate Factory gloated 
| on its corporate blog that 25 million 
| people worldwide had switched to Google 
| Apps in the past year.


NetSuite Calls Microsoft 'ERP Dinosaur'

,----[ Quote ]
| An internal memo from NetSuite CEO Zach 
| Nelson dismisses Microsoft's bid to attract 
| NetSuite customers as "the last gasp of a 
| dinosaur trying to protect its Stone Age 
| software products." 


Google vs Microsoft: The game becomes filthier


Google prepares for cloud battle


DocVerse Acquisition, Googleâs move to get ahead of Microsoft


Microsoft Mum on Plans to Answer Google Apps Marketplace

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft may one day counter Google Apps 
| Marketplace with a third-party integration 
| shop for cloud computing of its own, but if 
| there are any such plans in the works, 
| Microsoft won't share them as it competes 
| in the cloud with Google, IBM, 
| Salesforce.com and others. IDC analyst 
| Melissa Webster says Microsoft, which has 
| always worked well through channels, may 
| consider offering such a store in the 
| future. Google Apps Marketplace Product 
| Manager Chris Vander Mey tells eWEEK that 
| four Marketplace partners have each logged 
| over 1,100 domains installed.


Microsoft in Danger if Office Margins Fall to Google App Levels

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoftâs (NASDAQ:MSFT) Office Suite is a 
| group of desktop applications used 
| primarily for word processing (Word), 
| spreadsheet preparation (Excel), 
| presentations (PowerPoint), and email 
| (Outlook).
| Microsoft is releasing the full version of 
| the new Office 2010 to businesses starting 
| in May 2010. The May release will include a 
| web-based version of Office for the first 
| time. This is response to Googleâs 
| (NASDAQ:GOOG) cloud-based Google Apps 
| productivity software which has been 
| available online since 2007 and is 
| increasingly gaining traction amongst both 
| consumers and businesses.
| We believe that the shift to more cloud-
| based software is likely to continue and 
| result in a decrease in Microsoftâs Office 
| software margins. Microsoft will incur 
| higher costs as a result of delivering a 
| cloud-based version of Microsoft Office and 
| this can have an impact on the Microsoftâs 
| stock.


Window Into Microsoft's Outlook


Google Builds Microsoft Exchange Escape Route


Google Apps Migration Tool Makes Ditching Microsoft Easy


Google Tool Moves Users from Microsoft Exchange to Google Apps


Global CIO: Google, At Last, Goes For Microsoft's Throat 


Switch from Microsoft Exchange says Google


Now migrate between Google and Microsoft 

,----[ Quote ]
| Another chapter has been added to the 
| ongoing cold war between Google and 
| Microsoft. Google has come up with a new 
| tool to give a big advantage to its 
| enterprise business by this latest 
| application that it offers.


IBM Enlists 200 Channel Partners For Its LotusLive Cloud Services


"Pitch Imperfect: 10 Lousy Celebrity Endorsements"

,----[ Quote ]
| Jerry Seinfeld and Microsoft 

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