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[News] IBM VP on Why Hackability of Free CMS Software is a Pro

  • Subject: [News] IBM VP on Why Hackability of Free CMS Software is a Pro
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2010 13:13:58 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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On highly customizing that open source code

,----[ Quote ]
| The original article referenced discussed how 
| The Onion moved from Drupal, a PHP application 
| platform, to Django, a Python framework.



concrete5 Launches Version 5.4 With a Trip to SXSW

,----[ Quote ]
| concrete5 powers over 35,000 websites
| today, with a developer community some
| 18,000 members strong.


Platinum and Gold Sponsors Announced for DrupalCon

,----[ Quote ]
| "Open source software adoption reached a
| major tipping point over the past year, and
| Drupal is leading the charge. From
| WhiteHouse.gov to the US Department of
| Defense official memo on open source
| software to adoption by global
| organizations like Nike, Intel, General
| Motors, Proctor & Gamble and thousands
| more, tells us that open source software is
| changing how enterprises do business," said
| Tom Erickson, CEO of Acquia. "The
| tremendous growth in Drupal adoption is a
| testament to the talent and passion of the
| Drupal community, and Acquia is proud to
| support this community as a Platinum
| DrupalCon sponsor."


Why WhiteHouse.gov chose Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| From the minute President Obama walked into
| the White House it was clear that the web
| team would have to rethink their strategy.
| "Branding is what the Obama administration
| and campaign team are all about," said
| Klause. The new administration also had
| greater demands for connecting with
| constituents and using rich media. "We
| couldn't keep up with what the new media
| team wanted," he said.
| The WhiteHouse.gov team needed a fully
| functional content management system with
| an improved workflow and blogging features.
| Klause also wanted to be able to create new
| content types on the fly and add community-
| building features. Klause decided it would
| be helpful to go with a platform with an
| active and innovative community. "We needed
| a system with agility and to me, innovation
| happens in the open-source communities,"
| explained Klause.


Midgard "Ragnaroek" 8.09.8 released!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Midgard Project has released the eighth
| maintenance release of Midgard 8.09
| Ragnaroek LTS. Ragnaroek LTS is a Long Term
| Support version of the free software
| Content Management Framework.


Vosao: CMS for Google App Engine

,----[ Quote ]
| This is on top of Vosao's support for
| WYSIWYG editing, content versioning, SEO-
| friendly URLs and other standard CMS
| goodies. The goal of the project isn't just
| to produce a free software CMS (it's
| licensed under the GPLv2), but to support
| App Engine, which allows free hosting for
| sites with up to 500 MB of storage and 5
| million page views per month.


Is this the year the proprietary CMS dies?

,----[ Quote ]
| A few panels at SXSWi gave rather
| convincing evidence this has become the
| norm, not the exception.
| It wasn't any surprise that speakers at the
| Friday panel, "Selling Your Milk When the
| Cow is Free," were in the open source
| corner. After all, the moderator was Jeff
| Eaton, software architect for Lullabot
| Consulting and a core developer for the
| Drupal project. Panelists were Brad
| Fitzpatrick, creator of LiveJournal; Evan
| Prodromou, founder/CEO of StatusNet Inc,
| the Open Source microblogging company; Eric
| Gundersen, president/co-founder of
| Development Seed; and Tiffany Farriss,
| president of Palantir.net Inc. and member
| of the Drupal Association Board of
| Directors.


"Hands on Drupal" rap


Mensa using Drupal

,----[ Quote ]
| More proof that Drupal is for smart people:
| Mensa is using it for their main website.


How Open Source Led the Blogging Revolution

,----[ Quote ]
| The Panthers site is hosted on a Linux
| system, so it took me a little while to
| remember all of my Linux/Unix stuff, but
| within a day or two I was cruising. I
| updated the Word Press install and
| installed the automatic update plug in for
| future updates. I also installed a bunch of
| other plug ins that bring all kinds of
| functionality to your blog. There are
| literally 100's if not thousands of plug
| ins that let Word Press do virtually
| whatever you want.
| I love the dashboard and control panel for
| Word Press. Many of the plug ins have their
| own configuration screens that you can
| access and you can use the widget page to
| arrange your side bars.


Ryan Szrama, From The Commerce Guys, On Drupal-Based E-Commerce

,----[ Quote ]
| The annual DrupalCon conference is coming
| up, April 19th to 21st at San Francisco's
| Moscone Center.  Drupal, of course, is the
| increasingly popular open source content
| management system founded by Dries
| Buytaert, and OStatic itself runs on the
| platform. There will be many movers and
| shakers from the Drupal world at the
| conference, including representatives from
| The Commerce Guys, which helps companies
| and organizations deliver useful Drupal-
| based e-commerce sites and solutions.
| In advance of the conference, we caught up
| with Ryan Szrama, a developer with The
| Commerce Guys, and the original developer
| of Ubercart,  an open source e-commerce
| package. Here are some of his thoughts on
| where Drupal-based commerce is headed.

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