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Re: [News] Fedora Puts Mono in the Trash

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____/ Chris Ahlstrom on Saturday 03 Apr 2010 00:22 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz pulled this Usenet boner:
>> The Disappearing Article Mystery
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| Google cache has it though. It certainly
>>| appears like the story was out there, and
>>| was on SD Times, and contained the alleged
>>| quotes from Mr. de Icaza.
>>| The Question(s)
>>| Why is this article no longer up on SD
>>| Times?
>>| Are all the quotes attributed to Mr. de
>>| Icaza in the article genuine? (If they are
>>| I have more to say about some of them!)
>> `----
>> http://www.the-source.com/2010/03/the-disappearing-article-mystery/
> Keep your hard-copy of the SD Times.
> Story still here by the way:
>    http://www.sdtimes.com/link/34183
> Funny quote from there:
>    Microsoft will put out multiple competing technologies, let the market
>    decide which is best, and in some cases let the people who adopt the
>    wrong technology go adrift, Hynds added.
>    The technology churn on the Microsoft platform is not necessarily greater
>    than on others, O'Brien observed. "It's just that Microsoft is absolutely
>    unwavering in their support of their current lineup, right up until the
>    day they change directions."

Thanks, I have a copy of that already. By removing it they only led
to the Streisand Effect and gave it even /more/ attention.

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