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[News] Calls for Standards on Document Freedom Day; Google's HTML5 Showcase

  • Subject: [News] Calls for Standards on Document Freedom Day; Google's HTML5 Showcase
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 10:43:55 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Document Freedom Day - rOgg on in April! 

,----[ Quote ]
| This week the German and the Austrian team 
| published a press release about our DFD 
| activity (at the moment only in German)). 
| The news that we and FFII will give our 
| this years DFD price to Deutschlandradio 
| (Germany) and Radio Orange 94.0 for their 
| use of Ogg-Vorbis already got good media 
| coverage on Gulli, Golem, Heise, 
| Netzpolitik, OSZine, and Pro-Linux.


Reject Microsoft Office Attachments Says Free Software Group

,----[ Quote ]
| Just say no to Word, Excel attachments say | free and open software campaigners
| [...]
| Microsoft and Apple formats are against 
| freedom, says FSF
| Documents, spreadsheets and presentations 
| sent in Microsoft Word or Excel native 
| formats, or documents created in Appleâs 
| iWorks, are proprietary and incompatible 
| with freedom and an accessible web, the 
| group says.


Google Gets Quake II Running In HTML5, Just For Fun

,----[ Quote ]
| A trio of Google engineers have ported id 
| Software's gib-filled first-person shooter 
| Quake II to browsersâ you know, for kicksâ
| as a way to show just what HTML5 compatible 
| web browsers are capable of.

Brightcove Embraces HTML5, Passes On Theora Support 

,----[ Quote ]
| In my opinion, Brightcove, like most of the 
| others that are announcing support for 
| HTML5, is not acting as a friend to the 
| Open Source movement by going with H.264 
| encoding and not adding support for Theora.


Google Shows How HTML5 Can Run Quake In The Browser


Quake II ported to use HTML5 technologies



The importance of Document Freedom Day explained by Microsoft job offer

,----[ Quote ]
| On January 4th, 2010, Microsoft published
| on his website a job offer for a Linux and
| Open Office Compete Lead. Since then the
| offer has been removed, but a PDF version
| of that page is still available here and in
| other places online. Reading that offer is
| very interesting because it proves, in case
| you weren't convinced yet, what really
| constitutes the reason of Microsoft's huge
| market "share".
| Among other things, the job offer says that
| (bold fonts are mine) "the job consists of
| focusing on one of the biggest issues that
| is top of mind for... Steve Ballmer... The
| core mission of CSI is to win share against
| Linux and OpenOffice.org". Responsibilities
| include (last bullet on page 1) "to see
| where Linux Server and OpenOffice
| challenges arise."
| Here is, in normal language, what Microsoft
| actually said with that job offer:
|    1. Operating systems which are
|    alternative to Windows, like Linux, are
|    a "big issue" only in the server market
|    (the servers are the computers powering
|    websites, databases and other
|    centralized services: the computers on
|    people's desks, and by extension the
|    software they run, are called "desktops"
|    instead)
|    2. In the desktop market the real "big
|    issue" for Microsoft are not
|    alternatives to Windows, like Linux, but
|    alternatives to Microsoft Office, like
|    OpenOffice


Document Freedom Day Interview with Chris Moore, CIO, City of Edmonton

,----[ Quote ]
| ODFA:  Edmonton is obviously in good
| company among leading Canadian cities
| embracing open standards and
| interoperability, along with efforts
| underway in Vancouver and Toronto.  Have
| you been working collaboratively with those
| cities to share insights, and do you think
| the Canadian Federal Government will follow
| the lead?  What are they doing in this
| area, and should they be following your
| lead?  Do you think it's harder for a
| Federal Government to transition than
| municipal or local governments?


OpenOffice market share worksheet

,----[ Quote ]
| Drew Jensen, a stalwart OpenOffice.org
| community contributor, pointed us to this
| worksheet describing office suite market
| share. It should probably be posted, too,
| to Major OpenOffice.org Deployments -
| OpenOffice.org Wiki and also to our Market
| Share wiki,
| http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/Market_Share_Analysis


Why I support Document Freedom Day

,----[ Quote ]
| In this sense, I am reminded how Tommy
| Douglas, the founder of universal medical
| coverage in Canada, explained why he stood
| by his social democratic beliefs when most
| of them had no chance of being widely
| accepted:
|     You say the little efforts that I make
|     will do no good; they never will
|     prevail to tip the hovering scale where
|     justice hangs in balance. I donât think
|     I ever thought they would, but I am
|     prejudiced beyond debate in favor of my
|     right to choose which side shall feel
|     the stubborn ounces of my weight.
| In other words, sometimes you need to stand
| up for what you know is right, regardless
| of consequences, simply out of self-
| respect. Campaigns like Document Freedom
| Day give the opportunity for such self-
| reaffirmation, and I would support them for
| that reason alone, even if more practical
| reasons did not exist as well.


Supporting Document Freedom Day

,----[ Quote ]
| The details for Document Freedom Day 2010
| have been announced â itâs on March 31st
| and there will be events all over the
| world. This should be a year of
| celebration as well as campaigning, as we
| have made enormous strides in promoting
| liberty.

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