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[News] Intellectual Monopolies Take on Software and Harm Videos Along the Way

  • Subject: [News] Intellectual Monopolies Take on Software and Harm Videos Along the Way
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2010 10:47:28 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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What Can We Blame Next On YouTube? How About Unauthorized Software Copying?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now, of course, it's preposterous to blame 
| YouTube for this, but how much do people 
| want to bet that's exactly what's going to 
| happen? The article notes that this may be 
| "the next big headache for YouTube," and it 
| seems likely that sooner or later some 
| software will try to pin the blame for such 
| videos on YouTube, rather than the 
| creators/uploaders of the videos.


How to Make a Documentary About Sampling--Legally

,----[ Quote ]
| I recently co-produced a documentary titled 
| Copyright Criminals, which examines the 
| messy three-way collision between digital 
| technology, musical collage, and 
| intellectual property law. It aired on 
| PBS's Emmy Award-winning series Independent 
| Lens, played at the Toronto International 
| Film Festival, and got a DVD release. My 
| filmmaking partner Benjamin Franzen and I 
| should be celebrating, but we're actually 
| kind of terrified.
| While we raised the money to license about 
| two-dozen songs and some footage, our film 
| nevertheless contains over 400 brief-but-
| unlicensed uses of copyrighted material. 
| When I can't sleep at night, I sometimes 
| count how much we'd be liable for: up to 
| $150,000 in statutory damages, per 
| infringement. 400 x $150,000 = $60,000,000. 
| Sixty. Million. Dollars.


The Christian Science Monitor's Bold (And Successful) Experiments

,----[ Quote ]
| Reader cram points us to a paidContent post 
| by John Yemma, the editor of The Christian 
| Science Monitor, in which he makes a lot of 
| great points about digital strategies for 
| news publishing.
|     A year ago, we ceased publishing the 
|     daily, 100-year-old Christian Science 
|     Monitor newspaper and launched a weekly 
|     magazine to complement our website, on 
|     which we doubled down by reorienting 
|     our newsroom to be web-first. Our web 
|     traffic climbed from 6 million page 
|     views last April to 13 million in 
|     February. Our print circulation rose 
|     from 43,000 to 77,000 in the same 
|     period.


But I Thought Counterfeiting Movies Ran Rampant In The Wild West Of Canada?

,----[ Quote ]
| Except... Canada already does have 
| copyright/counterfeiting laws in place, and 
| they seem to work pretty well.


cd-roms and ipads

,----[ Quote ]
| Watching that $14 Elements demo for the 
| iPad reminded me again of the throwaway 
| line that geeks of a certain age make of 
| the iPad â that it all seems a bit CD-ROM.



Obama admin: time to make radio pay for its music

,----[ Quote ]
| The recording industry scored a
| significant victory today with news that
| the Obama administration will provide its
| "strong support" for the Performance
| Rights Act. The bill would force over-the-
| air radio stations to start coughing up
| cash for the music they play; right now,
| the stations pay songwriters, but not the
| actual recording artists.


Spain's piracy epidemic has studios considering no longer selling DVDs there

,----[ Quote ]
| As if problems in the U.S. home
| entertainment market weren't bad enough,
| with declining sales revenue and continued
| pressure from low-cost rental services
| Redbox and Netflix, the major movie
| studios are close to being overwhelmed by
| piracy in a second major foreign market.


Hollywood Threatens To Stop Selling DVDs In Spain In A Push To Increase Unauthorized File Sharing?

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm really curious how Lynton keeps his
| job when his response to a market
| challenge is to leave the market entirely,
| shifting the unauthorized rate from
| whatever it is all the way up to 100% by
| choice. This is the same guy who claimed
| that the internet was killing the movie
| business, in the midst of a year with more
| movie releases than ever before and the
| largest box office take ever. He's also in
| charge of the company that wouldn't even
| support one of its own movies for the
| Oscars because it was afraid that the
| Oscar reviewer copies would end up online,
| even though the movie was already
| available for download.


On April 11, Jill Sobule and John Doe  are recording their next solo releases in Los Angeles and they're doing it together. YOU ARE INVITED ! !

,----[ Quote ]
| Keeping with the idea of creating
| innovative ways to fund recording sessions
| of new music while involving fans in the
| creative process, Jill Sobule and John Doe
| are inviting 40 fans to buy tickets to
| both participate and observe an exclusive
| recording session with Grammy-award
| winning producer, engineer, and mixer Dave
| Way on Sunday April 11th in Los Angeles.
| Weâve laid out a couple of different paths
| to experiencing the studio with the
| artists for your enjoyment:
| ($200)
| For recording engineers, DIY musicians or
| anyone that wants to see it from the
| ground up. Only 10 tickets are available.
| Attendees will be able to see and interact
| with every aspect of the recording process
| for the entire day, starting at 10am: set
| up, getting sounds, tracking, overdubs,
| editing and rough mixing. No prior
| recording experience is required but we'll
| drill down as much as you'd like into the
| technical side of the process.


The Collapse of Complex Business Models

,----[ Quote ]
| I gave a talk in Edinburgh last year to a
| group of TV executives gathered for an
| annual conference. From the Q&A after, it
| was clear that for them, the question
| wasnât whether the internet was going to
| alter their business, but about the mode
| and tempo of that alteration. Against that
| background, though, they were worried
| about a much more practical matter: When,
| they asked, would online video generate
| enough money to cover their current costs?
| That kind of question comes up a lot. Itâs
| a tough one to answer, not just because
| the answer is unlikely to make anybody
| happy, but because the premise is more
| important than the question itself.


Crookes v p2pnet link case goes to Supreme Court

,----[ Quote ]
| Hyper-linking is what the net is all
| about. Without it, the Internet would
| become a drab and pale facsimile of the
| exciting news, data and information medium
| it is today.


IsoHunt told to pull .torrent files offline, likely to close

,----[ Quote ]
| The founder of popular Bit Torrent site
| IsoHunt, Gary Fung, has been ordered to
| remove the .torrent files for all
| infringing contentâan order that could
| result in the site shutting down. US
| District Judge Stephen Wilson issued the
| order last week after years of back-and-
| forths over the legality of IsoHunt and
| Fung's two other sites (Torrentbox and
| Podtropolis). Fung claims he's still
| hoping for a more agreeable resolution
| that won't result in IsoHunt closing its
| doors, but for now, things aren't looking
| good for the torrent site.


Isohunt Ordered to Remove Infringing Content


Legal limbo: Disney could go after you for posting vacation videos online

,----[ Quote ]
| Lots of people use YouTube and other video
| sharing sites to upload videos taken on
| their vacations. But when it comes to
| footage of your last trip to  Disneyland,
| a park run by corporate masters who are
| famously vigilant in protecting their
| intellectual rights with lawsuits, you may
| want to keep those videos to yourself.
| [...]
| Disney doesn't deny it either way, but the
| wording of its policy, and its ominous
| reference to its "options," might suggest
| otherwise. Disney has no stated policy
| against your right to post videos that
| document your park experiences. It also
| has no stated policy saying you can.
| To stave off persistent accusations of
| enabling copyright infringement, YouTube
| historically been quickly compliant with
| corporate complaints. It follows a largely
| pre-emptive policy of summarily deleting
| any video for which you can't prove you
| own the rights. Its policy can be as
| erratic as Disney's is vague, inciting the
| ire of Web watchdog groups such as the
| Electronic Frontier Foundation. (That may
| be annoying, but at least you don't live
| in Italy, where the government is
| proposing you have to obtain a license if
| you want to upload any moving picture to
| the Internet.)


Record industry: ignore that French piracy study!

,----[ Quote ]
| A few days back, we highlighted a new
| study out of France that found piracy
| actually going up after the country passed
| a strict Internet disconnection law.
| Though the law won't be implemented until
| later in the year, les internautes are
| already moving away from P2P networks; the
| thing is, even more of them are moving to
| other forms of piracy not dealt with by
| the new law, like online streaming and
| one-click downloads.


An open letter to Victoria A. Espinel, US "IP Czar"

,----[ Quote ]
| On one hand, I would propose that you
| abandon âintellectual property
| enforcementâ (which actually means
| âintellectual freedom restrictionsâ) since
| the restrictions in question are clearly
| unethical and extreme.
| On the other, I would recommend stepping
| up the enforcement â maybe doing so will
| make enough people aware of the oppression
| so that they will see the value of free
| culture and free software, and finally,
| bring about the political change that is
| needed to eliminate the cancer on our
| society that is deceptively labelled
| âIntellectual Property.â


NZ's Labour party rejects cutting off pirates

,----[ Quote ]
| New Zealand's Labour party, currently in
| opposition, has stated that it would no
| longer support provisions for cutting off
| file sharer's internet accounts.
| The policy is a back-flip on the party's
| position on graduated response legislation
| in the past, which supported termination
| of internet access.


Spain Finds Film Piracy A Hard Habit To Break

,----[ Quote ]
| It has been the setting for many a
| spaghetti western, but now Hollywood has
| warned that Spain could be facing high
| noon over its appalling record of movie
| piracy, with a future devoid of DVDs.
| The unauthorised downloading of films from
| the internet is so rife, with film-makers
| complaining that a legal void makes people
| think movies are free, that Spain could
| become the first European country to be
| abandoned by Hollywood studios.


Internet S.o.S Part3: the EU perspective

,----[ Quote ]
| The Telecoms Package contains a provision
| which means that graduated response
| measures cannot be imposed without giving
| the user a right to due process.  The
| actual words are âa prior, fair and
| impartial procedure' which guarantees the
| presumption of innocence. (EU Framework
| directive 2009/140/EC, Article 1.3a). The
| intention of the European Parliament was
| that users would have a court


Results From Dungeons & Dragons Online Going Free: Revenue Up 500%

,----[ Quote ]
| Last year, we wrote about the decision by
| Turbine to turn its formerly fee-based
| Dungeons & Dragons Online MMO into a free
| offering, that had reasons to buy built
| into the game. At the time, we noted that
| the early results looked good, but over
| time they're looking even better. Reader
| Murdock alerts us to the news that DDO was
| able to get 1 million more users and boost
| revenue 500%... all by going free.



,----[ Quote ]
| Itâs all about access to knowledge
| In 1978 we were accessing information very
| differently to how we are accessing it
| today. If weâre not accessing information
| via a computer, weâre doing it via a
| mobile phone. But doing it, we are.
| The Copyright Act, which is one of the
| major acts that governs how we access
| information, is 32 years old. It is now
| time to be updated.


Fifth OiNK Uploader Walks Free

,----[ Quote ]
| During October 2007, the popular
| BitTorrent tracker OiNK was shut down in a
| joint effort by Dutch and British law
| enforcement. Three months ago the siteâs
| administrator was cleared of all charges.
| The remaining uploader had his case
| dropped today and also walks free.

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