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[News] UK Internet at Risk Due to Digital Economy Bill (Days Left to Respond)

  • Subject: [News] UK Internet at Risk Due to Digital Economy Bill (Days Left to Respond)
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2010 01:30:52 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Opposition mounts to UK's Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| The government has published a new draft 
| of a controversial clause in the Digital 
| Economy bill, in an effort to ease its 
| progress through parliament.
| The Liberal Democrats said they will 
| oppose any plans to rush the Digital 
| Economy bill into law. 


Google DC Talk 11.1.10: ACTA â The Global Treaty That Could Reshape The Internet


This Tuesday, the government will rush a law that could cut you off the Internet


Open Rights Group raises Flash Mobâ of 7

,----[ Quote ]
| Music House â HQ for a number of the UK 
| music industryâs trade groups â was in a 
| lock-down situation this lunchtime as an 
| Open Rights Group Flash Mob descended, 
| protesting against the Digital Economy 
| Bill.


Clause 18, DEB redux

,----[ Quote ]
| No specification of what form a notice 
| requesting blocking should take (a la 
| DMCA) so an ISP can at least find the 
| right site (or part of a site) and know 
| the request comes from genuine 
| rightsholders, with genuine grievances, 
| and not A N Other. No need to notify a 
| site if it is blocked without court order. 
| And no provision for a site to go to court 
| and demand it be unblocked or at least 
| demand to know why it has been blocked 
| ("stay up" a la DMCA "put back" . A model 
| for these already existed. Why has it been 
| pointedly ignored in favour of a profusion 
| of "mays" and "likely"s?


Disconnection notices served to UK Music, BPI and politicians

,----[ Quote ]
| On Thursday, our 'Police' visited the 
| offices of the BPI, Conservative, Liberal 
| Democrat and Labour parties, and UK Music, 
| and presented them with notice that the 
| Digital Economy Bill is disconnected, from 
| democracy, human rights, public opinion 
| and sound business sense.


The Digital Economy Bill: Thinking about Banana Ice Cream

,----[ Quote ]
| Imagine there was a little tinpot 
| dictatorship somewhere. Letâs call it a 
| Banana Ice-Cream Republic. 
| [...]
| Which is why the change in the law made so 
| many of the townspeople very angry. They 
| didnât believe that banana ice cream 
| stealing was going on at the levels that 
| are claimed. They didnât believe that the 
| banana ice cream industry was losing as 
| much revenue to stealing as the industry 
| claimed. They didnât believe that ice 
| cream vans had much of a future, they 
| thought that there are better ways to make 
| and deliver ice cream. Some of them didnât 
| think that ice cream distribution was all 
| that important anyway.


The Digital Economy Bill: Fred Figglehorn, wonât you please come home?

,----[ Quote ]
| Cruikshank introduced the Fred Figglehorn 
| character in videos on the JKL Productions 
| channel he started on YouTube with his 
| cousins, Jon and Katie Smet. He set up the 
| Fred channel in October 2005. By April 
| 2009, the channel had over 1,000,000 
| subscribers, making it the first YouTube 
| channel to hit one million subscribers and 
| the most subscribed channel at the time.
| Over a million subscribers. And creator 
| Lucas Cruikshank is 16 years old. He calls 
| his channel âprogramming for kids by 
| kidsâ. By kids. Letâs remember that.


The Digital Economy Bill: Be Careful What You Wish For

,----[ Quote ]
| If you feel really passionate about 
| something, take the time to step back and 
| look at things from the opposite 
| perspective.
| Now the Digital Economy Bill is something 
| I feel passionate about, which is why, as 
| we approach Tuesday 6th April 2010,  Iâve 
| been writing a post a day on the subject 
| for the past few days.




Make a submission on copyright in the digital environment.

,----[ Quote ]
| And note this in your diary, too: the 
| PublicACTA conference, being held in 
| Wellington on 10 April, just days before 
| the (secret) ACTA talks open in 
| Wellington.



 â Digital Liberty Activism

,----[ Quote ]
| In my interview in this episode, I focused on
| digital liberty issues, which I believe to be
| hugely important and becoming more so every
| day. If youâre ready to find out more about
| the issues I discussed, hereâs a quick guide
| along with hints on taking action. I mentioned
| writing to your MP and MEP â thereâs an
| encouraging guide to read if the idea makes
| you nervous.


Whatâs Yours Is Ours

,----[ Quote ]
| You'll have heard of the Digital Economy Bill:
| it introduces powers to cut your Internet
| connection if you're caught illegally
| downloading films, music or software. It does
| more than that. It takes your photographs from
| you, too.
| Until now, if someone found one of your
| photographs and wanted to use it commercially,
| they couldn't without first asking you. Clause
| 43 changes all that by allowing the use of
| âOrphan Worksâ - photographs, illustrations
| and other artworks whose owners cannot be
| found.


The Digital Economy Bill: A taxation on salt

,----[ Quote ]
| MPs have the opportunity now to take the
| Digital Economy Bill in wash-up and do just
| what a wash-up implies: clean it out. If
| they donât, and if lobbies like BPI get
| their way, weâre in for a satyagraha.


Lib Dems to fight Digital Economy Bill over 'wash-up'

,----[ Quote ]
| The Liberal Democrats will try to block the
| Digital Economy Bill from being fast-
| tracked into law before the election.
| On Tuesday afternoon, the party's chief
| whip Paul Burstow tweeted that he had told
| the government the Liberal Democrats will
| not support the bill as it is drafted
| because there is "not enough time for MPs
| to examine it in detail".
| The bill is expected to be become part of
| 'wash-up', a brief period at the end of a
| sitting parliament when outstanding
| legislation becomes the subject of back-
| room deals between the main two parties,
| the Conservatives and Labour.


7 days to stop the Bill!

,----[ Quote ]
| ORG and 38 Degrees are pushing to get
| national advertising placed just before the
| debate on Tuesday next week: when
| Parliament will, in effect, allow the Bill
| to be passed into âwash upâ without proper
| democratic scrutiny, denying us a national
| discussion about the rights and wrongs of
| this Bill.

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