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[News] Sub-notebooks Running GNU/Linux Doing Fine

  • Subject: [News] Sub-notebooks Running GNU/Linux Doing Fine
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2010 22:23:24 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Netbooks are Alive and Well

,----[ Quote ]
| Most businesses would be very happy with 
| 33% year over year growth in units shipped. 
| The panic/hype that the iPad will somehow 
| damage netbooks is silly. Lower the price 
| and there will be new surge in salesâ Oh. 
| You will have to dump that other OS to 
| lower the price. Use GNU/Linux. It works 
| better and costs less. Let the folks with 
| too much cash buy the iPad. The rest of us 
| will be able to afford two netbooks running 
| GNU/Linux instead of one iPad. We can use 
| one and give the other to a friend.


Hands-on: Ben NanoNote Micronotebook

,----[ Quote ]
| The Ben has OpenWrt-based Linux with an ash 
| console, BusyBox and the opkg package 
| manager. Connecting the mini-USB cable 
| provides USB network connectivity. The 
| dmesg kernel ring buffer command that it 
| registers as highspeed USB device with the 
| cdc_ether (communications device class, or 
| CDC) kernel module. The kernel version is 
| 2.6.32 and the images are often newly 
| built, which the NanoNotes changelog 
| explains. The last version (image 
| 2010-03-26) added Python, PHP 5, make, 
| OpenVPN and tcpdump. The new image can be 
| updated via software or hardware or USB 
| boot. The latter is great for tinkerers, 
| but more than tedious for end-users. For 
| us, a couple of circuit board connections 
| shorted out while removing the battery.


Indamixx Vs. Ipad - Linux offers significant advantages to the Pro Audio
production crowd on the go. Video Review of Ipad Music applications 

,----[ Quote ]
| Mobile Music Making just got a lot more 
| popular this weekend with the debut of the 
| Apple Ipad. But how does it stack up to the 
| original Indamixx portable studio and 
| touchscreen tablet? 


If Apple's iPad Wins, Who Loses?

,----[ Quote ]
| Theyâre likely to produce netbooks 
| architecturally similar to Appleâs -- ARM-
| based processor, Solid State memory, and a 
| Unix-based O/S (Linux, Android, Chrome). 
| Not Intel (INTC), Seagate (STX), and 
| Microsoft.
| Weâll spend more time detailing the âwhyâ 
| in the future, but the bottom line is 
| simple: lower cost. ARM/Linux is a small 
| fraction of the cost of WinTel. Solid State 
| Storage is more expensive (for now), and 
| manufacturers will have to make up for this 
| cost increase somewhere.



Tablets, Netbooks and Ultra Thins... Oh My!

,----[ Quote ]
| Trinity Audio Group's awarding winning Indamixx line of
| portable studio's partners with Renoise and Create
| Digital Music to kick off this falls hottest song
| contest. "Trackers are back" says creative director
| Ronald Stewart.


Indamixx Studio offers Linux-based netbook configured for music

,----[ Quote ]
| If youâre a big audiophile and are in the market for a netbook, we might just
| have something for you that fits the bill. The Indamixx Laptop offers up a
| ton of pre-installed audio software on a Linux-based OS and the entire system
| falls under $500.
| The Indamixx Laptop, from Trinity Audio Group, was announced today and is the
| perfect choice for DJâs, producers and remixers. It uses an Intel Atom
| processor and makes it easy to create and broadcast your music on the web.


Linux Carried Along on Netbooks Wave

,----[ Quote ]
| Morvay revealed to Linux Magazine Online that there were no specific figures
| for Linux netbook sales, but that it lay somewhere in the 40th percentile.
| Even though this figure seems a little high, it is known that many of the
| world's netbooks have Linux on board since their first inception 18 months
| ago.
| For example, notebooks with Linux make up about 5.5% of the notebook market
| in Germany...

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