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[News] Dominoâs Patents Faking Preparation of Pizza, Other Weird Patents and More Patent Trolls

  • Subject: [News] Dominoâs Patents Faking Preparation of Pizza, Other Weird Patents and More Patent Trolls
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010 09:27:38 +0100
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An uncompromising look at the Dominoâs Pizza Tracker

,----[ Quote ]
| âThe Tracker is a fraud,â claimed one pizza 
| eater who requested anonymity. In a 
| rambling online post, the man insisted 
| that, despite the trackerâs insistence that 
| his pizza had been successfully baked and 
| cooked to perfection, Dominoâs had left 
| numerous messages on his voicemail 
| explaining that his order could not be 
| filled because the store had run out of 
| dough.


Can You Patent Pretending To Let Customers Know Their Online Ordered Pizza Is In The Oven?

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeff Nolan points us to an amusing article 
| trying to dig into some questions over 
| whether or not Domino's "patent pending" 
| pizza tracker is real. Launched a little 
| over two years ago, apparently, if you 
| order a pizza from Domino's online, it 
| takes you to a website where it alerts you 
| in real-time to the status of your pizza: 
| is it in the oven, has it been put in a 
| box, is it on its way, etc. Domino's was 
| quite proud of the fact it had filed a 
| patent for the technology, but there have 
| been some concerns about whether the 
| technology is real, or if it's just a 
| pretty flash animation connected to nothing 
| in reality. 


Pat Lit Weekly: FedEx Sends Scott Harris Patent Packing

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the years, Harris's patents have been 
| used to sue a wide range of companies, 
| including Dell, FedEx, Motorola, and 
| Google. The Harris patent that had 
| progressed furthest towards trial, No. 
| 6,666,377, is controlled by BarTex Research 
| LLC, a patent-holding company that filed an 
| infringement suit against FedEx in the 
| Eastern District of Texas two weeks after 
| it was formed there. In the company's 
| complaint, BarTex lawyers at the Chicago 
| patent boutique Niro, Scavone, Haller & 
| Niro claim that the existence of the '377 
| patent, which covers bar code-scanning 
| technology, means FedEx should make the 
| holding company a royalty payment on every 
| package it ships. 


The Black Art Of Getting A Bogus Patent Approved


Careful What You Wish For: Greater IP Enforcement In China Being Used Against Foreign Companies...

,----[ Quote ]
| It turns out that was just the beginning. 
| Joe Mullin points us to a story about how 
| there have been a series of recent patent 
| and trademark rulings in Chinese courts all 
| of which appear to be going against large 
| multinational companies and in favor of 
| Chinese companies.


The world and its dog get sued over encryption

,----[ Quote ]
| The Pacid Group alleged that Asus, Samsung, 
| Sony, Sony Ericsson, Fujitsu, LG, Gigabyte, 
| GBT, MSI, Motorola, Research in Motion, 
| Nikon, Microsoft, Nintendo, HTC and Palm 
| breached US patent number 5,963,646 and 
| another patent 6,049,612.


Bunch Of Companies Sued Over Encryption Patents


Apple Wins Patents for iChat, iDVD, Virtual Keyboard & Multi-Touch 


Patent Litigation Weekly: DataTreasury Wins First Patent Trial, Against U.S. Bank


Infamous Check Scanning Patents, That Senators Tried To Bury, Wins First Lawsuit

,----[ Quote ]
| A couple years ago, there was a really 
| sleazy move by some Senators to try to 
| exempt banks from lawsuits brought by a 
| company called DataTreasury, who held a 
| patent on a method for scanning checks. The 
| only purpose for this legal change was so 
| that banks could avoid having to deal with 
| patent infringement threats and lawsuits 
| for doing something as basic as 
| automatically scanning their checks. What 
| we couldn't understand is why the Senators 
| would single out two specific patents to be 
| ignored, rather than trying to actually fix 
| the patent system. Well, actually, it 
| wasn't hard to figure out: the Senators 
| were trying to do the banks (the same ones 
| they were about to bail out) a big favor -- 
| and doing real patent reform is difficult. 
| Anyway, that story got some publicity and 
| it forced the Senators to back down, so 
| that specific "exemption" never made it 
| through to being law. 



Saint Tim Berners-Lee

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's a fine piece of hagiography, with a
| really excellent conclusion that touches on
| those diabolical software patents:
|     The founders of Google and Microsoft
|     have made their fortunes out of the
|     world wide web, as have numerous other
|     dot-com entrepreneurs. Sir Tim, though,
|     has never cashed in on his brilliant
|     idea. He doesnât have a yacht or a
|     mansion or a private jet. But neither
|     does he have any regrets about his lack
|     of wealth.

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