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[News] IBM and Red Hat Receive Wider Support

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Voxware Adds IBM WebSphere And Red Hat Enterprise Linux Support To Popular Voxware 3 Software Product

,----[ Quote ]
| Voxware, Inc., a leading supplier of voice 
| picking software for warehousing operations, 
| announced support for the IBM WebSphere 
| application server and Red Hat Enterprise 
| Linux operating system. A major US retailer 
| has chosen this technology stack for the 
| rollout of their Voxware 3 voice picking 
| solution.


LinuxIT tempts new customers with Red Hat service

,----[ Quote ]
| Specialist Linux VAR LinuxIT has added a new service
| to its repertoire, targeting Red Hat customers with 10 or more 
| servers.
| The basic-level service is free for all new clients, whether
| they are existing users of Red Hat or not.


IBM on GNU/Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The difference in costs is largely due to the 
| fine work done by FLOSS developers and the 
| package maintainers at Debian GNU/Linux. While 
| I do not count the time it takes me to be 
| conversant with FLOSS, which is something I 
| would do whether paid or not, it is obvious my 
| organization gets the benefits of software 
| which would cost hundreds of dollars for just 
| a few dollars, so the saving is a very high 
| percentage. The difference in costs is very 
| easy to estimate at around 90%. If we include 
| maintenance, the difference is huge.



Red Hat Prepares Private Cloud Pitch for Wall Street

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat Enterprise Linux already enjoys
| strong momentum on Wall Street. But now,
| The VAR Guy hears, Red Hat is preparing to
| make a private cloud pitch to Wall Street
| customers and partners on April 19. Here
| are the detail, and the implications for
| Red Hat partners.

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