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[News] KDE 4.4 Mature and Satisfying

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KDE 4.4 Positive Spin

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 4 right now is an awesome desktop and 
| doesnât need to retroactively justify the 
| earlier releases.
| Instead focus on a clear listing of the 
| improvements and features, and maybe even 
| engage in a little self-depreciation and poke 
| a bit of fun at the 4.0 release along the way. 
| Let people know what they are missing today if 
| they decide not to give KDE another look.
| Try to re-capture those that might have left 
| KDE! Donât burn calories calling them liars â 
| they obviously at one point cared enough to 
| give 4.0 a try, I bet they could be convinced 
| to give 4.4 a try as well âhopefully with a 
| different result!



KDE 4.4.2 available for Mandriva 2010 !!

,----[ Quote ]
| The second bugfix release of KDE 4.4 was
| released this week and again thanks to
| neoclust we have packages for Mandriva 2010
| since today, this time for both i586 and
| x86_64 platforms at the same time !!. With
| 4.4.1, packages for x86_64 weren't built but
| I didn't care much as I wasn't using that
| plaform, but last night I reinstalled my
| system with 2010 x86_64 and it was a really
| great surprise to find this morning both
| platforms available to install. If you are
| upgrading from a previous KDE 4.4.x upgrade
| then don't forget to disable or delete the
| old KDE 4.4.x repository before starting this
| upgrade, just in case.

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