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[News] Linux is Gaining Huge Share Because of Android

  • Subject: [News] Linux is Gaining Huge Share Because of Android
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2010 07:33:03 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Will Linux succeed through the Android OS?

,----[ Quote ]
| Last week I finally dumped my Blackberry 
| smartphone and got myself one of the 
| Verizon Droid phones; specifically the 
| Droid Eris. I was waiting for the Nexus One 
| to come to Verizon Wireless for quite some 
| time and when I read that it was to be 
| offered through Google only (unlocked and 
| without a contract deal) for $530, I said 
| forget about it. I will go to the store 
| instead and get one of the Droid phones 
| (Motorola Droid & HTC Droid Eris).


Watch as Droid Does All Kinds of Wonderful Things [VIDEO]


HTC Incredible User Guide Leaks [EXCLUSIVE]!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Incredible User Guide was brought to 
| you courtesy of AndroidForums Member and 
| Forum Phone Guide â Anonimac. To see the 
| entire 200+ page guide youâll want to head 
| over to the HTC Incredible Forum 
| Announcement where, as Anonimac puts it, 


Motorola Release: Bell Gets DEXT, Rogers Gets Quench

,----[ Quote ]
| Enter the Motorola DEXT and Motorola DEXT 
| (Round of applause). Despite MotoBlur not 
| being among the most popular of the Android 
| flavours, I am quite excited to see it 
| enter the Canadian market. We will see 
| soon, as there is no official release date, 
| what MotoBlur is all about when Rogers 
| launches the Motorola Quench, to Bell the 
| Motorola DEXT, and recently as well to 
| Telus the Motorola Backflip.


Truckbot: An Autonomous Robot based on Android

,----[ Quote ]
| The robot builders over at Cellbots have 
| been busy cranking out robots based around 
| the Google Android OS. Their latest effort 
| is Truckbot, an acrylic differential drive 
| robot that relies on a Google G1 phone 
| running the GNU/Linux-based Android OS 
| combined with an Arduino. 


Google Android Powered TV Coming in Fall

,----[ Quote ]
| Swedish based manufacturer, People of Lava, 
| set to release an HDTV with a built in 
| Android OS to let you surf the web.


Swedish company to launch worldâs first Android-based TV


Clash of the titans: Apple, Google battle for the mobile Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Which platform wins remains uncertain, 
| despite all the hobgoblining around from 
| Apple defenders insisting it will be 
| iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. There also are 
| hints Google is directionally changing 
| towards Apple. Google is unifying 
| applications and services and offering more 
| mobile apps for different mobile platforms. 
| Google also is integrating apps and 
| services around Android handsets. The 
| winning platform, if one is to dominate 
| will make lots of people rich. While I've 
| focused here on Apple and Google as titans, 
| Nokia is still the reigning mobile device 
| maker by a huge margin, Research in Motion 
| dominates the smartphone market and 
| Microsoft is plotting a comeback. There are 
| plenty of platforms in play, but Apple and 
| Google are the most opposing.


iPhone OS 4 vs Android: Why Apple just lost the game.

,----[ Quote ]
| Android market share is going through the 
| roof. With it, weâre seeing developers 
| shifting their attention to Android, and 
| releasing applications that are higher 
| quality every day.  Instead of getting 
| wrapped up in politics, Android developers 
| have the autonomy that Apple needs to give.  
| Because letâs face it, approving every 
| application does not mean that every 
| application will be of good quality.
| For those who have crossed over from iPhone 
| to Android, todayâs announcements likely 
| come as too little too late.  We users 
| shouldnât have to wait years for basic 
| features, or for nagging problems to be 
| fixed.  We should have the ability to find 
| something that works better, if we donât 
| like what youâre offering, and we should be 
| able to use it on our existing device.
| The Apple xenophobia, in this case, might 
| be alienating iPhone OS 4 from gaining 
| buyers.



Android for Non-geeks

,----[ Quote ]
| If you're anything like me then all this
| talk about Android development, source
| code, root, version, etc., is all
| completely over your head. If you don't
| know who Cyanogen is, it's okay. Well, for
| now. So, what's the real deal about Android
| phones? So far, only the geekiest have
| them, right? I mean, who else is going to
| sit at a computer all day fiddling with
| source code to come up with some new
| doohickey thingamabob that changes a single
| light on a phone? Well, my husband, the
| biggest geek I've ever met, and thousands
| more.


A tale of two more Androids

,----[ Quote ]
| Whatâs interesting about Motorola is the
| company has released Linux-based handsets
| in the past and is the distributor of more
| than a few mobile operating systems.


Android â From the Beginning to World Domination

,----[ Quote ]
| Androidâs co-founders Andy Rubin, Nick
| Sears, and Chris White went to work for
| Google. Rubin is also the co-founder of
| Danger, Sears is a former Vice President of
| Product Marketing at T-Mobile USA, and
| White headed design and interface
| development at WebTV. Android Inc was an
| unknown company that made software for
| mobile phones. Then rumors were circulating
| that Google was planning to enter the
| mobile phone market. At Google, a team lead
| by Rubin developed a mobile platform
| powered by the Linux kernel which they
| marketed to headset makers and wireless
| carriers on the premise of providing a
| customizable and upgradeable system.

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