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[News] What Makes Free Software So Great

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Why Is Free, Open Source Software So Great?

,----[ Quote ]
| All what Iâm going to write here, is likely 
| to be considered happening in a world that, 
| even not perfect, is a bit better of the 
| real world we all live in together; a world 
| where software patents donât exist, as they 
| bring out the worst part of legal troubles, 
| and heavily step into the Freedom given by 
| Free Software.


FOSS: The Consideration Bridge

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in the days when the FSF was finding 
| itâs feet Richard and others began this 
| amazing process of taking functional 
| proprietary tools and recreating these 
| tools as free software, drop-in 
| replacements. This process of âdoing all 
| the boring bitsâ really set the technical 
| foundations and I think is why a lot of 
| people were really amazed by the principled 
| dedication and out of this grew respect.
| [...]
| The open source movement grew out of the 
| lack of compromise in the Free Software 
| community, but itâs grown further from 
| being just about inviting businesses into a 
| friendly arena and into a more pragmaticsâ 
| hiding hole, there are no difficult 
| questions to answer, and free as in beer 
| software is how itâs all advertised with no 
| further explanation about how it became 
| free in the first place.


Dru Lavigne's 'The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD' is helping me update my packages and ports

,----[ Quote ]
| The FreeBSD Handbook appeared cryptic on how 
| exactly to update packages and ports. I'm sure 
| the answer is in there, but I just couldn't 
| find it.
| However, I do have Dru Lavigne's new book, 
| "The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD," and I'm 
| following her instructions on pages 247-251 on 
| how to use csup and portupgrade to update both 
| packages and ports on my FreeBSD 7.3-release 
| installation.

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