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[News] Digital Economy Bill Makes Some Musicians Furious

  • Subject: [News] Digital Economy Bill Makes Some Musicians Furious
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 22:25:23 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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My letter to the Musicians Union About the Digital Economy Bill

,----[ Quote ]
| I opposed it, I still oppose it and I will 
| continue to oppose any legislation about 
| the internet written by people who donât 
| understand the internet or, in this case, 
| the music industries and the role that 
| music plays in our culture.
| Iâm particularly ashamed that the Musicians 
| Union â a Union of which I am a member, was 
| a proud member, and have supported by 
| paying double what I shouldâve been paying 
| for the last two years - supported this 
| insane bill, to the detriment of musicians 
| everywhere.


Digital economy bill: A quick guide

,----[ Quote ]
| The controversial Digital Economy Bill may 
| have had a few parts stripped out, it may 
| even be a damp squib. But the remaining, 
| 76-page bill is still a wide-ranging piece 
| of media and technology reform.
| Confused? Read our clause-by-clause guide 
| to the bill as it stands now after being 
| adopted by the House Of Commons and as it 
| awaits Royal Assent â



The Digital Economy Bill passed

,----[ Quote ]
| Do we have any means of proving we did not
| download any infringing material? We first
| need the answers to the previous questions
| for that.
| Do we know who will intercept our private
| communications and how personal data will
| be stored?
| How the Deep Packet Inspection or filtering
| will operate to catch potential infringers?
| In other words, how the internet censorship
| will be organised?


Digital Economy Bill passes as critics warn of 'catastrophic disaster'

,----[ Quote ]
| The controversial Digital Economy Bill was
| forced through the House of Commons last
| night after behind-the-scenes agreements
| between Labour and Conservative whips -
| prompting the Bill's opponents to warn that
| it could lead to innocent people having
| their internet connections cut off, the end
| of public WiFi, and sites such as Wikileaks
| blocked.


Doublethink â The Digital Economy Bill against the digital economy

,----[ Quote ]
| Tonight the UK Labour governement, together
| with the Conservative arty, forced through
| the controversial Digital Economy Bill. The
| Bill now gets a âthird readingâ in the
| House of Lords, which means it is almost
| certain to become law. The government did a
| deal with the Conservative leadership,
| which got a number of provisions it didnât
| like removed. In other words, it was, to
| use an old British phrase, a âstitch up.â
| [...]
| Despite opposition from the Liberal
| Democrats and a handful of Labour MPs,
| notably long time Internet savvy MP Tom
| Watson, the government won two crucial
| votes allowing it to control the content of
| the bill and its further progress.


Twitter crowd redresses #DEBill balance


The Technology newsbucket: DEBill Twitterstreamed, Conficker lives!, iPad Luddites and more


Did My MP Show Up or Not?

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the Digital Economy bill tragically
| passed, and people seemed to be getting
| confused about whether the site was about
| the Second Reading or the session in
| Parliament when the bill was rammed through
| I have decided to take the site down. It
| may return if Parliament gives us access to
| something which I feel strongly would
| improve transparency, a proper hour by
| hour, minute by minute register of
| attendance of MPs.


Yet Another Letter to My MP

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems my MP was not at the Second
| Reading of the Digital Economy Bill. Here's
| what I've just fired off:
|     Following my long conversation with
|     your assistant yesterday (who was very
|     sympathetic) about the Digital Economy
|     Bill, I was disappointed not to see
|     your name on the list of MPs that
|     attended the Second Reading yesterday.
|     The full list is here:
|     http://debillitated.heroku.com/
|     Now, perhaps your name has been left
|     off by mistake, in which I apologise
|     for the false accusation. But if you
|     were in fact absent, I'd like to ask
|     why a Bill that is so important that it
|     must be rammed through the wash-up with
|     only the barest scrutiny is not
|     something that is worth turning up for?
|     I think it is important to recognise
|     that things have changed in politics:
|     that many more of us can - and do -
|     follow closely what is happening in
|     Parliament, and write, blog and tweet
|     about it. This means that politics is
|     becoming more open, and much more
|     public, which I think is a good thing.
|     But it does mean that we are all much
|     more aware of what our representatives
|     are doing at all times.
|     Against that background, I would urge
|     you to do all you can, even at this
|     late stage, in pushing for the Bill to
|     be dropped so that it can be debated
|     properly after the election.


An Open Letter to SiÃn Simon, Pete Wishart, David Lammy, Peter Luff, John Robertson, Stephen Timms

,----[ Quote ]
| Dear Sirs,
| This evening, as the Second Reading of the
| Digital Economy Bill was heard in the House
| of Commons, you were watched by a great
| many people. Many of these people had never
| watched Parliament in session before.
| Almost universal was the horror and anger
| at the affront to the democratic process
| which was unfolding before our eyes.
| This letter is addressed to you because you
| stated your support for the bill, and
| helped ensure its passage to the compressed
| âwash-upâ stage of proceedings, despite the
| wide-ranging, contentious and to many
| unknown provisions it includes. Some of you
| expressed your dismay at the contempt shown
| for the House, the lack of scrutiny which
| has been afforded, and your deep concerns
| with respect to certain provisions. Despite
| this, you pledged your support for the
| bill, in one case claiming to âdo so under
| duressâ.


They Work For The BPI


What we do next

,----[ Quote ]
| What a debacle. Measures to allow
| disconnection of individuals from the
| internet, for undefined periods of time,
| web blocking laws; all with no real
| scrutiny and limited debate.


The Digital Economy Bill has passed

,----[ Quote ]
| Fortunately such a party already exists,
| the Pirate Party. Everyone who cares about
| these issues should join it. (If you doubt
| the truth of this assertion, just ask
| yourself what would IFPI, the BPI, the
| RIAA, or the MPAA want you to do? Would
| they want you to join the Pirate Party, or
| would they prefer it if you despondently
| admitted defeat and gave up?)


Digital Economy Bill passes

,----[ Quote ]
| Something important and wonderful was
| happening online. This is the type of
| democratic engagement that politicians
| supposedly dream of. They want our votes,
| they want us to care, they want us to be
| involved. Unless it is about something that
| has already been decided and negotiated by
| the powers-that-be, in that case we just
| become a nuisance, part of an annoying
| self-referential minority that can be
| easily ignored. Itâs back to business as
| usual. It is precisely this disconnect
| between genuine public interest and the
| vested interest of powerful lobbyists what
| is destroying democracy. When people tuned
| in to watch the debate online, they could
| witness with their own eyes just how
| undemocratic the entire system is. Letters
| do not matter, what matters is the
| sickening toadying MP making reference to
| Feargal Sharkeyâs Undertones, while
| sycophantily winking at him in the stands.


Minister for Digital Britain thinks an IP address is an "Intellectual Property address"

,----[ Quote ]
| The Right Honourable Stephen Timms is the
| UK's "Minister for Digital Britain." He's
| the guy behind the Digital Economy Bill,
| which makes the US DMCA look good by
| comparison. Seriously, this is some
| terrible, terrible lawmaking.
| Here's what appears to be a letter the
| DigiMini sent to another MP, explaining why
| the Digital Economy Bill needs to go
| forward. It reads, in part, "Copyright
| owners are currently able to go on-line
| (sic), look for material to which they hold
| the copyright and identify unauthorised
| sources for that material. They can then
| seek to download a copy of that material
| and in so doing capture information about
| the source including the Intellectual
| Property (IP) address..."
| If this letter is genuine (and it seems to
| be), it means that the guy who's in charge
| of Britain's digital future thinks that the
| "IP" in "IP address" stands for
| "Intellectual Property."


Digital economy bill rushed through wash-up in late night session


Digital Economy Bill: Proposed By The Unelected, Debated By The Ignorant, Voted On By The Absent

,----[ Quote ]
| With the UK's Digital Economy Bill rushed
| through with little real debate, it's worth
| looking at the ignorance behind those who
| supported and pushed through the bill. The
| more you look, the more you realize they
| didn't even understand the very basics of
| what they were talking about. As some have
| noted it was "a bill proposed by the
| unelected, debated by the ignorant and
| voted on by the absent."


Internet provider defies digital bill

,----[ Quote ]
| TalkTalk's refusal to cooperate with
| 'draconian' anti-piracy measures reflect
| growing resistance to the digital economy
| bill


Digital Economy Bill â itâs a wash up

,----[ Quote ]
| It looks like much of the Digital Economy
| Bill will make it through to get Royal
| Assent by the end of the week.
| The Bill is now in much better shape than
| when first tabled by the Government last
| year â the ability of the Government to
| impose disconnection at will has been
| checked and the Henry VIII clause that
| literally allowed the Government to do
| anything else to reduce copyright
| infringement has been removed.
| However, many draconian proposals remain
| such as the responsibility on customers to
| protect their home networks from hacking at
| a collective cost of hundreds of millions
| of pounds a year, the presumption that they
| are guilty unless they can prove themselves
| innocent and, as in China, the potential
| for legitimate search engines and websites
| to be blocked.


The DEBill, and why weâre really screwed

,----[ Quote ]
| Last night, along with most of the geeks in
| the country, I watched the Digital Economy
| Bill get rammed through the Commons thanks
| to a combination of a whipped vote and some
| supine opposition. Itâs not really worth me
| trying to articulate the combination of
| rage, frustration and disappointment that I
| felt, because others have done this far
| better than I can already. But once Iâd had
| a few hours sleep, while I was walking the
| dog I managed to gather some thoughts
| coherent enough to be worth trying to type
| out.

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