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[News] New Store and List of GNU/Linux Games

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Tux Games - Your online store for Linux games

,----[ Quote ]
| Gaming can sometimes be a make or break 
| affair for most people that would like to 
| give Linux a try. There are lots of free, 
| world class games that run natively and via 
| WINE on Linux. However, there are times 
| when you just cannot get the game you want, 
| even though you are willing to pay for it. 
| Well if you are such person, then Tux Games 
| should be of interest to you. Tux Games is 
| an online store that features a wide 
| assortment of games for the Linux platform. 
| Some of the games available are X3: 
| Reunion, Majesty Gold, Prey, Creatures- 
| Internet Edition among others. They have 
| all the gaming genres covered: action, 
| strategy, role playing, FPS, arcade, 
| sports, puzzle and more (some of the genres 
| are yet to be filled with games though).


24 More of the Best Linux Commercial Games (Part 2 of 3)

,----[ Quote ]
| Commercial Games
| Heroes of Newerth 	Real-time strategy 
| based on Defense of the Ancients
| Shadowgrounds: Survivor 	Single and 
| multiplayer shooter with fantastic graphics
| BOH 	Original, retro-flavoured 
| exploration game
| Telepath Psy Arena 2 	Tactics 
| based role playing game
| XÂ: Reunion 	Space trading, empire | building, combat game
| Grappling Hook 	Innovative first-
| person action puzzle / platform
| Irukandju 	Fun score attack 
| shooter, set in an abstract underwater 
| trench
| Cube Combat 	Based on the classic 
| Bomberman game



Linux games mega collection - Part 8

,----[ Quote ]
| I expect to release another article soon and
| squeeze in a few more games. You should also
| expect a review of payware and demo games,
| like Quake 4 and UT2004 soon. We'll also have
| a Best of ... article. Furthermore, since most
| of the games reviewed are in constant
| development, you should expect re-reviews of
| individual games periodically, just as I've
| done with Nexuiz and AlienArena.


Review: Crossover Games (Linux) 8.1.3

,----[ Quote ]
| In this review Crossover Games 8.1.3 will be
| pitted and benchmarked against Wine 1.1.33
| using Everest Ultimate Edition benchmarking
| utilities (don't ask me why I use it.  I just
| happen to have it conveniently on hand.)

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