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[News] Nokia's GNU/Linux Efforts Expand

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MeeGo project garners new industry participants

,----[ Quote ]
| MeeGo, the unification of Intelâs Moblin 
| and Nokiaâs Maemo, and shepherded by the 
| Linux Foundation, is getting a lot of 
| support from a variety of companies. From 
| hardware developers to software houses, 
| from games to automotive to embedded 
| solutions providers, the recent 
| announcement indicates an influx of 
| potentially millions of developer-hours. 
| Some of the new participants are no-
| brainers, while some are a bit surprising. 
| Whether itâs an effort to hedge bets for or 
| against Android, or just widening the 
| market potential for their products, the 
| end result is hopefully a better MeeGo, 
| which is better for you and me.


Chromium ported to N900

,----[ Quote ]
| As reported over on Engadget, the move is 
| an unofficial port of the Chromium 
| sourcecode to run on the Maemo Linux 
| platform that forms the core of Nokia's 
| top-end N900 smartphone.


Nokia Launch: Symbian ^3, Or Just Maps?

,----[ Quote ]
| Nokiaâs recent N900 Linux device is 
| currently generating more excitement than 
| its Symbian smartphones.



The first MeeGo release

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is the culmination of a huge effort
| by the worldwide Nokia and Intel teams to
| share the MeeGo operating system code with
| the open source community. This is the
| latest step in the full merger of Maemo and
| Moblin, and we are happy to open the
| repositories and move the ongoing
| development work into the open - as we set
| out to do from the beginning.


MeeGo code released for netbooks, the N900, and Aava phone

,----[ Quote ]
| The MeeGo community has "opened the
| repositories" on early code for the open
| source mobile Linux operating system, which
| combines the Intel-backed Moblin and
| Nokia's Maemo platforms. Images are now
| publicly available for the MeeGo
| distribution infrastructure and OS base
| "from the Linux kernel to the OS
| infrastructure up to the middleware layer,"
| says the community.


MeeGo gets going: source code and developer builds available

,----[ Quote ]
| In a statement today at the official MeeGo
| community Web site, Intel Open Source
| Technology Center director Imad Sousou
| announced that the MeeGo source code and
| first installable images are available for
| download. The platform itself is still
| incomplete and under heavy active
| development. The purpose of this release is
| to make it possible for third-party
| developers to begin participating in the
| project.


MeeGo steering group easing platform concerns?

,----[ Quote ]
| Valtteri Halla, the Nokia member of the MeeGo
| Technical Steering Group recently attempted
| to allay the concerns of the open source
| community by underscoring the importance of
| openness in the development of the MeeGo
| operating system.

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