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[News] Pictures of MeeGo. Interview, and Public Appearance

  • Subject: [News] Pictures of MeeGo. Interview, and Public Appearance
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 23:49:45 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Pics of Nokia MeeGo interface

,----[ Quote ]
| Pictures showing how the smartphone and 
| netbook versions of Nokia's MeeGo operating 
| system (OS) will look have surfaced on the 
| internet.


QA with Nokia's Ari Jaaksi: MeeGo Revs Up 

,----[ Quote ]
| Can you tell us more about Qt and what it 
| brings to the MeeGo project?
| Jaaksi: Qt is a cross-platform application 
| and UI framework used by hundreds of 
| thousands of developers worldwide looking to 
| create amazing user experiences on Windows, 
| Mac, Linux, Windows Mobile, Symbian and 
| Maemo devices. Qt will be the primary 
| application framework for MeeGo and both 
| Intel and Nokia are committing their 
| investment in it.  For developers interested 
| in MeeGo, Qt helps increase the scope for 
| their applications and services across 
| multiple platforms, all using consistent 
| application APIs.


New Atom platform opens I/O to third parties

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel also announced today that Chinese auto 
| manufacturer, Rongcheng HawTai Automobile 
| will incorporate an in-vehicle-infotainment 
| (IVI) system in its in its B11 luxury sedan 
| (above) based on an Intel Atom processor and 
| the Linux-based MeeGo stack. 


MeeGo, Android operating systems takes stage at Linux conference

,----[ Quote ]
| Advocates for duelling open source mobile 
| platforms Android and MeeGo championed their 
| technologies on Wednesday, with a MeeGo 
| spokesman offering a product roadmap, and a 
| Google technologist emphasising Android's 
| release schedule and addressing 
| fragmentation questions.
| Both platforms were touted at The Linux 
| Foundation Collaboration Summit conference 
| in San Francisco in separate presentations.


Google: Android, MeeGo don't have to fight

,----[ Quote ]
| Google open source chief Chris DiBona said 
| heâs not in the killing business and expects 
| that Android, MeeGo and other open source 
| cell phone operating systems to play nicely 
| together in the sandbox.
| âMeeGo doesnât have to lose for Android to 
| be great and Android doesnât have to lose 
| for MeeGo to be great,â DiBona told hundreds 
| who gathered in San Francisco for the Linux 
| Foundationâs :Linux Collaboration summit.



The first MeeGo release

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is the culmination of a huge effort
| by the worldwide Nokia and Intel teams to
| share the MeeGo operating system code with
| the open source community. This is the
| latest step in the full merger of Maemo and
| Moblin, and we are happy to open the
| repositories and move the ongoing
| development work into the open - as we set
| out to do from the beginning.

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