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[News] Android/Linux Gets Enhanced WeFi, Beats hypePhone in Several Areas

  • Subject: [News] Android/Linux Gets Enhanced WeFi, Beats hypePhone in Several Areas
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 14:56:36 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Enhanced WeFi Launches on Android

,----[ Quote ]
| WeFi Inc. (www.wefi.com), creator of the 
| worldâs largest community-based global Wi-Fi 
| network, launched today an enhanced version 
| of its free software for PC and Android 
| mobile devices. 


Apple iPhone vs. Android Multitasking: A Comparison

,----[ Quote ]
| So, you can read the whole thing but he 
| starts with Android: applications that are no 
| longer visible to the user are suspended -- 
| remaining in memory but without event 
| handling or processing.
| [...]
| Quintana concludes by noting that if Apple 
| introduced Android-like unrestricted 
| multitasking, "all current [iPhone] 
| applications that might take advantage of 
| background processing would require a 
| redesign to use a client/service 
| architecture. Developers would have to 
| maintain a completely different app for pre-
| iPhone OS 4 devices or iPhone OS 4 devices 
| with no multitasking. In addition, the 
| backend server infrastructure required for 
| PNS would only be used for pre-iPhone OS 4 
| devices and non-multitasking iPhone OS 4. 
| This would fragment development severely."


How Could Android Ever Be Considered âThe Evil OSâ?

,----[ Quote ]
| Taking a quick look at the definition of 
| âopen sourceâ provided to us by the Open 
| Source Initiative â who is highly regarded as 
| the authority in what âopen sourceâ is â I 
| have to present the question: where is Google 
| stepping outside of any lines to call Android 
| so? Source code is readily available, 
| compilable, downloadable, freely distributed, 
| properly licensed, free to be modified (for 
| use with any field without discrimination), 
| and it definitely isnât an OS that is 
| restricted to be used on anything other than 
| phones.


So, What's a Little Android?

,----[ Quote ]
| Lately, it seems as if quite a few people are 
| concerned about the status of Android as a 
| Linux fork. There is quite a bit of talk 
| about re-admitting the Android Linux kernel 
| into the vanilla Linux kernel source.
| Chris DiBona commented on many things in 
| Android being irrelevant to the majority of 
| Linux users, such as mobile phone chipsets. 
| Is most of the kernel relevant to most 
| people, or is it that we de-select the 
| majority of device drivers when we do our 
| kernel configs? I think that the latter is 
| more the case, and quite often we de-select 
| the vast majority of filesystems. For most 
| people, NTFS, FAT, Ext2/3/4, swap, proc, and 
| sysfs are really all that is required. A few 
| may get into Reiser (what a killer 
| filesystem), JFS, Squashfs, and UnionFS for 
| particular machines. So, why is there a fuss 
| over certain things making little difference 
| to main stream Linux users, when most things 
| in the Linux kernel are irrelevant to start 
| with?


Report: Google TV Is Coming to Your Living Room

,----[ Quote ]
| The TV technology will run on Intel's Atom 
| chips, the report says, and Google will 
| develop a new version of its Chrome browser 
| for the TV project.


Sprint Hero Getting 2.1 âFirst Week of Mayâ


Dell Aero Due in June, Larger Streak Tablets Coming

,----[ Quote ]
| Engadget scored a couple bits of Dell-related 
| Android news today and was only happy to 
| share with the world.  First up, the Dell 
| Aero handset is due out in early June.  You 
| know the Aero, right?  It's that other locked 
| down AT&T handset besides the Backflip.


Orange Copies AT&T, Stifles Openness On Android Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| This is asinine. Orange couldnât find a 
| better company to imitate than AT&T, 
| seriously? As we know, AT&T has decided to 
| lock down Android devices and limit app 
| installation from the Android Market. Not 
| that we support this notion, but fine. Orange 
| is taking it one step further in stifling 
| Android and its open nature, according to 
| Android Community.



Android and Linux Foundation to Reunite?

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Kernel Archive hasnât been too
| pleased with the direction Android has taken.
| Claiming Androidâs developers offer little
| cooperation and are slow to patch and update
| their code, they parted ways last year.
| But all of that may change soon, as Google has
| extended the old proverbial olive branch at
| the Linux Collaboration Summit taking place
| today and tomorrow in San Francisco. Executive
| Director of the Linux Foundation Jim Zemlin
| and open source and public engineering manager
| for Google Chris DiBona both see hope for
| Android to rejoin the good graces of Linux.


Android and Linux Discuss Code Reunion

,----[ Quote ]
| The guardians of the Linux Kernel Archive,
| repository for the source code for the Linux
| open source operating system, turned the code
| for Google's Android phone out the door last
| year. The guardians felt they were getting too
| little cooperation from Google and too few
| patches from its engineers.


Fragmentation good for the user, says Nokia

,----[ Quote ]
| Fragmentation within mobile platforms helps handset manufacturers
| and software developers to properly address customers' needs, a
| senior Nokia executive has said.

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