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[News] Many Wins for Open Access/Content This Week

  • Subject: [News] Many Wins for Open Access/Content This Week
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 22:22:50 +0100
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  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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The dangers of growing DNA databases

,----[ Quote ]
| Scientific data sharing has become big news in 
| the wake of the theft of e-mails from the 
| Climatic Research Unit and ensuing 
| investigations. Although the CRU researchers 
| appear to have had an attitude towards data 
| sharing that breached generally accepted 
| scientific ethics, the process of actually 
| sharing the data would have been anything but 
| straightforward. The CRU had no procedures in 
| place for data sharing, the data came from a 
| variety of sources with no standardized data 
| format, it was a mix of published and 
| proprietary information, etc. In short, it's 
| one thing to decide to share the data, another 
| challenge entirely to actually do so.


BitTorrenting biology, getting the big picture in search

,----[ Quote ]
| The biosciences, like other branches of 
| research, are being dragged into the digital 
| era. This is in part because traditional 
| mediums of communications, including journal 
| articles, are migrating online, and in part 
| because high-throughput approaches to 
| biological research are producing staggering 
| amounts of data that can only be stored in 
| digital form. A couple of papers released by 
| PLoS ONE have presented new approaches to both 
| aspects of digitization that, in essence, 
| simply involve modifying tools that are common 
| outside of the field specifically for use by 
| biologists. 


University told to hand over tree ring data

,----[ Quote ]
| Queen's University in Belfast has been told by 
| the Information Commissioner to hand over 40 
| years of research data on tree rings, used for 
| climate research.
| Douglas Keenan, from London, had asked for the 
| information in 2007 under the Freedom of 
| Information Act. 


Linked Data and the Leadersâ Debate â My Challenge

,----[ Quote ]
| For example â can someone write me a Linked 
| Data query to show how much is spent by the 
| government on UK education quangoes?


CloudMadeâs OpenStreetMap Surges On Wikipedia-Like User Passion

,----[ Quote ]
| The number of contributors to OpenStreetMap 
| has grown steadily over the years. A year ago 
| 110,000 individuals had added or edited data. 
| Today itâs up to 245,000 individual mappers. 
| An average of 7,000 edits an hour are made to 
| the data.


An Open Mind

,----[ Quote ]
| If the mission of the university is the 
| creation of knowledge (via research) and the 
| dissemination of knowledge (via teaching and 
| publishing), then it stands to reason that 
| giving that knowledge away fits neatly with 
| that mission. And the branding benefits are 
| clear.
| The Open University, the distance-learning 
| behemoth based in England, has vastly 
| increased its visibility with open courses, 
| which frequently show up in the Top 5 
| downloads on Appleâs iTunes U, a portal to 
| institutionsâ free courseware as well as 
| marketing material. The Open Universityâs free 
| offerings have been downloaded more than 16 
| million times, with 89 percent of those 
| downloads outside the U.K., says Martin Bean, 
| vice chancellor of the university. Some 6,000 
| students started out with a free online course 
| before registering for a paid online course. 


Khan Academy Goes CC BY-SA

,----[ Quote ]
| David Wiley has a new post expressing 
| frustration that the Khan Academy, an OER 
| repository, did not have a clear license. 
| Shortly after Wileyâs post the Khan Academy 
| added the CC BY-SA license. 



OpenUp â TSO Launches Open Data Challenge with Â50,000 Development Fund

,----[ Quote ]
| TSO (The Stationery Office), the leading
| provider of publishing solutions to the
| public sector, has today announced the
| launch of OpenUp, a Â50,000 development
| fund aimed at encouraging the British
| public to come up with ideas of how open
| data can be put to better use for their
| communities. The move by TSO to offer the
| substantial fund for investment follows the
| recent launch of Data.gov.uk by the
| Government. Individuals or teams of people
| are encouraged to enter the competition by
| submitting an idea that can use public data
| to deliver value to communities locally,
| regionally, nationally or even
| internationally. As well as securing the
| fund to see their idea developed the winner
| will also be awarded a personal prize of
| Â1,000.


The commonsware publishing model

,----[ Quote ]
| CommonsWareâs publishing strategy is fairly
| simple: try to give readers a fair deal.
| Digital publishing with a price tag
| attached â whether it be books or music or
| movies â is trying to leverage an
| artificial scarcity. For all intents and
| purposes, there is really no additional
| costs for delivering 200 copies than there
| are for delivering 2 copies. However, the
| alternative revenue models are works-in-
| progress.


An Approach to Open Access Author Payment

,----[ Quote ]
| There have been hundreds of articles in
| recent years exhorting the strengths and
| warning of the weaknesses of Open Access
| through author payment. This article
| discusses a few of the favorable and
| unfavorable issues and proposes an approach
| that takes advantage of the favorable aspects
| and overcomes some of the unfavorable ones.
| It requires extensive government support,
| which may or may not be feasible, but the
| approach is presented here nevertheless. Some
| evidence is given for the potential savings
| that would be achieved by scientists,
| publishers and libraries in the US.

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