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[News] ACTA a Threat When it Comes to Software Patenting

  • Subject: [News] ACTA a Threat When it Comes to Software Patenting
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 22:41:58 +0100
  • Followup-to: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Glyn Moody:

,----[ Quote ]
| RT @ DaHammerstein #ACTA text: includes 
| copyright and patents of Sections 1 through 7 
| of Part II TRIPS. not "counterfeit" treaty>>a 
| trick


EU to convene subgroup of 'innovation commissioners'

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Commission will formally 
| establish a subgroup of at least eight EU 
| commissioners with a stake in innovation 
| policy when it meets this week.


Glyn Moody:

,----[ Quote ]
| "what's the betting they'll want more 
| intellectual monopolies?"


Open Standards and Interoperability - Two cheers for EU ICT ministers

,----[ Quote ]
| The EUâs member states have just thrown their 
| weight behind the principles of Open Standards 
| and interoperability. At a meeting of the 
| ministers for telecommunication and 
| information society in Granada, Spain, the 
| ministers of the 27 EU member states yesterday 
| issued the Granada Ministerial Declaration on 
| the European Digital Agenda [pdf].
| [...]
| FSFE is part of the IGF and has taken part in 
| WSIS while it lasted. A lot of good work was 
| done there, and weâre glad to see that the 
| European member states value the principles of 
| those fora.
| Again, this is not the European Commission 
| speaking, but the member states. The 
| Commission itself has been sending mixed 
| messages. In her parliamentary hearing, Neelie 
| Kroes emphasised the importance of Open 
| Standards. On the other hand, the department 
| in charge of the Commissionâs IT 
| infrastructre, DIGIT, has been doing all it 
| can to purge Open Standards (not to mention 
| Free Software) from the revised European 
| Interoperability Framework. There are also 
| indications that Neelie Kroes is being 
| pressured to remove references to Open 
| Standards from theDigital Agenda policy paper 
| which she is about to issue.



Netizens: How ACTA will make a criminal of you

,----[ Quote ]
| The 'Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement'
| (ACTA) might sound like it's aimed
| exclusively at the crooks selling pirated
| DVDs at the markets, but it's really about
| curbing the behaviour of individual internet
| users, according to one of Australia's
| leading legal academics.


Q & ACTA, with Michael Geist

,----[ Quote ]
| With the Wellington round of the
| controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
| Agreement (ACTA) talks underway, organised
| opposition to the proposed treaty on
| intellectual property rights and enforcement
| is also gathering in the New Zealand
| capital.
| Long-standing ACTA critic Dr Michael Geist
| from Canada is also in Wellington, and
| iTnews.com.au caught up with him there and
| asked him a few questions on the proposed
| treaty and what it means for all of us.


How ACTA could sneak in a three strikes system

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet users that download pirated
| material can expect a "three strikes system"
| in the wake of ACTA even if it isn't
| legislated, according to one of Australia's
| top legal authorities on the controversial
| trade agreement.
| As reported yesterday on iTnews, University
| of Queensland law lecturer Kimberlee
| Weatherall has written a 37-page
| comprehensive analysis of the latest leaked
| draft text of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade
| Agreement (ACTA) and concluded that netizens
| do indeed have a lot to be concerned about.
| Despite assurances from Australia's
| Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
| (DFAT) that Australia has no intention of
| introducing a "three strikes" system
| compelling ISPs to disconnect users
| suspected of file-sharing, Weatherall's
| reading of the leaked draft of ACTA suggests
| the agreement will likely allow rights
| holders to achieve the same result through
| different means.


IIA to ask members to sign ACTA petition

,----[ Quote ]
| Internet Industry Association (IIA) chief
| executive officer Peter Coroneos has said he
| plans to ask his members to sign a
| declaration calling for more transparency in
| the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
| (ACTA) talks being held this week in
| Wellington, New Zealand.
| The agreement aims to establish
| international standards on how to enforce
| intellectual property rights given the
| changes the internet has brought to
| copyright. There have been a number of
| rounds nutting out details for the
| agreement, involving delegations from
| multiple countries such as Australia,
| Canada, the European Union, Japan, Korea,
| Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, Morocco and
| the US.


The Wellington Declaration

,----[ Quote ]
| This week marks the start in Wellington New
| Zealand of the next round of ACTA
| negotiations, nominally the US-led Anti-
| Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. The scope
| of the agreement, however, has extended
| well beyond trade in fake medicines and
| knock-off Gucci handbags into the technical
| realms of file-sharing, ISP liability,
| disconnection, and DRM. Such issues have
| been contentious where they've arisen in
| New Zealand, France, the UK, USA, and
| elsewhere, yet negotiators seem ignorant of
| consumer and technology concerns. To
| correct this, the open PublicACTA
| conference two days ago drafted and
| released the Wellington Declaration.


The PublicACTA Conference Webcast


Breaking! Live webcast on ACTA-negotiations available


U.S.: No ACTA Transparency Unless Other Countries Cave on Substance

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Trade Representative issued a
| release just prior to the launch of the New
| Zealand round of ACTA negotiations that has
| left no doubt that the U.S. is the biggest
| barrier to official release of the ACTA
| text.  The full text of the release is
| couched in terms of improving transparency,
| but is really a thinly-veiled shot at the
| European Union's public demands for release
| of the text.  The U.S. statement:
| "In this upcoming round of ACTA
| negotiations, the U.S. delegation will be
| working with other delegations to resolve
| some fundamental issues, such as the scope
| of the intellectual property rights that
| are the focus of this agreement.  Progress
| is necessary so that we can prepare to
| release a text that will provide meaningful
| information to the public and be a basis
| for productive dialogue.  We hope that
| enough progress is made in New Zealand in
| clearing brackets from the text so that
| participants can be in a position to reach
| a consensus on sharing a meaningful text
| with the public."

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