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[News] HPC With GNU/Linux on Cray Servers

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Cray mimics Ethernet atop SeaStar interconnect

,----[ Quote ]
| Supercomputer maker Cray doesn't talk much 
| about the systems software that runs on its 
| massively parallel, midrange, or entry HPC 
| gear, but it probably will start doing so more 
| because of the work it has done to make its 
| non-standard XT boxes look a little less 
| proprietary as far as Linux applications are 
| concerned.


Highly Parallel HPC: Ants vs Horses

,----[ Quote ]
| The non-obvious nature of parallel computing 
| can invite some incorrect assumptions. For 
| instance, combining fast sequential things 
| does not always mean you will create an 
| optimal parallel thing. If scaling, power 
| usage, or I/O are important, then you may be 
| surprised to learn that there are other 
| factors at play than just fast cores. Like my 
| first experience with resistors, âparallelâ 
| always seems to introduce some non-obvious 
| results. And, of course, I have not even 
| mentioned about how surprised I was when I 
| learned about capacitors circuits. You canât 
| make this stuff up. 



New Cray OS Brings ISVs in for a Soft Landing

,----[ Quote ]
| Cray has never made a big deal about the
| custom Linux operating system it packages with
| its XT supercomputing line. In general,
| companies don't like to tout proprietary OS
| environments since they tend to lock custom
| codes in and third-party ISV applications out.
| But the third generation Cray Linux
| Environment (CLE3) that the company announced
| on Wednesday is designed to make elite
| supercomputing an ISV-friendly experience.

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